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Master in Healthcare Management

Overview of Field
The Master of Healthcare Management is a degree that helps students in acquiring the knowledge and skills required for leadership positions in managing in healthcare institutions. This includes hospitals, clinics, healthcare companies and non-profits. The Master of Healthcare Management is geared towards those individuals that have an interest in managing operations and efficiency in a related environment.

Featured Programs

Kaplan University Online

  • Master of Health Information Management
  • Master of Health Informatics
  • M.S. in Management - Health Care Management

Liberty University Online

  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences
  • Master of Public Health Global Health
  • Master of Business Administration: Healthcare

Ashford University

  • MBA/Health Care Administration
  • MA/Organizational Management - Health Care Administration
  • MA/Health Care Administration

South University, Online Programs

  • Accelerated Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration
  • Anesthesiologist Assistant (MMSc)
  • Public Health (MPH)

Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The Master of Healthcare Management's program duration depends on whether a student wishes to pursue it full-time or part time, or online, and also the background which he or she has. The program encourages students to engage in some form of internship experience and requires the successful completion of a final project.

Highlights of the coursework
The Master of Healthcare Management includes courses from a range of subjects. Students completing the Master of Healthcare Management are expected to have some knowledge of human resource management, operations, finance and accounting. Students are also encouraged to work in teams and develop people skills.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those with an undergraduate degree and some relevant work experience are encouraged to apply for the Master of Healthcare Management.

Career prospects and average salary

Healthcare Management professionals are in considerable demand in many sectors particularly those relating to managing hospitals and clinics. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Medical and Health Services Managers earned a median annual salary of $88,580 in May 2012.

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Q:What kind of jobs can I get after completing a master in healthcare management?

A:While a master's In healthcare management does not qualify you to perform intense medical procedures, it makes you proficient to work in a number of administrative and management positions in the healthcare industry. You can look forward to finding work in hospitals, private clinics, therapy centers and rehabilitation centers.

Q:Can I Qualify For Masters In Health Care Management With A Bsc In Health Education And Promotion?

A:Yes, a student can qualify for a master's degree in health care management with a BSC in health care education and promotion. The degree program is designed to guide individuals to creating awareness about health and disease control. Such individual can work in community agencies, health agencies, schools, health departments, care teams, and many more.

Q:Are master in healthcare management schools suitable for working people?

A:If you are a working professional and are looking for Master in Healthcare Management schools, then online schools are the best option for you. The courses at these schools are designed specifically for people who can't afford to study at a regular school due to their busy schedules. The classes are flexible and you can choose to study at whatever time is suitable to you.

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