Master in Healthcare Administration

What is healthcare administration?

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the industry and currently employs more than a million people. Like all organizations, healthcare providers are increasingly focusing on improving the quality of healthcare, while implementing methods to reduce overall costs. In order to achieve this goal, and to manage hundreds of other functions at hospitals and clinics, healthcare administration professionals are employed. In addition to performing managerial functions, they look after finance, human resources, training, public relations, record keeping and quality assurance.

What is the master of healthcare administration?

The Master of Healthcare Administration is a two-year long graduate level degree that is designed to help students develop vital leadership and management skills in order to manage the operations at a healthcare facility.  The curriculum includes courses such as financial management, economics, biostatistics, health management, public relations, medical and insurance law and health information systems. Students must also complete a thesis based research project before they are allowed to graduate.

What are the future prospects?

The rapidly increasing number of the elderly population in the country is expected to increase the demand for medical services, and create nearly two million new jobs in healthcare. The need to effectively manage such a large workforce, and to keep up with the technological innovations in healthcare is set to increase the demand for healthcare administration professionals by about 16% over the next decade. The Master of Healthcare Administration is the ideal choice to take advantage of this amazing growth, and obtain a highly rewarding career at a large hospital, private clinic, diagnostic center, medical research organization or state or federal health department.

Enrollment Trends in Masters in Health Professions & Related Programs

Absolute Annual Enrollments

Healthcare absolute enrollments chart

Absolute Annual Enrollments Yearly enrollments in masters in healthcare majors have almost doubled within 12 years, showing an overall improvement of 92.31% between 2000 and 2012.

Relative Annual Enrollments

Relative Annual Enrollments for healthcare degrees

Relative Annual Enrollments – Student Interest Level: In the 9 years between 2003-04 and 2011-12, student interest level in enrolling in healthcare related majors has shown a gradual increase, culminating in a high 11.1% towards the end.

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