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Christopher Newport University (CNU) is a popular liberal arts university located in Newport News, Virginia. In a few years, it has succeeded in building a strong repute for its excellent educational services. US News & World Report has ranked Christopher Newport University among the up-and-coming schools in the South.

CNU offers many academic opportunities to students in over 80 different fields. From world class amenities to distinguished faculty, the educational experience at CNU comes with a wide range of options and facilities. CNU offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in many different academic principles such as environmental science, computer science, teaching and business administration.

CNU's 260 acre campus is fully equipped with libraries, labs, dorm rooms, and sports complexes. CNU's accessible and convenient location may be another attraction for its students.

CNU Financial Aid
There is more to CNU then its well-structured academic programs and quality educational services; the university believes in making college education a possibility and reality for many aspiring young students.

It believes in allowing students coming from all sectors of the society to be able to afford a college experience without having to worry about costs. CNU provides a range of financial aid packages to eligible students in need of financial assistance. These packages are mostly need- based or merit-based. Listed below are the main types of financial assistance one can seek at Christopher Newport University:

  • Scholarships

  • At Christopher Newport University, students can apply for college scholarships. These programs may help students cover costs of tuition and related expenses without having to worry about repayment. There are a number of scholarships offered to eligible students which may be provided by the federal or state governments or funded by private endowments and organizations.

  • Loans

  • Loans are among the most widely availed sources of finance nowadays. Although these have to be paid back, receiving a federally funded loan may help cover a wide range of expenses. All students are required to do is to fill out a FAFSA form online. This application form will help determine the students' eligibility as well as their needs of finance.

  • Grants

  • Grants are similar to scholarships but are considered a monetary gift. The federal government is offering grant programs such as the Pell Grant to students in need. With a grant, students may cover their tuition costs, boarding fees, book costs, and even travelling costs.

  • Work Study Programs

Those who do not wish to get into the hassle of repaying loans, or do not qualify for scholarships, can resort to work study programs. The main purpose of this program is to allow students to seek part time employment and help pay for higher education at CNU.

Benefits of Christopher Newport University Financial Aid
With the help of financial assistance, many students at Christopher Newport University are fulfilling their academic goals. Each program is designed to suit different financial needs. Higher education has become a major necessity and may lead to a challenging and fulfilling career.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me information on Christopher Newport University financial aid?

A:Like many universities, Christopher Newport University has its own financial aid program. The university offers scholarships, grants and study programs. To avail them you apply for financial aid and submit the FAFSA form. Those who send the FASFSA results to the university by March 1st are considered for financial aid on priority basis.

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