Doctoral in Psychology

Overview of the field
With a doctoral degree in psychology, individuals learn a number of techniques and theories for an in-depth understanding of human psychology and a practical application of this understanding in various fields.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
A Doctoral of Psychology takes about four to six years to complete, and sometimes even more. Students are expected to undertake coursework which is finished in the initial years while the later years are dedicated to research once a career-path or specialization is chosen.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework aims at instilling clinical and research skills in the students. Some of the courses included in the program include theories of psychology, clinical ethics, human development, experimental psychology, cognitive processes and dissertation after the completion of the coursework.

Admission criteria and degree requirements
For admission into the Doctoral of Psychology program, students are expected to have completed a Master’s degree in Psychology or a field which is closely related besides a good GRE score. Internship is also a requirement although good universities expect on-job work experience. Even after the completion of the coursework and dissertation, students are generally awarded the degree after internships or externships.

Career prospects and average salary
A career in Psychology, like other health and mental health fields, can be lucrative especially after a doctorate in Psychology. Besides, a doctorate degree can also get you jobs in the forensics department, academic positions and lab research. Some of the popular career choices after a doctoral degree are clinical psychologist or consultant, forensic psychologist, environmental psychologist and others.

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Q:My search on Doctoral in Psychology took me to Personal Biofeedback and Stress Management course. Can you brief me about it?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such as Doctoral In Psychology. Personal Biofeedback and Stress Management course is a part of various programs related to Psychology. In this course the students come across the study of behaviors stress and stress management.

Q:Are doctoral programs in psychology accredited?

A:Yes, a number of doctoral programs in psychology are accredited. These days, accreditation is of value to potential employers. Accreditation serves as a proof that certain quality standards are met while delivering degree instruments to students. Various state accreditation agencies offer accreditation to degree programs in psychology. It is good practice to check the accreditation status while enrolling into a psychology program.

Q:How much time would it take to complete online PhD programs in psychology?

A:Online PhD programs in psychology can take around four to six years to complete. They can even take more time depending on the pace of student. Students need to complete their coursework in the initial years and then the rest of the years are spent in research. Research begins once students have chosen their career path or area of specialization.

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