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Overview of Field
The RN to BSN online can be a suitable option to enhance your training as a nurse. While you may already have qualified to be an RN through relevant training and certification, you will benefit from the RN to BSN online since you will now have a complete undergraduate degree with a research focus. Your developed skill set and personal skills will assist you in your career.

Featured Programs:

Colorado Technical University Online

Capella University

  • BSN - RN-to-BSN Completion (CCNE-accredited)
  • BSN - RN-to-BSN/MSN Combined Option (CCNE-accredited)

Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The RN to BSN online is structured to be a well-rounded nursing program. Many people are able to complete it in an accelerated manner since they already have the necessary academic background. Others choose to pursue the RN to BSN online and thus take longer since they are still working part time.

Highlights of the coursework
The RN to BSN online will be focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of the field of nursing. Those who work as an RN already have some understanding of the practical aspects of the program. The primary purpose of the undergraduate degree is to develop a stronger grasp of theory, research, innovative thinking and teamwork. 

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Anyone who has completed high school study is eligible to apply to a BSN program. Those who are already RNs are will have an edge.

Career prospects and average salary
Given the looming shortage of healthcare workers, it is no surprise that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 26% growth in the employment for Registered Nurses in the 2010-2020 period. the median salary earned by these professionals in May 2012 was $65,470 per year as reported by the BLS. Those who complete the RN to BSN program are in a position to potentially earn even higher.

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Q:Which body accredits Rn to Bsn degree programs offered by nursing colleges?

A:RN (registered nurse) to BSN (Bachelor of Science in nursing) is a degree program well high in demand. Nursing students when opting to move ahead with their RN degree can opt to get a BSN degree. It is important t o make sure the program you choose is accredited. The main accrediting body for nursing programs is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Q:To earn your RN to BSN Online, do you need to visit the campus for practical classes?

A:RN to BSN bridge programs are designed to help registered nurses advance their nursing qualifications and career. The program can be pursued online conveniently. However, in most cases, a few classes will be covered at the campus. These classes focus on practical training, hands on experience, and nursing skill development.

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