MBA in Healthcare Administration

Overview of Field
The MBA of Healthcare Administration prepares students for the field of managing a business or a facility in a healthcare environment. The health sector is an important part of the national economy with a growing emphasis on the use of information technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency. There is thus a growing need for professionals trained in both management and healthcare in this field.

The role of healthcare administration has become crucial off-late for the smooth functioning of health institutions. MBA in health administration programs are designed to prepare students for administrative roles in the medical sector. You will cover all kinds of relevant topics in this program such as research methodology, health policy management and communications to name a few. MBA in health administration degrees can also be earned online.

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Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The MBA of Healthcare Administration program requires students to take some core courses in the first stage. These are traditional MBA courses that help create a managerial and decision-making mindset in students. The second stage is devoted to coursework specific to healthcare administration and provides technical training in the tools needed in the healthcare sector.

Highlights of the coursework
The MBA in Healthcare Administration encourages students to think outside the box and propose new products and services that may bring economic value to the healthcare sector. Students often work in teams and are encouraged to collect relevant data. Students are also encouraged to network with industry professionals working in the field.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those with some form of work experience and a full undergraduate degree are eligible to apply for the MBA in Healthcare Administration. Students earn the degree by completing all the coursework,  a final project and an internship.

Career prospects and average salary
There are good career prospects for graduates of this degree. Related professionals such as Medical and Health Services Managers have been reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to have earned a median annual wage of $88,580 in May 2012.

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Q:Which scholarships are specific to the MBA in Healthcare Administration degree programs?

A:In the United States, the scholarships that are specific to the MBA in Healthcare Administration degree programs include ones that are offered by National Health Services Corporation, Tylenol, Pfizer, Association of University Programs in Health Administration, Medical Group Management Association, American College of Healthcare Executives and the Institute for Diversity in Health Management.

Q:Are there any universities that accept admissions for the MBA in Healthcare program solely on the basis of GMAT test results?

A:The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores can be quite important in reviewing an applicant for admission in the MBA in Healthcare program. However, the admission decisions can't be made entirely on that basis. Other things like the applicant's professional achievements and past academic record are also considered.

Q:Can you give me a brief outline of the coursework for MBA in Healthcare Administration?

A:The coursework for MBA in Healthcare Administration includes subjects like health policy, management of healthcare organizations, population health, leadership, organizational behavior and healthcare marketing and communications.

Q:What type of jobs can be found after obtaining the MBA in Medical Administration degree?

A:The MBA in Healthcare Administration or Medical Administration program enables students to concentrate of a particular discipline such as: Health Industry Leadership or Health Services Administration. This 2 year degree can add immense value to your resume and enable you to get hands on job positions including Healthcare Facility Manager, Hospital Administrator, Clinic Supervisor and Healthcare Consultant.

Q:What are my career opportunities after getting a Healthcare Administration MBA?

A:As an MBA in Healthcare Administration is a higher education administrative degree, you will be able to find administrative positions in multiple healthcare settings. These positions will put you in charge of handling the administrative procedures and day to day management of hospitals, private clinics, therapy centers, rehabilitation centers or diagnostic centers.

Q:What is the duration of Health Care Administration MBA degree?

A:The MBA in Health Care Administration degree program can be completed in two years, typically. The duration can differ if the program is pursued in a different type of graduate program such as the online, executive, and accelerated programs. If opted in the accelerated program the MBA in Health Care Administration can be completed in 18 months, the executive program takes more than three years, and the online degrees are self paced, hence there is no specified duration for online programs.

Q:Can I get MBA in Healthcare Management Pfizer Epilepsy scholarship?

A:If you are looking for the Pfizer epilepsy scholarship on the basis of MBA in Healthcare Management then the answer is yes. To be eligible for the epilepsy scholarship by the pharmaceutical giant, you need to be suffering from epilepsy and be under medication of the products by Pfizer. You also need to present the doctor's letter of recommendation which needs to be aptly attested and stamped, prior to applying.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Statistical Analysis course of the best online executive Masters in Healthcare Administration degree program?

A:The best online executive Masters in Healthcare Administration degrees in the United States have a dedicated course on Statistical Analysis. This 5 credits worth course focuses on various contents of stats such as distributions, dispersion, probability distribution, sampling and testing, probability progression as well as hypothesis testing and measures of location.

Q:Do I need to have previous work experience to undertake a MBA in health administration?

A:Before you undertake most MBA programs, it is normally a pre-requisite that you have spent some time working in a business environment. Though, some schools are willing to waive this requirement, it is recommended that you have gained some experience in health administration as it will help you to put the material in context.

Q:I want an interactive learning experience for my MBA health administration. Is distance learning option suitable for me?

A:Most students want to go to on-campus schools for their MBA in health management degrees as they believe that it will hone their communication and leadership skills. This can also be achieved through online programs employing video lectures as a mode of instruction. You can interact with students from around the world through message boards. Many schools now also require that you contribute a minimum number of posts every week on forums. This will greatly enhance your written communication, persuasive and leadership skills.

Q:What is the course structure for MBA healthcare administration?

A:It takes about 2 years to complete an MBA of Healthcare Administration and students are taught the basics of healthcare administration in the first year. This involves teaching them the traditional MBA courses which help them get into jobs pertaining to managerial and decision-making mindset. During the second year coursework is more focused on healthcare administration and technical training in the tools needed in the healthcare sector.

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