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Healthcare is vast field and covers a lot of different aspects of addressing illnesses, physical and mental trauma, emergency care, as well as care for the weak, elderly, disabled and children through analysis, research and preventive practices. Healthcare professionals hence also treat patients who are injured, ailing, disabled or mentally and physically unwell. These professionals also attempt at maintaining the general health in populations and regions through the implementation of healthy lifestyles. With an ever growing need for professionals with healthcare degrees, this field is constantly expanding.

For more specific details about available healthcare degree subjects, please browse the full list of subjects listed below.

Healthcare Administration | Healthcare Management | Health Informatics | Health Science | Health Services | Medical And Dental Specialties | Medical Assisting | Medical Billing And Coding | Nursing | Pharmacology | Physical And Occupational Therapy | Public Health | Radiology | Wellness Exercise And Nutrition




Healthcare 732 148
Healthcare Administration 200 89
Healthcare Management 1 1
Health Informatics 64 35
Health Science 38 18
Health Services 2 1
Medical And Dental Specialties 23 16
Medical Assisting 122 53
Medical Billing And Coding 56 40
Nursing 3 2
Pharmacology 38 30
Physical And Occupational Therapy 21 15
Public Health 65 24
Radiology 4 4
Wellness Exercise And Nutrition 20 13

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What are the major Healthcare Degrees?

Institutes are offering a wide range of Healthcare degrees, both on-campus as well as online ones. The online healthcare degrees are especially suited for those that have time and travel constraints. These distance learning programs are comparatively cheaper than the on-campus ones. Online programs are quite similar in their curriculum to the on-campus ones, but there might be a few variations. Some of the Healthcare degrees include:

  • Certificate in Dental Assistant
  • Associate in Massage Therapy
  • Bachelors in Nursing (BSN)
  • Masters in Holistic Medicine
  • PhD in Healthcare Management

It is essential to pursue such programs from a renowned and recognized institute to improve your prospects of career progression. There are various grants and scholarship programs as well. Some of them are offered by pharmaceutical corporations as well. These scholarships are specially designed for students of healthcare degrees.

What are the Career opportunities?

There are many career opportunities for candidates with healthcare degrees. These include being employed at hospitals, clinics and government offices as well as working for international welfare NGOs and global bodies such as UNICEF. A considerable number also work for pharmaceutical corporations and some give lectures in medical institutes. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2012, RNs earned a median salary of $65,470 where as dentists had a median wage of $145,240 per year in May 2012. This may increase with experience, expertise and specialization.

% Growth Rate of Healthcare Related Jobs
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- Source: BLS


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  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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Q:How much can I earn with the Healthcare degrees?

A:With Healthcare degrees you can earn 34,000 to 140,000 US dollars per annum. This pay scale can increase significantly with experience and expertise.

Q:What job titles can be earned after completing Healthcare Programs?

A:Healthcare Programs can edify students about the various aspects of healthcare industry and enable them to capitalize on a variety of job titles including: home health care manager, health information manager, health services manager, patient accounts supervisor, and health and safety manager.

Q:What is the prime objective of the Information Management course at the Chicago health care technician schools?

A:The Chicago Health Care Technician schools have a generic Information Management course. This course stresses on utilizing data in terms of an asset. It focuses on maintaining procedures that would help in getting optimum safe data storage, accessibility, maintenance as well as security.It also teaches students on the affects of latest legislation over the health data and the best practices for data warehousing, database management and web technologies.

Q:What are my options if I can’t find any healthcare business courses near my location?

A:If you can't find any institution offering healthcare business courses in your area, there is always an option for an online education. Online courses are just as extensive and give students an opportunity to understand the subject at their own convenience. These courses are relatively cheaper as students save money on travel and accommodation. Prospective students are requested to search our website for an extensive list of institutions offering these courses.

Q:Is it true that healthcare degrees online will cost me less?

A:Yes it is true that online healthcare degrees will cost you less if compared to campus based healthcare degree programs. The tuition fee of online degree programs is slightly less, and you can also cut down costs further as there are no traveling expenses. You can study from your home without having to go anywhere.

Q:What are the advantages of online healthcare degrees?

A:Enrolling in an online health care degree will allow you to work in a fast growing sector and will open up plenty of lucrative opportunities for you. In addition to this pursuing a degree online has plenty of advantages of its own. These include the luxury to study at home, scheduling ease, lower costs and no geographical constraints.

Q:Are there any healthcare programs online?

A:Yes, there are plenty of healthcare degree programs available online. Since online mode of learning is growing in popularity, many healthcare education institutes have started offering degree programs online. You can opt for healthcare management degrees and other related academic fields at associate, bachelor, or master's level. Non degree programs such as certificate courses and diploma programs can also be completed via distant learning schools.

Q:As I was reading about excite health care, I came across associate degrees in healthcare. Can you tell me about these?

A:Associate degrees in healthcare are undergraduate programs that can be completed in two years. The program covers a wide range of healthcare concepts and provides students with fundamental knowledge about the field. This program can lead to assistant level jobs in the healthcare industry. Associate degree programs in healthcare can be earned online as well as at traditional campus based institutes.

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