Associate in Health Science

 It is predicted that the trend of prolific growth in the healthcare sector will continue into the next decade. Hence, many students are considering following a healthcare related career path. An Associate in Health Science is an ideal way to test the water in the healthcare sector. The students can explore the possibilities and choose an area that interests them such as pharmacy, medical coding, nursing, medical administration, etc.

Scope of Health Science Associate Programs
Many state-of-the-art universities in the country offer Associate of Health Science programs that can usually be completed in two years. Normally, these programs concentrate on broad concepts of health science; however, students can also specialize in fields like diagnostic medical sonography, nursing, medical coding & billing, etc. The goal of the general Associate in Health Science program is to develop individuals with a broad knowledge of medical concepts; hence, they can fit in a variety of roles in the healthcare industry such as nutrition, administration, etc. Online health science associate programs are also available that are extensively convenient for stay-at-home mothers or working individuals.
A general Associate in Health Science program prepares students for diverse positions in the healthcare sector. Hence, the following broad courses are an integral part of the curriculum:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic Pharmacy
  • Chemistry

Who Should Apply?
Any field in the healthcare sector requires people with innate patience; whether the person becomes a nurse or a medical office administrator, he/she may have to deal with patients and their relatives under stress. Moreover, a person aiming for an Associate of Health Science degree should have an empathic personality and should be fluent in communications, both verbal and written.
Career Prospects
Lucrative positions in patient care, medical administration, medical billing, etc. can be attained with an associate in Health Science degree. Moreover, experience can work miracles in this field, and higher-paying jobs can be achieved. People aiming for management level positions in their field should go for further education and achieve a bachelor or higher degree.

Jobs with an Associate Degree in Health Sciences

Occupation Description 2015 Median Salary
Medical Records & Health Information Technicians Organize and manage health information data, maintaining quality and accuracy $37,110
Medical Assistants Take care of administrative tasks in the offices of physicians, healthcare facilities and hospitals $30,590
Pharmacy Technicians Assist pharmacists in dispensing medication to patients or healthcare organizations $30,410
Surgical Technologists Assist in surgical operations by preparing operating rooms, arranging medical equipment etc $44,330

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While going through Associate degree in Health Science, I came across Healthcare Statistics course. Can you brief me about it?

A:You get to study a number of courses in Associate degree in Health Science program. Healthcare Statistics is one of the major courses. In this three credit hour course, the students get to study in detail about health care statistics around the United States. They are also given a general view of statistics around the globe as well.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Organizational Behavior in the Associate in Health Science?

A:The Associate in Health Science has dedicated course on Organizational Behavior. This course is usually of around 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the way in which an organization functions and the different individuals employed in it. Students are then also given strong hands on experience in this course for better learning.

Q:Will an associates in health science help me pursue a high paying career in the healthcare field?

A:An associate degree will qualify you for entry level or assistant level jobs in the healthcare industry. The type of job you may qualify for will depend upon the specialization you have pursued. If you are looking for a high paying job in healthcare, it is recommended that you earn a bachelor degree at least.

Q:What can you do with an associates in health science?

A:An associate degree in health sciences is an undergraduate program. You will acquire basic skills and knowledge about the field. This will qualify you for assistant level jobs, medical records and health information technician jobs, and more. To find out more about the program and its contents, browse through our page.

Q:What are associates in health sciences in usa?

A:Associate degrees in health sciences are undergraduate programs. This program offered students the opportunity to build fundamental knowledge and skills relevant to the field. Students can prepare for more advanced studies. The program is being offered by many institutes throughout the nation. Take a look at our page for more detail.

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