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Fraud Investigation Training

What is fraud investigation?
As its name suggests, the field of fraud investigation focuses on combining the principles of accounting, finance and law and order to identify financial irregularities, and to set up systems in order to detect such anomalies at countless businesses and other organizations. Fraud investigation professionals are trained in analyzing, detecting, documenting and proving financial crimes. In addition to scrutinizing business practices, they also use innovative techniques to uncover vulnerabilities and prevent fraudulent acts in the future.

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How can I get fraud investigation training?
Fraud investigation training is a specialized field and required a certification from certain agencies. These trainings are open to candidates with at least high school degree, though a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related subject is preferred. The US Department of Justice and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), in addition to several other institutions offer fraud investigation training. Some of the courses which students take include:

Basics of fraud investigation
Investigative techniques
Legal elements in fraud
Conducting internal investigations
Fraud Risk Assessment
Controls for fraud prevention
Financial profiling
Money laundering

Why should I consider a career in fraud investigation?
An overall increase in security concerns at business around the world, in addition to the increasing criminal activity on the internet and an overall rise in the number of fraudulent schemes is causing a massive increase in the demand for fraud investigation professionals. According to O*NET, employment opportunities in this field will increase by up to 9% from 2010 to 2020. With a median wage of $61,160 being reported for fraud investigators, examiners and analysts, fraud investigation training is a good choice for a related career.

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Q:Which program offers the best Fraud Investigation training?

A:The MBA in Fraud Examination offers some of the best and the most comprehensive Fraud Investigation training.

Q:Can I get the Fraud Investigator Trainining online?

A:Yes you can get the Fraud Investigator Training online.

Q:Can you tell me about the Criminal Law course of the online fraud investigator training?

A:The Criminal Law course of the Online Fraud Investigator Training is one of the most mandatory courses in the program, hence it has a total of over 3 credits. The course highlights the need for having criminal laws and also stresses on finding the proof that is required to convict a person of a criminal activity. There is also examination on how the social issues that affect laws and variations in them. Topics include criminal defenses and jurisdiction, criminal liability, crimes against property and persons, sex crimes etc.

Q:Briefly explain the course objective of financial profiling in fraud management degree programs?

A:A fraud management degree program comprises of various courses and topics. Students develop knowledge in all courses included in the curriculum. One of the most important areas of study in fraud management is financial profiling. This topic lays emphasis on the various profiling techniques used for fraud detection in terms of finance. Students learn how to detect credit patterns of various individuals and organizations that pose a risk of fraud in the near future. The financial profiling course also equips students with skills on how to use fraud databases and profiling software's.

Q:In the fraud detection and investigation training online, what is involved in the Domestic and Child Custody Cases?

A:The Domestic and Child Custody Cases courses of the Fraud Detection and Investigation Training Online program focus on various aspects of the field. This includes performing preliminary interview, working with the lawyers of domestic relations, constitutions on adultery, contract working or retainer working, studying the unfit parent, locating of the hidden assets, protection of the client, handling of the evidences and documenting.

Q:What are some of the courses covered in online fraud training?

A:Courses covered in online fraud training are fraud detection and prevention, legal and ethical issues, fraud management, case studies, research and analysis, and analyzing financial statements. The topics mentioned are part of a basic course. Students interested in an advanced course are advised to search our website for a list of institutions offering this training.

Q:My search on online Fraud Investigator course led me to Law Office Technology course. Can you tell me more?

A:It is common to come across the reference of courses and programs related to the field while going through search such as online Fraud Investigator course. Law Office Technology course is included in various programs related to Legal studies. In this course the students are introduced with different software used in Law offices.

Q:How can the fraud training courses be helpful?

A:There are many companies that look for such professionals who can look into financial accounts and such mismanagement issues that concern every organization. These fraud investigative courses and training are quite helpful and have gained significant importance in recent times. With the fraud experts the organizations can prevent themselves from facing heavy loss and damages.

Q:What is the role of a certified fraud investigator?

A:Being a certified fraud investigator the person has to look into potential risks and loopholes in an organization that can put it at risk for frauds and financial irregularities. In the case of fraud these investigators use the expert techniques to identify, detect and prove financial mismanagement, or fraudulent activities.

Q:Tell me about a certified fraud investigator course?

A:A certified fraud investigator course can help you get better job opportunities. The duration of such training program may vary. To go for this course you need to have a background in accounting, typically a bachelor's degree may be required. The training is given to scrutinize accounts and business processes and help uncover any frauds that might be taking place.

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