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Every business that provides products or services to consumers has a need for customer service professionals. These individuals are the face of the company and are the ones who deal with customers in a friendly and courteous manner. Customer service professionals are required to interact with customers before a sale is made, during the sale and after the sale has been made as well.

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If you are a confident person who connects with people easily, then you may be looking into a career in the customer service industry. While many customer services related positions may require applicants to have only a high school diploma, more and more companies are on the lookout for potential employees who have some form of customer service training. Customer service training programs graduates will also have a better chance of reaching the supervisory or management levels in this field.

Customer Service Management Programs and Degrees
Customer service training programs can be found at the diploma, certificate, and Associate and Bachelor levels. You may choose a degree which is offered in a traditional classroom setting or pick an online customer service program. Subjects taught during a customer service training program are a combination of business and customer service specific courses. Such programs teach students business management techniques and customer service practices. Other topics taught include mathematics, economics, ethics and quality assurance among others.

Customer service training programs teach and polish students’ communication skills, both written and oral. Conflict resolution and mediation is also taught for any dealings with angry customers. A graduate of a customer service training program is also required to know company policies and procedures and have in-depth knowledge of the company’s product and service offerings. Other skills important for a customer service student are telephone and computer skills as data entry work may be part of the job you undertake after graduation. Apart from inculcating excellent verbal skills, the listening skills of customer service students are also polished.

careers in Customer Service
There are a multitude of careers available in the customer services field. As customer service is an important aspect in all industries, you can find a role in this field in a range of different settings. Depending on the level of education and experience, customer service training programs graduates can be found working as call center operators, as well as customer service, lodging or food service managers.  
Customer service personnel can be found working in banks, insurance companies and at call centers. They are also employed with retail companies, e-commerce businesses and telecommunication corporations. Customer service professionals can perform a variety of tasks depending on the industry or the type of firm they are working for. While some may be handling general questions and complaints from customers, other customer service representatives may have a more specialized role.

If you are someone with a friendly demeanor who enjoys talking to people and finding solutions, then a customer service career may be just the thing for you. By finding a relevant customer service training program to suit your needs, you can take the first step towards a successful career in this field.

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Q:What types of customer service training programs are on offer in U.S. schools?

A:Customer service training programs offered by accredited educational institutions in the U.S. range from entry level diploma or certificate programs to advanced level qualifications such as associate's or bachelor's. Diploma and certificate usually last between six months and a year, whereas associate's and bachelor's degree programs in computer service training take two to four years to complete.

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