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Bachelor of RN to BSN
Enrolling in a bachelor of RN to BSN degree program prepares students to pursue rewarding careers in healthcare as nurses. Bachelor’s in RN to BSN programs provide perfect learning opportunities for registered nurses to give a boost to their knowledge and skill. Students having a diploma or associate’s degrees in nursing can enroll in bachelor of RN to BSN degree programs.

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  • B.S. Nursing (RN to BSN Completion)

The Scope of Bachelor of RN to BSN Degree Programs
Bachelor of RN to BSN degree programs require 4 years to complete. A number of campus based as well as online schools offer these training programs. Students learn various aspects of nursing in these degree programs. Some of the courses included in this program are:

  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology

Students can also choose from different specialties such as pediatric care or substance-abuse recovery to name a few choices.

Career Outlook
Earning a bachelor of RN to BSN degree allows students to find highly rewarding jobs in the nursing world. They can get to leadership and managerial positions by earning these degrees. Students with these degrees can work as:
  • Head Nurses
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Chief Nurses
  • Assistant Nursing Managers
  • Assistant Directors of Nursing

Online Bachelor of RN to BSN Degree Programs
Online bachelor of RN to BSN degree programs are highly suitable for working nurses. These programs allow students to study from any location and at any time; working nurses can upgrade their skills by enrolling in them without giving up work.

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Q:Which MBA programs can I opt for after the Bachelor in RN to BSN degree program?

A:Upon completion of the Bachelor in RN to BSN degree program you can opt for the lucrative MBA in Health Administration and MBA in Nursing degree programs.

Q:Name a few courses studied in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN degree program?

A:The curriculum of a bachelor of science in nursing degree program comprises of various courses and topics. These include general courses, science courses, and concentration courses. A few topics studied in this degree are: microbiology, anatomy, physiology, human growth and development, psychology, sociology, nutrition, global health, acute care concepts, health care policy, approaches to nursing, and omega strategies, healthcare leadership, pathophyisology, and information management.

Q:What different areas can students work in with a Bachelor Of Science in Nursing Online degree?

A:Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree can work in various areas of the health care sector. They can work in the administrative department, education areas, research areas, consulting areas, community and public health centers, social work case management areas, pharmaceutical areas, and health insurance areas. Nursing job opportunities can be increased with further qualifications in nursing such as the MSN degree.

Q:Which certification do I get after completing the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program?

A:The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a comprehensive nursing program offering detailed theoretical background and practical experience of the taught concepts. Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs need to sit for the NCLEX certification exam for a Registered Nurse to be able to practice the profession.

Q:Name specialization areas based on placement that are offered in bachelor science nursing degree?

A:A bachelor degree in nursing is a undergraduate degree offered by many nursing schools. Specialization areas in the degree program are categorized into place, faculty, disease, and organ. Students who wish to specialize according to placement can opt for the following areas: military, private nursing, summer camps, school system, nursing homes, correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, travel or concierge, detention centers, and old homes.

Q:Name the prerequisite courses that must be completed before applying for bachelors of Science in nursing?

A:Students can apply for admission in a bachelors of science in nursing after completing the pre requisite courses. These include: general biology, nutrition, human anatomy, physiology, abnormal psychology, life span development, advanced math, microbiology, and biology. Students who have not studied science courses or the above mentioned courses at high school must join a school and complete these courses, these pre requisite courses are offered by many institutions.

Q:What are the general admission requirements for nursing Bachelor of Science degree program?

A:Students who wish to enroll in Bachelor of Science nursing degree program must fulfill the admission criteria. The admission requirements will vary slightly with each school. Generally it is required that students must submit proof of high school education (GED), Students must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0. Students must have at least a score of 75% in all science courses such as anatomy and physiology; students must submit a letter of recommendation.

Q:How can I get the Bachelors to RN certification?

A:Getting the Bachelors to RN certification is quite easy. Once you have completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited American school, you qualify to sit for the NCLEX-RN. Students who clear the licensure examination become certified Registered Nurses. You can also become a certified after completing the ADN program.

Q:How long are the bachelors to BSN programs?

A:Bachelors or BSN nursing degree programs can take almost four years to complete as it entails in depth study of nursing fundamentals, human physiology and healthcare procedures. These courses are also offered online and may be completed in a lesser period of time. Online programs allow the flexibility to be completed according to your own pace.

Q:How long is the registered nurse BSN program?

A:Registered nurse BSN program is a four year program. There are accelerated programs as well that can help you to cover the course in half the time. A BSN program gives a comprehensive study of nursing basics that prepares you for the practical challenges of the field. Mostly people give it priority over associate's degree as it can promise better job opportunities.

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