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MBA in Human Services

Individuals inclined towards serving the society, community and the world at large can get enrolled in the MBA in Human Services degree program. These degrees offer specializations in areas such as: social services administration, addictions counseling, crisis management, clinical psychology and public safety leaderships. Typically, MBA in Human Services span up to 3 years and can be completed through the online medium as well. Also, some programs require students to complete an internship as this can largely add to the industry based knowledge of students and prepare them to serve in community centers, counseling services centers, and clinics.

Featured Programs

Kaplan University Online

  • M.S. in Human Services - Organizational and Social Services
  • M.S. in Human Services

Walden University Online

  • M.S. in Human and Social Services - Community and Social Services
  • M.S. in Human and Social Services - Community Intervention and Leadership
  • M.S. in Human and Social Services - Conflict Management and Negotiation

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Q:How long is the MBA in Human Services?

A:The MBA in Human Services is a two year professional graduate degree if pursued in a traditional campus-based institute. The duration can differ if the program is pursued online. Online degrees are self paced hence do not require any specified time duration. Students can take as long as they want to complete the degree.

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