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Healthcare is an ever-expanding field. Even when stockbrokers and industrialists may have no work, healthcare professionals will still be in demand because the need for human health and wellness can never be ignored. Nursing is a very important part of healthcare provision since most of the patient care and treatment monitoring is in the hands of nurses. Nursing administration is a further division in the field of nursing which trains nurses not only in patient care but also administrative issues they may have to take care of or supervise.

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What is Nursing Administration?
Healthcare professionals with degrees in nursing administration are actually involved in overseeing the nursing staff in any healthcare setting. They are responsible for guiding their workforce and working with the top-level management at hospitals to achieve efficiency in the provision of healthcare services.

A degree in nursing administration will train a person in organization development, management principles, employee relations and finance that will help him/her supervise and maintain his or her team of effective nursing staff as well as policy planning for their healthcare institute or in the large-scale medical industry.

Degrees in Nursing Administration
A degree in nursing administration may be sought by people already qualified as Registered Nurses (RN’s). Nursing administration degrees are usually master’s degrees and the completion of this degree increases your chances of rising in the ranks within the staff of a hospital.

A master’s degree in nursing administration will prepare an RN to effectively manage nursing staff and services in hospitals and other healthcare providing institutions. They will also study in detail about the health care administration principles that come into play, management of medical personnel, management of finances and resources and also a study of healthcare law and policy.

Career Opportunities for Nursing Administration Students
The successful completion of a master in nursing administration program will assist you in pursuing a better and more prestigious career than that of a basic RN’s. According to information on O*Net, nursing professionals working in the capacities of medical and healthcare managers have a median annual wage of $88,580 as of 2012. this can go beyond $150,560 for those with more advanced qualification and work experience. After obtaining a degree in nursing administration, a person may work in the following roles.

  • Nurse Administrator
    Nurse administrators have a group of nurses working directly under them who. In addition to supervision, a nurse administrator also allocates resources to them accordingly. Building team efficiency and minimizing the risk of burnout are some of the responsibilities that a nurse administrator will have to take up.

  • Vice President of Nursing
    After some experience as a nursing administrator, a capable candidate may be able to become vice-president of nursing. The vice president of nursing may also be referred to as the chief nursing executive. The nursing vice president will not only be looking after the management of the nurses and nursing assistants in a hospital but also other employees such as secretaries, orderlies and administrative personnel. This job is very demanding and only candidates who are able work under a lot of stress and under tight deadlines are suitable for this job.

  • Postsecondary Nursing Educator
    Postsecondary nursing educators may divert from practicing nursing and focus on the study of and research in the field. They are responsible for designing nursing course syllabi, performance evaluations and enforcing learning in nursing students.
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    Q:At what college can I get an assistant nursing home administration degree?

    A:If you wish to acquire an assistant nursing home administration degree, it is recommended that you look for accredited programs only. Accredited programs meet the quality standards of relevant accrediting agencies and therefore are much more likely to provide value for your money. You can browse through our website to look for accredited programs that meet your educational requirements.

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