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An Executive MBA (EMBA) program is designed for those professionals who wish to update their educational qualifications in order to step onto the next rung of the corporate ladder. Such a degree is aimed at busy executives and managers who wish to enroll in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program but do not have the luxury of taking time off from their careers to do so. An executive MBA online program can generally be completed in 24 months and does not require participants to halt their careers in the meanwhile. Executive MBA students are taught the latest methods, theories and practices in the areas of business management, marketing, decision making, finance and accounting.

Types of Executive MBA Programs
Participants of any top executive MBA online program usually have around 10 years of work experience under their belt and come from a variety of backgrounds in a diverse range of industries. Such executives have the option of either enrolling in an online executive MBA or in a program that is campus-based. The curriculum of an executive MBA online program is structured to teach business professionals the latest in management while polishing their already acquired skills.

The courses that make up an executive MBA program are the same as those in an MBA program but in a more condensed form. Subjects taught include management, statistics, finance and managerial marketing. Students also learn leadership skills and ethical business decision making. Negotiation skills are also honed. The use of management tools is taught as is the application of information technology in business.

Most executive MBA participants are sponsored by the companies they work for as their employers realize the importance of investing in an employee’s future productivity. Some participants may not be sponsored by their employers. Such students have the option of applying for loans, scholarships and other forms of financial aid in order to fund their education.

Traditional Vs Online Executive MBA Programs
Executive MBA classes generally take place during the evenings and over weekends to accommodate the fact that the participants will be working during the day. In an Executive MBA online program, classes are mostly distance based. Learning takes places through the use of different digital media over the Internet. Email, video conferencing, chat rooms and online bulletin boards are used for interaction between students and teachers.

An executive MBA program which is campus based provides the advantage of networking opportunities among the participants. Learning is further enriched as participants come from a variety of business backgrounds and therefore bring their own experiences into the mix. In an online executive MBA program, these sorts of networking and learning opportunities may be limited.

Advantages of an Executive MBA Degree
The main advantage of an executive MBA degree is that you can acquire the latest business management knowledge and start applying it immediately in your daily professional dealings. By updating your knowledge and polishing your leadership skills you can find many opportunities open up which will take you to a higher level of success in your career. The networking opportunity offered during the course of an executive MBA program can result in lifelong relationships being formed. Choose the best executive MBA program option, whether campus based or online, based on your personal requirements to further enhance your career.

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Q:Why is there a need of 10 years experience to be eligible for the best Executive MBA?

A:To be eligible for the best Executive MBA degree programs in the United States, you require to have a work experience of 6 to 10 years. This is essential because the Executive degree programs do not go into basic detail and focus more on building advanced skills and knowledge, which can only be grasped with ample work experience in relevant field.

Q:What is the curriculum of a global executive MBA ?

A:The curriculum of a Global Executive MBA is structured to teach business professionals the latest in management while polishing their already acquired skills.

Q:What is the advantage of studying Executive MBA online?

A:Studying Executive MBA online helps you manage time with your other commitments as you can study at any time, anywhere, and is also a cheaper alternative to on-campus studies.

Q:How long are the best MBA programs?

A:The best MBA degrees are usually 2 to 3 years long programs.

Q:What additional things can I look for when deciding which are the top MBA programs?

A:Whenever looking for the top MBA programs in United States, you can give a look into extra services and counseling offered with the program. Research and extracurricular activities can also matter significantly. Accreditation is the most significant thing to keep in mind when deciding. Use of Web 2.0 in the IT related courses can be a plus and also help you with your career.

Q:Why don't the best Executive MBA technology schools offer any opportunity of credit transfers?

A:The best Executive MBA Technology schools do not offer credit transfer facilities since they aim to teach all the students together, so that they all are on the same page. This can be quite mandatory when given a practical and on-site task such as case studies, etc.

Q:which institutes offer Online Executive MBA?

A:Universities offering online Executive MBA are as follows: Northeastern University, Walden University, Rochester Institute of Technology, American InterContinental University and Regis University.

Q:What is the duration of the Online MBA Programs?

A:Online MBA Programs are not subject to any time restrictions. Online MBA programs offer students the flexibility of attending classes from the ease of home at anytime they want. Students make their own schedules and study at their desired pace. Hence, there is no restriction on the completion time of the Online MBA Programs. Students can take as long as they want. Generally, applicants of the Online MBA Programs are working adults that cannot attend the traditional campus-based classes due to busy schedules.

Q:What areas are offered for specialization in the best online executive MBA programs available?

