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Criminology Degree

By pursuing a criminology degree program, students can serve and protect the community from criminal acts. These programs also enable them to facilitate criminal rehabilitation and contribute to the criminal justice system.

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The Scope of a Criminology Degree
The two most popular degrees in criminology are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in criminology
  • Master’s degree in criminology

Students who desire to establish a career in criminology can opt for specializations such as:

  • Forensics
  • Law enforcement
  • Crime history
  • Crime investigation

A criminology degree includes a number of disciplines related to forensic science. It covers fields such as justice administration, police services as well as general forensic science. The scope of criminology degree is very wide. However, the general subjects and courses include:

  • Social problems and policy
  • Sociology and deviance
  • Crime
  • Media and culture
  • Psychology of criminal justice

Learning Outcomes of a Criminology Degree Program
By enrolling in criminology degree programs, prospective students can contribute to the criminal justice system. They can also offer suggestions and policies to curb crime within society. Deciding on penalties for different criminal acts and developing scientific methods for solving crimes is also discussed in criminology degree programs. Students are also instructed in the procedures for collecting and analyzing fingerprints and other pieces of evidence.

Job Opportunities

After completing a criminology degree, students can significantly increase their chances of applying jobs within various sectors. Criminologists’ work revolves around crime prevention, crime intelligence, and corrections. They can work as:

  • Educators in colleges and universities
  • Officers in federal and state justice agencies
  • Research officers
  • Community corrections coordinator
  • Police officer
  • Crime intelligence analyst
  • Criminologist consultant
  • Drug policy advisor
  • Law reform researcher

Criminologists, such as forensic science technicians earn a median wage of $52,840 per year as of 2012, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The precise salary depends on the qualification, job responsibilities and the type of occupation of an individual. Criminologists with a master’s degree can possibly earn more than a professional with a bachelor’s degree.

Criminology Degree Programs Majors

Criminology degrees enable students to select from a wide array of courses related to legal and criminal justice disciplines. Generally, criminology degrees include subjects such as:

  • Criminality
  • Criminal Law
  • Directed Policing
  • Administration of Justice
  • Statistical and Computer Applications
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Crime
  • Criminology
  • Justice
  • Psychology of Crime

Online Criminology Degree

For students who cannot manage to enroll in regular campus-based criminology degree programs, the option of online ones is quite suitable. Online criminology degree programs offer a convenient and cost-effective way to pursue a career in this specialized field of law. Studies in online programs are managed remotely. Students can learn and complete a program at their own pace. The fee of the online criminology degree programs is also more affordable than the cost of the traditional classes in criminology. Students can pursue a bachelor’s as well as master’s courses in online criminology degree programs.

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Q:Is the Criminology degree online affordable and what are the contents of the course on Victimology?

A:If you are asking is the Criminology degree online affordable, then the answer is yes. This is primarily because in the online variant, you can save the expenses of travel and text material. One of the major courses of this degree program is Victimology. This course is worth 4 credits in total and allows the students to have complete inspection of the classic theories as well as contemporary ones on methods to understand the various crimes and how to prevent any victims.

Q:Can you tell me about criminology degree requirements and subjects?

A:Criminology degree requirements will differ according to the level of degree being pursued. With a bachelor's degree you can enter the law enforcement field. Different positions may require specified training. Generally, criminology degree studies criminal psychology, corrections, juvenile justice, social behavior, patterns of crime, investigative methods and the legal system laws.

Q:My search on affordable online colleges criminology led to the mention of a course in Research Methods in Criminology. Can you explain what I will learn in this course?

A:The course will instruct on advanced methods of data analysis and research design. Students will learn to differentiate between experimental and non experimental methods of data design, bivariate and multivariate data analysis, and probability and non probability sampling techniques. They will also learn how to construct scales and indexes that can be used to test 'cause and effect relationships' between variables.

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