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MBA Leadership Development Program

While most general MBA programs teache you the principles of business and how to run it, the MBA Leadership Development Program trains you on how to become an entrepreneur or acquire the top tier jobs within a good company.

Benefits of pursuing an MBA Leadership Development Program
An MBA Leadership Development Program offers many benefits in terms of career opportunities and growth. First of all, graduates of this program are highly sought after in the job market, especially supervisory roles and roles that require an individual to take initiatives and develop programs. This program thus prepares individuals for various jobs. Their leadership skills make them excellent bosses with the ability to communicate ideas to the people they are leading and building in them a sense of belonging to a group which brings out the best in their teams.

Featured Programs:

Walden University Online

MBA Leadership Development Program has most of the same prerequisites as a regular MBA, i.e. sixteen years of education and some experience (most programs demand at least two years of full time, post studies experience). Other things that MBA Leadership Development Program admission committees look at include:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Leadership Experience
  • Public Dealing skills and experience
  • Team player attitude

Most of these things are gleaned during the preadmission interview and statement of purpose submitted with the admission application.

Learning Leadership
The MBA Leadership Development Program aims to bring out the leader in you. While leadership cannot be ‘taught’ per se because it does not have any set principles or rules, it can definitely be developed on the basis of experience, real life situations, case studies, and study of general traits of leaders.

Effective leaders empower people, motivate them and inspire them. They make people look forward to coming to work and putting in their best.

Courses in MBA Leadership Development Program
The following are some of the specialization courses taught in an MBA Leadership Development Program:
  • General Management
    As the course’s name indicates, this program teaches the general concepts of management as a leader. It focuses on administrative aspects of business.
  • GLAM
    GLAM (Global Leadership Assessment for Managers) helps you develop your interpersonal and teamwork skills that you will need in order to work as a leader, possibly even to culturally diverse groups.
  • Business Communication Skills
    Communication skills are very important for this program since good leaders are all about how they interact with their teams and how effectively they communicate their ideas, concerns and suggestions.
  • Other Skill Courses
    Some other skills that you will be studying to develop during this program may include:
    • Information Management Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Management of Meetings
    • Business Writing

    Job Prospects
    MBA Leadership Development leads to senior management jobs including jobs of CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs. All of the jobs would include planning, innovations, teamwork, organizational development and vision.

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    Q:Where should I study for the MBA Leadership Development Program?

    A:You can study for the MBA Leadership Development Program at any of the universities listed on our website. They offer campus-based as well as distant education options.

    Q:Can you name a few schools offering the MBA Leadership and Development program?

    A:There are a bunch of accredited schools listed on our website offering the MBA in Leadership and Development online as well as in campus-based institutes. Here are the names of a few: Keiser University Graduate School, Walden University Online, Southern New Hampshire University, and the Grand Canyon University.

    Q:Which courses are offered in the top MBA Leadership Development programs?

    A:Two sets of courses are offered in the top MBA Leadership Development programs. The first ones are the basic courses, giving a broad overview of the entire field of study alongside its related fields. These include courses like business communication, global leadership assessment for managers, general management, organizational structure and planning, business ethics, and strategic management. More focused electives of the course include leadership behavior, leadership communications, organizational leadership, corporate social responsibility, conflict and collaboration, and leading innovation.

    Q:What are the career prospects and benefits of MBA leadership development programs?

    A:Individuals can enjoy certain job benefits of MBA leadership development programs; such degree holders are likely to have an edge over those with simple MBA degrees. The jobs that students can pursue with this degree can be at executive levels, senior management levels, and top managerial levels. Apart from just the positive job outlook, the salary range will also be higher than average MBA degree holders.

    Q:What is the duration of the MBA in Leadership Development program?

    A:The Master in Leadership Development degree program is for two years if pursued in the regular track. However, the duration can be different. You can take the accelerated MBA and complete the program in 18 months. Opt for the executive MBA and finish with in more than 3 years and pursue online program if you wish to take as much time as you want.

    Q:What skills do students develop in an MBA leadership program?

    A:The MBA Leadership program is designed to teach the students about various aspects of leadership and business management. Students enrolled in the MBA Leadership program develop assessment skills, analytical skills, teamwork skills, presentation skills, psychometric profiling skills, leadership skills, management skills, problem solving skills, technical writing skills, and business case study skills.

    Q:Can you help me with MBA statement of purpose for Leadership Development program?

    A:The statement of purpose for the MBA in Leadership Development program is a strategic admission prerequisite which has to be written by the student. You can browse through the internet and our website for guidance on the subject matter. However, the statement of purpose has to personally written by the applicant. The statement of purpose reveals the motivation and dedication of the applicant to the course of study applied for.

    Q:What is the learning objective of top MBA development programs?

    A:MBA in leadership development is a graduate level degree program that is slightly advanced than the regular MBA. This program focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills in students and equips them with practical entrepreneurial knowledge. Students take on various independent projects that help them polish their innovative skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. The basic objective of the program is to prepare successful business leaders for tomorrow.

    Q:While searching for leadership development program top MBA, I came across a course in global economic environment. What is included in this course?

    A:The top Leadership Development MBA program includes a course on global economic environment. It is one of the core courses in an MBA program which deals with Fundamental of national competitiveness, productivity and growth. It also deals with savings, investments and exchange rates. For more information prospective students are requested to searching our website for a list of institutions offering this course.

    Q:While going through MBA Development programs, I came across Leadership Theory and Practice course. Can you brief me in it?

    A:There are a number of courses you will get to study in programs such as MBA Development. Leadership Theory and Practice is a 3 credit hour course in which the students get to know about the basics of leadership practice as well as theory. The students get to know about an organized society and cultural diversity.

    Q:What are the advantages of enrolling in an online MBA Leadership program?

    A:One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in an online MBA leadership program is that it gives students an opportunity to study at their own convenience. These programs are specifically designed so that students can understand and comprehend the subject without having to worry about deadlines. These programs are relatively cheaper as students save money on transport and accommodation.

    Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Business Communications course of the online Leadership Development programs?

    A:The online Leadership Development programs have dedicated courses on Business Communications. This course is worth 4 credits and stresses on making the students understand the most basic of principles of the communication in business. Students also get to study the ways in which they can aptly use the English grammar.

    Q:Looking for top leadership schools mentioned a course on Leading Effective Organizations. What is the premise of this course?

    A:Leading Effective Organizations would be mentioned when searching for top leadership schools. This course is worth 3 credit hours and trains students on the importance of making informed decisions as leaders. Students also learn about motivation, coordination and effective communication skills. All of these topics are extremely important as they form the basis of this course. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

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