A:There are a number of online colleges that offer some of the best online executive MBA programs to students. The number and variety of areas that are offered for specialization may vary from college to college. However, the most common fields students can specialize in include the following: marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, supply chain management, and leadership.

Q:Is online MBA for busy executives suitable for all professionals?

A:The online MBA executive programs are specifically designed to cater the needs of busy professionals who find it difficult to complete their master's degree along with the hectic working routine. The schedule of executive MBA classes is designed to fit in the daily routines of busy working professionals. Hence, it is suitable for everyone who wishes to complete their education at their desired pace and location.

Q:Can fresh bachelor degree graduates opt for the Executive MBA Degrees?

A:The Executive MBA Degrees require that you demonstrate at least 6 to 9 years work experience, hence fresh candidates are not eligible. They may opt for the regular MBA degree programs.

Q:Can you give me the names of top 10 EMBA online areas of specialization?

A:There are a bunch of online EMBA programs being offered at our website. Here are the names of some of the most popular areas of specialization for EMBA programs: Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information Technology, Business Administration, Economics, Criminal Justice, Risk Management, Project Management, and International Business. EMBA can be opted with several other specialties as well. The above mentioned are the top few ones only.

Q:What are the prerequisites to get enrolled in the top online Executive MBA programs?

A:Our website offers some of the top online Executive MBA programs with various specialties. If you wish to get enrolled in the online Executive program, you need to completed your bachelor's degree in a business administration area of focus from an accredited institute. Some of the online institutes might require you to have some level of work experience. However, it is not mandatory for all online schools.

Q:My search on online executive MBA programs mentioned a course in currency forecasting. What is included in this course?

A:Searching for online executive MBA programs would mention a course in currency forecasting. This course deals with models in forecasting, technical models, fore casting in a fixed rate system, efficient markets, fixed rate system, and exchange rate determination. This course is an integral part of the program. For more information, prospective students are requested to search our website.

Q:As I read about the fast Executive MBA online degree program, there was mention of the course on College Mathematics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on College Mathematics while going through the article on fast Executive MBA online degree programs. This course is worth 4 credits and is aimed at making the students understand the basic and the founding skills of college level mathematics. This course serves to be a revision of concepts.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Principles of Finance of the Executive online MBA degree program?

A:The Executive Online MBA degree program has designated course on Principles of Finance. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is aimed at making the students understand the ways of capital management in a business firm setup. Asset structuring, risk analysis as well as income evaluations are all part of the course.

Q:How do I figure out the top ranked online emba programs?

A:While you can read a number of publications and online surveys to find a list of the top ranked online EMBA programs, there is only one proper way to make sure you are studying at one of the best schools. Always make sure that the school you are studying at offers a degree that has been accredited by the relevant accreditation boards so that the degree holds value in the job market.

Q:Tell me about the best executive MBA programs online?

A:MBA's are one of the most valued degrees in today's world. It is ideal for professionals who have high ambitions about climbing the corporate ladder and creating a niche for themselves in the corporate world. Professionals with an executive MBA degree are generally loaded with the essential business knowledge, analytical skills for identifying and solving management problems and so on. Therefore no specific degree from this field can be deemed ideal, the only thing you can check while enrolling in an MBA program is to check its ranking. Without a proper ranking your MBA degree will hole no significance in the corporate world. So when it comes to deciding on which MBA degree is the best? The answer is simple- which ever has the strongest ranking.

Q:Which is the best option, executive online MBA or the on-campus version?

A:Which option is better basically depends on what your lifestyle is-if you are someone who already has a job and cannot give it up then an online MBA would be best for you. Online MBA classes usually happen in the evenings or on weekends so that on job students can make it the class on time. Courses are conducted online with the help of digital media. On the other hand an on-campus MBA program is good for students who can afford to live on campus and take classes on campus regularly. This also has the benefit of face to face interaction between peers and faculty.

Q:What does EMBA stand for and which is the best online emba ?

A:EMBA stands for Executive MBA and an online EMBA is best for professionals who are already caught-up in their careers. Professionals who want to enhance their careers but don't have the time to do so, take online classes in their own time and space. An online MBA degree takes about 24 months to complete generally but since it is being pursued in the students own time and space, the duration may vary.

Q:Do I need a bachelor's degree for best online executive MBA?

A:The educational requirements for an executive MBA program will depend on which school you want to enroll in. However you will need a four years bachelor's degree to apply for a graduate program. In addition to this, schools may also look for letters of recommendations, personal essays, work experience and standardized test scores.

