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Bachelor in Legal Paralegal

Program Structure
Bachelor of Legal/Paralegal degree qualifications are widely considered to be suitable for individuals wishing to work in the legal profession, or serve in assisting capacity by becoming professional paralegals. Students seeking to receive certified legal or paralegal training from online U.S. educational institutions can expect to be taught courses in a wide variety of areas including:

  1. Legal Transcription
  2. Legal Rights and Freedoms
  3. Philosophy of Law
  4. Legal Writing
  5. Introductory Economic Principles
  6. Statistics for Legal Studies

Program Coursework Highlights

Featured Programs

Those enrolled in online Bachelor of Legal or Paralegal degree programs offered by accredited degree awarding institutions in the U.S. are freely allowed to choose their specializations according to their requirements. Legal or paralegal specializations are available to prospective law students in various streams of the subject, including:

  1. Real estate Law
  2. Corporate Law
  3. Insurance Law
  4. Practice Management
  5. Employment Law
  6. Legal Accounting
  7. Advocacy
  8. Elder Law

Admission Criteria
Enrollment procedures and requirements for Bachelor of Legal or Paralegal degrees available in the U.S. vary greatly on the type of institution and course offered. However, more often than not, prospective students are asked to provide acceptable high schools diplomas or equivalent GED qualification to gain into their desired degree program.

Career Prospects
Anyone graduating with an accredited undergraduate degree qualification in legal or paralegal studies is sure to find work in various legal and non-legal settings such as in private law firms, banks, legal departments of firms, law enforcement and government offices.

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Q:What is the duration of the B.S. degrees for paralegals?

A:The Bachelor of Sciences in Paralegal Studies is a four year degree program if opted in a traditional campus based institute. The duration of the degree differs if it is pursued online since online bachelor of sciences in paralegal studies is offered to students for flexibility. Students are allowed to schedule their own classes and take as much time as they require to complete the degree.

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