Scholarships For Single Moms

With ever increasing financial burdens of raising a child as a single mom, the possibility of affording a higher education degree is fast becoming a distant dream for most single moms out there. Fortunately, in the past few years things have drastically improved with several need-based scholarships on offer by government and private organizations to help single moms get back into higher education.

Where to Look for Single Mom Scholarships
There are several scholarships available for single mothers at the federal level. However, one must look for single mom scholarships on offer at the state level first, as highly funded state universities and other institutions have relatively easy application and documentation requirements as opposed to the ones being offered at the federal level. State universities in the US have specially designed scholarship programs to help single moms get back into fulltime education.

Women’s opportunity award program is one way of obtaining need based scholarships for single moms wishing to continue their education. However, do keep in mind that there are always certain requirements that the applicant must fulfill in order to get these scholarships. Jeanette Rankin foundation is another such institution which offers scholarships to need based applicants only. The minimum age of the applicant must be 35 or over at the time of application and must also enroll in an accredited college. The amount of scholarships varies from year to year, but one can expect to get a decent scholarship to fund a good part of her further education.

Another way to look for single mother scholarships is by doing a thorough search on the internet for sites offering detailed information on such scholarship programs. Even though it’s a time consuming process, but at the end of the day the amount of resources available on these sites will help prospective applicants make an informed choice about scholarships that are suitable for them. One such site is assistance league that provides extensive listings of available state programs for single mothers. Another site going by the name of financial aid for women is a good place for hunting attractive single mother financial aid programs. The site holds up-to-date and detailed information on the availability of single mom scholarships at federal and state levels.

U.S President Barrack Obama recently passed a new bill, as a result of which all single mothers out there will be eligible for a fixed $10,000 need based scholarship to help them fulfill their dream of finishing higher education. The main aim of this legislation is to include all single mothers into the active workforce. Before this a large proportion of single mothers in US were excluded from receiving such grants and as a result of this change in policy, one can sincerely hope that this will bring a positive change in the lives of thousands of single moms out there, who dreamt of having a college degree to support their families.

Funding higher education is never an easy task for anybody, let alone for single mothers with a responsibility to raise a child. But with large number of funding programs being offered at state and federal levels, the extremely difficult task of acquiring scholarships for single moms is looking relatively easier.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Do the scholarships for MBA single mother have a bad credit effect?

A:The MBA scholarships for single mothers should not have any bad affect on your credit score.

Q:What kind of single mom scholarships are available from private institutions?

A:Single mom scholarships are provided by government agencies and private institutions. These scholarships are given to single moms who wish to continue further education but do not have sufficient means to do so. Some popular single mom scholarships include: Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship, Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship, Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP), and Association of Non traditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships.

Q:What is the Obama single mother law passed for promoting education?

A:President Obama laid great emphasis that women who give up their education for a better future for their kids and family and to support the family financially are the ones who qualify for special aid since with a formal degree these women can earn a lot better and support their families much more strongly. President Obama raised the grants for single mothers wishing to pursue higher education.

Q:Why should I be careful when applying for scholarships for single mothers MBA program?

A:Anyone looking for scholarships for single mothers MBA program under the Obama stimulus package need to be extra careful when applying. Private leasing companies offer the same scholarships with the same name with none of the securities. Private lenders do not offer any protection for the borrower and have a clause to hike up the interest rates whenever they want. Prospective students are advised to search thoroughly and make sure the scholarship they are applying for is federally sponsored.

Q:My search for will you not qualify for single mother scholarships if you owe financial aid? Mentioned Information Systems. What careers can be pursued with this qualification?

A:Searching for Will you not qualify for single mother scholarships if you owe financial aid? Would mention Information Systems. There are a number of career opportunities for students with a qualification in Information Systems. Some of these opportunities include designing information systems, planning and developing information systems and leading projects. Professionals with this qualification will also be required to market information systems.

Q:Going through student loans for moms, I came across Jeannette Rankin Foundation. What is the eligibility for it?

A:There are many student loans for single mothers. Jeannette Rankin Women Scholarship Fund program provides a number of scholarships for women who fall under the eligibility criteria. The requirements include the woman to be more than 35 years of age and having a low income. The woman should also be enrolled in an accredited institute opting for a vocational degree.

Q:What School scholarships for single moms are available easily?

A:Since single motherhood is now a prominent part of our society. Numerous options are available to help promote education among single mothers and help them qualify for rewarding careers. Federal student loans and scholarships for single mothers are popular examples. The government is investing heavily in this segment of the student population, so lots of very easily manageable federal loans and scholarships are available for single moms.

Q:What is the process of applying for scholarships for moms returning to college?

A:Due to various reasons, many women are unable to finish college education. But they don't have to give up on the pursuit of education. A number of scholarships are designed specifically for mothers returning to college. These are available easily through a FAFSA application. The application is available online at

Q:Can you tell me about Obama scholarships for single mothers?

A:This program was started in 2009 and was called ' moms return to school'. The basic purpose of this program was to provide funds for single mothers so that they could attend college in a convenient manner. This program is also aimed at providing Tax credits to single mothers who are attending an accredited institute.

Q:What are the different academic fields for which scholarship for single mothers are easy to get?

A:Scholarships for single mothers are designed to help women pursue higher education and fulfill their academic goals. These scholarships can be need based, career specific, and even merit based. Some of the most popular academic fields for which these scholarships are available are: law, engineering, science, nursing, arts, education, and technology.

Q:I am looking for college scholarships for single mothers. Can you name some?

A:Many scholarships are available for single mothers but they do have varying eligibility criteria and award amounts. Some of the popular scholarships for single mothers are the Soroptimist Women's Opportunity Awards, Denny's Single Parent Student Scholarship, Hispanic College Fund and Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships. Mom's Return to School Grant Scholarship is another latest program to help mothers continue with their education.

Q:Can I get Obama school grants for single mothers?

A:Obama school grants for single mothers are aimed to help those women who are faced with financial challenges as being a single parent managing funds can be quite a strain on the pocket. These are given to those mothers who want to continue with their education in order to facilitate them. If you meet the criterion for the grants then you can apply for them.

Q:Why are there scholarships for single moms?

A:Single mothers typically give up on their further education plans to help raise their children. Scholarships for single moms have been set up for the women who are planning to resume their further education. It is seen as a monetary benefit to help them relieve some of the financial pressure that already exists on them and their family.

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