Q:What courses do the EMBA online top programs generally offer?

A:EMBA online top programs generally offer advanced study in such subjects that can propel the executives further in their field. The programs aim to give an in depth study of topics like leadership, communication and marketing skills, economics and business strategies. The courses vary according to institutes and must be checked beforehand.

Q:Is GMAT score always considered for admission to Executive MBA program online?

A:The requirements for Executive MBA program online can vary. Typically, admission process may consider a candidate's GMAT score or there may be a minimum undergraduate GPA required. Some may not give much consideration to the GMAT score if the candidate applying has an impressive academic record or sound professional experience.

Q:Can you tell me about Executive MBA online programs in relation to banking?

A:Executive MBA online programs in relation to banking and financial institutions can typically take a period of two years to complete. As it is an advanced course, it aims to give comprehensive study of subjects like finance, accounting, commercial banking, credit and statistical analysis, security markets, managerial economics and project management.

Q:How do I choose a program from the executive MBA programs on offer?

A:This will depend on a number of factors and some of the decisions you make will have to be quite subjective in nature. For some students, the most important factor is the program content; for others it is the financial cost, and the likelihood of grants/ financial aid/ scholarships; and for some it is the reputation of the faculty.

Q:Can you give some information on executive MBA vs MBA?

A:MBA programs are regular graduate programs in the area of business administration. These have a two year duration and a simple eligibility criteria. On the other hand, executive MBA degree programs are designed to cater to the educational needs of working professionals. You must have at least 5 years of working experience at an executive post to be eligible for the program.

Q:Are best executive MBA programs also accredited?

A:Good institutions that offer executive programs are generally accredited. In fact, part of what makes a school good is its accreditation status. You should definitely enroll in an accredited program as it will offer better learning facilities. In addition to this, many companies prefer to hire individuals who have a degree from an accredited institution.

Q:What is an executive MBA and what are the benefits of such a program?

A:Often people are not clear on what is an executive MBA. Executive MBA is an advanced degree in business pursued by working professionals and managers. To suit their job hours, mostly executive MBA classes are offered in evenings or on weekends. The program is designed to help advance the applicants in the field by learning fresh concepts and business techniques that they can introduce to the workplace and grow professionally.

Q:What are the prerequisites for top executive MBA programs?

A:The prerequisites for an executive MBA program can vary according to a particular school especially when it comes to job experience. Apart from that as far as educational requirements go students will need a four year undergraduate degree. Some schools also look for high scores in standardized tests like GRE and GMAT.

Q:Would I require letters of recommendation for best executive MBA programs?

A:Most of the best schools that offer executive MBA want students to provide them with letters of recommendation. These letters of recommendation can be written by your employers and/or your instructors. However if you have been working for some time now it is better that your current employer writes the letter.

Q:How do I find the cheapest online executive MBA programs?

A:Executive MBA programs are designed for those professionals who are already in the field. Managing this degree online works as a perfect, as it does not disrupt the work routine. Plus, online programs are also cheaper. You can check the tuition fee structure of different colleges on their website and go for the one the suits your budget.

Q:How is executive MBA the best degree for executives?

A:An executive MBA is the best degree for executives as it has several advantages over the regular MBA program. It can help the executives to achieve career advancement and acquire updated business management knowledge. The executives can study and work at the same time. They also get the chance to apply the learned concepts in their job. The executive MBA degree also requires less time to complete and provides many networking opportunities for executives.

Q:I am trying to find an affordable online executive MBA program, where should I begin my search?

A:There are many online schools that offering executive online MBS programs. You can start by searching online and going through the top ranked online business schools. Many websites offer detailed information about high ranking business schools and programs. Online education has grown tremendously and is becoming the new trend in higher education.

Q:Can you give me some tips to perform well in the executive MBA programs online?

A:In order to perform well in the executive MBA programs online, you will need to be consistent and focused in your efforts. Executive MBA programs are of advanced level, and therefore need greater commitment and attention on your part. You can learn effectively and perform well by going through pre-lecture readings, keeping distractions away during lectures, asking questions from instructors, participating in discussions, regularly revising notes, and following business news.

Q:Tell me about Executive MBA Program Rankings?

A:Executive MBA program rankings are posted by a number of analyst website which rank schools based on the Information on non-resident tuition, student work experience, students who are top executives, top industries, top functional areas, employability, research grants, diversity, student population and students to teacher ratio among other empirical factors.

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