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Careers in Nursing Administration

Pursuing a career in Nursing Administration can be very rewarding. There is an increased demand for nursing administrators in hospitals, labs and other healthcare settings. Professionals in this field get competitive salaries and also receive a number of other benefits. This is why careers in Nursing Administration can be very lucrative. Once you earn a degree in this field of specialization you can work in:

Nursing homes
You can get middle level or senior level positions in these medical settings.

Nursing Administration Salary
Nursing Administrators can earn up to $76,990 per year. Also, they receive bonuses and other incentives that make pursuing a career in this field a great option.

Nursing Administration Degrees
Some of degree programs that can help you to establish the most promising careers in Nursing Administration are:

Bachelor’s degree program in Nursing Administration
Master’s degree program in Nursing Administration Degree
For entry level positions in this field, getting into a bachelor’s degree program can be suitable. However, if you desire to get to the senior level positions as Nursing Administrators, you should enroll in a master’s degree program.

Nursing Administration Degrees Online
You can also pursue a Nursing Administration over the internet. There are a number of online schools that offer these degrees. Getting into an online institute allows you to earn a Nursing Administration degree in a convenient manner. Once you earn this degree from an online accredited school you can find the same career opportunities in this field of specialization as students with regular degrees do.

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Q:Can i get a nursing degree with an associate in business administration?

A:You can pursue nursing even after earning an associate in business administration. You will have to complete the basic nursing prerequisites and enroll in an LPN or RN degree. These are two popular nursing degrees offered at nursing schools. The program will provide you with nursing skills and also prepare you for the nursing licensing examination.

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