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Careers in Liberal Arts

Liberal arts education encompasses a variety of specializations and fields of study. Literature, languages, history, general sciences and philosophy all come under the banner of liberal arts education.

Who employs liberal arts education students?
Liberal arts education allows students to pursue exciting careers in a variety of fields. The following are the five main markets in which liberal arts education students find jobs:

  • Education sector
  • Civil sectors
  • Museums
  • Art community
  • Non-profit organizations

Majority of students that successfully graduate with liberal arts education find jobs in the education and teaching professions. Many of the students who have successfully completed their PhD programs in a specialized field of liberal arts education teach at colleges and universities all across the US. Many of the other students find jobs in the nonprofit organizations and civil sector. A liberal arts education majors find jobs easily working with the nonprofit organizations that are responsible for the uplift of society and the overall research that is being done to improve the understanding of history, philosophy and even art.

Salary Range for Liberal Arts Education Majors
The salary of a liberal arts education majors is directly proportional to the level of education that one has successfully pursued. The second thing that plays a very important role in defining the salary is the sector in which a Liberal Arts major specializes in. For an example, the civil sector pays extensively more than the nonprofit organizations. There are always pros and cons associated with each specific industry. Forbes Magazine published an article on 2/06/2013 that stated that the highest starting salary of a liberal arts major was around $43,000 per annum. As one acquires more experience, the salary increases as well as the opportunities.

Why is a degree in liberal arts important?
There are many reasons why a liberal arts education is very important. The following are the three main reasons why students choose to pursue liberal arts education:

  • Expanding the horizons: People who live in communities are only well-versed in with their specific surroundings. With a liberal arts education, students get a detailed educational learning experience regarding various communities and segments of the civilizations that have come and gone. They can appreciate the values of tradition and how civilizations and philosophies of different cultures have changed the very dynamics of society.
  • Society building: The society is always in need of thinkers and philosophers that can create processes and theologies to sustain values and cultures. That is why liberal arts education promotes thinking and broad horizons. Many of the poets and historians have come from a liberal arts education.
  • International exposure: Students who pursue liberal arts education will certainly have an opportunity to explore different cultures and communities. They would be able to appreciate the value of international communities and cater to the needs of the market.

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