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Legal and paralegal education enables individuals to work under the leadership and tutelage of lawyers. Paralegals are professionals who assist lawyers in their jobs. Paralegals are responsible for documentation, paperwork, and processing of all reports to be used in trials and cases. Legal and paralegal experts are really the arms and legs of the lawyer community. This group of professionals enables the lawyers to concentrate on the case instead of being bogged down by the paper work and documentation associated with the legal market.

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Legal and paralegal profession has been and still is a revered field to pursue for millions of Americans. Colleges and universities have upgraded their curriculum and added law departments to cater to the needs and the demands of the legal community. Junior colleges and community colleges are now also providing legal and paralegal certifications and coursework. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in law and justice can pursue a certification, diploma or an associate's degree in paralegal. Certain certifications and diplomacy range from three weeks to six months. An associate's degree, on the other hand, requires the students to go through two consecutive years of education. Irrespective of the diploma, certification or degree you choose, a high school diploma is required to obtain admission in any one of the programs. Majority of the colleges and universities that offer paralegal degrees and programs ensure that the students go through proper internship programs. The objective of the internship program is to give the students first-hand knowledge of the daily operations and routine affairs that they would be associated with being paralegals.

The scope of legal and paralegal is not only limited to the law and Justice Department. In fact, corporations and industries hire legal and paralegals to assist their corporate law department. Paralegals also find jobs in nonprofit organizations, government, private sector and even public sectors. The salary of the paralegal is strictly proportional to the quality of work that the person can perform and the number of years that the person has. Experience plays a very important role in improving the skill set and ensuring that the paralegals become experts in their field.

Paralegals or legal associates might have just taken some courses and started out their careers in the law firm. Whereas many other paralegals and legal associates have taken proper examinations and certify themselves in this profession from various colleges and universities across America. In the United States, a paralegal certification is not a requirement but a nice to have item while going for an interview.

The legal and paralegal experts have to keep on updating themselves regarding the continuous change in law in order to facilitate their respective law firms and corporations. That is why many of the legal and paralegal professionals continue legal and paralegal course work at colleges and universities. Many of times, the professors teaching the classes are lawyers or paralegals themselves. This allows the students to understand the dynamics of the job from the experts themselves. Also the paralegal profession is an excellent stepping stone for students who want to later on become lawyers.

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Q:I've noticed that many of the Paralegal degrees have a course on Law Office Management. What are contents of this course?

A:It is true that many of the Paralegal degree programs in the United States have a course on Law Office Management. This 4 credits worth courses designed to provide you with an introduction to the legal industry and how a legal team functions. You will get to study the different practices of law in various setups of the legal industry. Some of the topics included are legal technology, billing, law library and administrative reports.

Q:What degrees must students earn in order to perform professional Paralegal Work?

A:Students interested in the field of law can always opt for various paralegal degrees. The types of degrees that are offered are associates degree, Bachelor of Science in paralegal studies, master's degree in paralegal studies, and paralegal certificate programs. Most law firms prefer hiring students that are registered and have attained a paralegal certificate.

Q:What can you tell me about Paralegal employment rate?

A:Paralegal studies are a highly sought after area of specialization. Degree holders of Paralegal Education can find lucrative career opportunities with good salary packages. The placement percentage of paralegal studies graduates in the United States is approximately 75% and the profession's employment rate is expected to grow by 15.7% within a decade.

Q:In the professional field, what paralegal expectations do employers have regarding skills and aptitude?

A:When applying for a job as a paralegal, it is necessary to have paralegal qualifications such as associate degree, a bachelor degree, or a diploma in this area. Apart from just the academic qualifications, there are certain skills that employers look for before hiring paralegals. These include skills in writing, skills in technology, organization skills, teamwork skills, research and investigative skills.

Q:For paralegal education, which is the best online school in town?

A:There are various online schools listed on our website which offer paralegal education. You can choose from the certificate, associate, and bachelor programs. Here are the names of some of the most popular online paralegal schools: Walden University Online, Virginia College, Strayer University, Kaplan University Online, Grand Canyon University, and South University Online.

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