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Masters Degree in Nursing

A master’s degree in nursing prepares students to establish a number of rewarding careers2 within the nursing profession. According to estimates, the demand for nurses is constantly on the rise. There are thousands of Registered Nurses required in the healthcare sector within the United States. Due to high demand for RNs, experienced and trained nurses can easily find various lucrative jobs. Going for a master’s degree in nursing is a good career move for nurses who wish to specialize in a particular field. 

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  • MSN - Diabetes Nursing (CCNE-accredited)
  • MSN - Nurse Educator (CCNE-accredited)
  • MSN - Nursing Leadership and Administration (CCNE-accredited)

Why opt for a Master’s Degree in Nursing?
The master’s program in nursing is considered to be one the highest academic degrees in this field. Students can attain managerial or administrative positions in nursing by earning this degree. Compared to RNs with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, the job opportunities and growth prospects for individuals with a master’s degree in nursing are wider and more rewarding. Registered Nurses who want to take their career to a more lucrative level must opt for these trainings. 

Types of Master’s Degrees in Nursing 
Depending on the career objective and inclination of a student, he can choose from three types of trainings offered in master’s degree in nursing. These include:

  • Master’s of Science in Nursing
  • Master's in Nursing Administration
  • Master’s of Science in Nursing Education

Master’s of Science in Nursing
This nursing program focuses on clinical care. Earning this type of a master's degree in nursing prepares students to lead the teams of nurses within a health centre. Also, the RNs in this program can opt from specializations such as:

  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Nurse-midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nurse anesthetists

Master's in Nursing Administration
The objective of master’s in nursing administration is to prepare RNs to take up administrative and managerial positions in hospitals and other healthcare centre. Effective communication, negotiation and leadership skills are required by RNs to take up these roles. This program enables students to learn all these skills so that they can pursue rewarding careers2 with immense scope of growth.  RNs in management roles can reach the levels of assistant director, director, or chief of nurses. 

Master’s of Science in Nursing Education
As the name tells, the master’s of science degree in nursing education prepares students to become nurse educators. They can teach other LPNs and RNs. Other than teaching, a Registered Nurse with this degree also performs other duties. These may include:

  • Designing and implementing the course curriculum
  • Preparing RNs for practice
  • Gauging students' progress
  • Mentoring

Master’s Degree in Nursing Online 
Online master’s programs are also available for RNs who want to give a thrust to their careers2. As many Registered Nurses are working as full-time or part-time employees, getting back to traditional schools to pursue a master’s degree in nursing is not very practical for them. For this reason, nurses who desire to reach higher level positions within this healthcare sector can choose to enroll in online master’s degree programs. As the distance learning programs are very flexible, RNs can pursue this esteemed degree without giving up their work and make their way to a lucrative career.

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Q:How long is the Masters Degree Nursing program?

A:Masters Degree Nursing program is a 2 years program but may also extend to up to 3 years.

Q:How long is the Masters in Nursing online program?

A:The Masters in Nursing online program is for about 3 years.

Q:How long is the Online Masters in Nursing?

A:The Online Masters in Nursing will take as much time as you take for completion of the degree. There are no restrictions on the completion time as far as the online Masters in Nursing is concerned. However, on an average students take 3 years to complete the online Masters Degree.

Q:How long is the Masters degree in Nursing program?

A:Masters Degree in Nursing is a 2 to 3 years program. Time duration varies depending upon the time you take to complete your research.

Q:Where can I work after a Masters degree in Nursing and MN?

A:Once you complete a master's degree in nursing and MN, you can easily find work in hospitals, private health clinics, rehabilitation centers, therapy centers and diagnostic centers. You will be able to find positions such as head nurse, administrative nurse and other managerial positions within the healthcare field.

Q:As I read on the Nanny degree programs, there was mention of the course on Social Impacts of Technology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Social Impacts of Technology in the Nanny Degree programs. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the examination of the more broader level implications that the advancements in technology have had on humans as individuals and part of a society.

Q:Can you tell me about different types of master degrees in nursing offered?

A:Nursing is a popular career and a master's degree means an advanced study in this profession with better job opportunities. A person may choose to go for different types of master degrees in nursing in relation to the area of specialization that he or she wants. For advanced study they can take up master's of science in nursing, in administration or in nursing education.

Q:As I was trying to find out how long is a masters degree in nursing, I came across the courses content for this program. Can you name a few important subjects included in the curriculum?

A:A masters degree in nursing is a two year program that provides graduates with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of nursing. The curriculum entails a number of important subjects. A few include the following: health promoting, healthcare informatics, management skills, emergent technologies, evidence based nursing, research process, advanced pharmacology, evaluation strategies, and nursing practice.

Q:If I am bound by time constraints do you think an online masters degrees in nursing would be better suited for me?

A:Online master's degree in nursing is generally pursued by students because of its convenience factor. These programs are self paced and flexible in terms of time. They also prove to be more cost efficient. Those who want to continue with their job routines or other activities may find online masters degree more suitable.

Q:Which online nursing masters degree programs are available?

A:If you are aiming for a master's degree in nursing then there are all kind of programs available that can be a checked online. You can go for masters in nursing administration, masters of Science in nursing education and other specialized areas. These online programs are especially suitable for those who cannot take full time classes on campus. While continuing with their work routines they can get the degree online.

Q:How long is master's degree in nursing?

A:A master's degree in nursing takes around two years to complete. This program can only be pursued after completion of a bachelor degree in nursing. One must first complete undergraduate education to be eligible for graduate level education. The program can be completed in less than two years if an accelerated program mode is opted for.

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