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Earning a degree in accounting gets one on the fast track to securing a high-paying job. Trained accountants can further catapult themselves up the corporate ladder by continuing education in accounting.

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Types of Accounting Degrees
An associate's degree is a basic two year program that opens doorways to higher accounting degrees. Bachelor's degrees require students to undertake four years of accounting education and training, including auditing and analysis of financial statements. A bachelor's degree is often considered essential for landing lucrative positions. Many bachelor's degree programs in accounting also include courses related to finance and business. A master's degree in accounting is usually pursued by students who are training to become chartered financial analysts (CFA), certified management accountants (CMA), or certified public accountants (CPA). Students can also opt for an MBA degree in accounting. Trained accounting students who choose to undertake a doctoral degree usually pursue a career in consultancy or education. Some short diploma and certificate programs are also available for students who wish to learn the basics of accounting.

Accounting students can major in a number of fields ranging from internal and external auditing to budgeting. Accounting degrees also cover a wide variety of accounting software programs that are used professionally. All accounting students in the US are required to follow guidelines and rules set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in order to acquire a license.

Advantages of Pursuing an Online Accounting Program

Online accounting degree programs are usually more affordable than full time university and college degrees. Many of these programs make accounting books and reading material available on their website, which further cuts down the price of an online accounting degree. It is ideal for trained accounting professionals who want to continue their education without having to compromise their existing career. Many students, who undertake higher studies in accounting, work while studying. In fact, it is one of the core requirements for a few certifications. Online accounting programs also do away with the hassle of commuting to a university or college every day and empower students to undertake distance learning. Most of these programs even allow accounting students to study at their own pace and schedule. However, students should confirm whether the accounting program they plan on joining is accredited or not, before filling out the application. A variety of scholarships, funds, loans, and grants are also available for students pursuing a degree in accounting.

Career Opportunities

There is an abundance of career opportunities for accounting and finance graduates, especially certified public accountants. Some of the common roles and responsibilities that accountants perform include handling tax strategies, financial analysis, management accounting, budget analysis, and auditing. But the scope of work for trained accountants is not limited to these. A number of new and exciting opportunities, such as forensic accounting, have emerged for accounting graduates during the recent years. Accountants also play a significant role in the finance and banking sectors. In addition to looking for jobs in the private and corporate sectors, accounting graduates can also specialize to become government accountants. There are even a few lucrative freelance opportunities for trained accountants.

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Q:With regard to an accounting degree online, like accounting certificate, what can I do afterwards?

A:After getting an online accounting certificate, you have a number of options you can pursue. If you want to enhance your qualifications, you can go on to take a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and pursue public accounting or one can take on a job as a managerial accountant, auditor or tax preparer.

Q:Is it useful to pursue accounting degrees online in today's environment?

A:Yes, most definitely. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for accounting services is likely to increase in the financial sector with the advent of new laws and regulations. Moreover, the increased globalization of businesses is also expected to lead to increased demand for accounting services related to international trade as well as international business mergers and acquisitions

Q:I want to know about accredited online accounting degree, like an online accounting certificate?

A:An online accounting certificate typically comprises of one year programs which provide the students with a basic post bachelor's background in accounting. It is especially helpful for those students who have done their undergraduate in another degree and want to pursue accounting later on and for those who want additional practice in order to take their CPA exam.

Q:How do I know which is the best online accounting degree?

A:Accounting degree programs are offered by many accredited online schools at graduate and undergraduate level. If you plan on enrolling in an accounting program, make sure you pick a program that fist your interest, budget, and career goals. Some factors to keep in mind when searching for the best program are: accreditation, rankings, school reviews, and faculty.

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