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Doctoral in Nursing

Overview of Field
Nursing degree programs enable students to assist the doctors and medical staff. Students also learn to help the patients and do a number of administrative tasks. Doctoral in Nursing prepare students to take the most challenging jobs in this field. They are able to acquire in depth knowledge and skills in nursing that enable them to pursue a range of job opportunities in nursing.

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Capella University

  • DNP - Nursing Practice (CCNE-accredited)
  • PhD - Nursing Education

Walden University Online

  • Post-Masters Certificates in Nursing - Nursing Education
  • Post-Masters Certificates in Nursing - Nursing Informatics
  • Post-Masters Certificates in Nursing - Nursing Leadership & Management

Doctorate of Nursing Programs
Students can possibly complete Doctorate of Nursing Programs in 3 to 4 years, though many have the option doing it in a shorter or longer period. They can earn a doctoral degree in this field through distance learning programs or choose to pursue this program through campus-based institutes. Major coursework in Doctoral in Nursing programs is based on research in this field.

Admission Criteria
In order to get into Doctorate of Nursing Practice Programs successfully, students need to have a master’s degree in a relevant discipline. Also, students who desire to get into this program should preferably have work experience in this field as some institutes may require it.

Who Should Enroll in Doctoral in Nursing?
Students who wish to advance their career to senior positions in the field of nursing should pursue a Doctoral in Nursing Program. It can be an ideal course for students with flair for research in matters of medical interest. Those who want to increase their prospects of establishing a career as midwives or find administrative jobs in this field can also enroll in these advanced degree programs.

Highlights of the Coursework
Some of the courses included in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice are:

  • Methods and processes of nursing practice
  • Advanced health care statistics
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods in nursing research

These courses include theory as well as hands on training in clinical settings. Students can choose to do research on general care nursing.

Career Prospects
Students who are able to earn a Doctoral in Nursing can increase their chances and better their academic standing to avail job opportunities in healthcare. They can possibly work nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse administrators or midwives depending on their field of specialization. According to O*NET, Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses, and postsecondary nursing instructors earned median annual wages of $65,470 and $64,850 respectively in 2012.

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Q:Where can I find easy nursing Doctorate program?

A:There are no easy nursing Doctorate programs. Doctorate of Nursing has an extensive curriculum that discusses every subject in detail. However, there is an option of online education that can help students study at their convenience and pace. These programs are just as extensive but allow students to study from home. Online educational programs are relatively inexpensive as well with students saving money on travel and accommodation. Prospective students interested in online programs are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What degree do I need to complete first to be eligible for a PhD in nursing?

A:To be eligible for a nursing degree at doctorate level, you need to first complete a BSN degree and then a MSN degree. A PhD is a post graduate qualification and is the most advanced qualification one can earn in nursing. Having a thorough understanding of nursing and all its concepts is mandatory to be ready for PhD degrees.

Q:What are the benefits of a Doctoral in Nursing?

A:A doctoral degree in nursing is the highest level of education you can achieve. The program will equip you with research skills and advanced knowledge about nursing healthcare. With a doctorate degree, you can apply for executive and upper managerial job positions in the healthcare industry. He income potential for doctorate degree holders is higher.

Q:What is the admission criterion for nursing doctoral programs?

A:The specific admission criterion for nursing doctoral programs usually varies from institution to institution. Generally, students need to have a master's degree in a relevant. Moreover, some institutions also prefer those students who have some prior work experience in the field. To find the exact admission requirements, you should visit the website of the school you wish to enroll in.

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