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Distance Education Nursing

What is distance education nursing?
You can complete your training as a particular nurse through the distance education in nursing programs. With the inclusion of information technology in our daily lives, the confines of traditional classrooms have been removed. You can now potentially develop an understanding of nursing basics through a distance education nursing program through the use of audio and video software.

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Popular distance education in nursing programs
Some of the popular distance education nursing programs being offered in e-learning schools are:

Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Online Master of Science in Nursing
Online Nursing LPN to RN
Online Nursing RN to BSN
Online Nursing RN to MSN

Benefits of distance education in nursing
The benefits of online nursing programs lie in connecting teachers and students in a virtual classroom. This helps in educating candidates that are unable to study on campus because of some personal problems. The distance education nursing program has many advantages as it can be used for credit courses, or even the on-job training. After going through the distance education nursing program, you can improve your chances of being hired as a nurse for schools or health care agencies.

Salary prospects in nursing
Being a part of the nursing sector, the median salaries of registered nurses and nursing assistants were $65,470 and $24,420 respectively in May 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Q:Which degree programs can be pursued through distance education for Nursing?

A:A wide range of nursing programs can be pursued online. Those who wish to become licensed nurses must clear a NCLEX-RN exam conducted by the respective state board of nursing. The foremost requisite to clear this exam is to get enrolled in an associate or bachelors level degree program in nursing. Through online courses, students can get hands on the knowledge needed to obtain the nursing license. Specialization programs are offered through master's degree that are offered by accredited universities

Q:Is there any difference in distance education in nursing and the campus based education in nursing?

A:No, there is no basic difference in the distance education in nursing and the campus based education in nursing. The courses and the curriculum are exactly the same. However, the cost of education and the time duration to complete the degree are different for both options.

Q:Do nursing distance education programs offer the same course as ones offered at an on campus school?

A:Nursing distance education implies getting the required knowledge online by means of web courses, online discussions, presentations and email assignments. The course of such schools is mostly the same as that of on campus. The mode of learning is the only thing different about this. For every program there can be slight variation of subjects. To check the subjects you can have a look at the curriculum given on the website of the institution.

Q:Distance education nursing is different from campus based education in which ways?

A:Online education in nursing is becoming the new trend of learning. Now students can prepare for nursing careers by studying at home. This mode of learning is beneficial in many ways and has made higher education more accessible. One can also save up on unnecessary costs as there are no expenses related to travelling or text books.

Q:Why has there been an advancement of distance learning in nursing schools?

A:There are some major reasons of advancement of distance learning in nursing schools. With the increasing demand of highly qualified nurses, it has become very challenging to acquire on-campus education along with a job. Since online programs are convenient and flexible, nurses have a better opportunity to acquire education, without having to give up their job.

Q:Why are distance learning nursing programs more popular nowadays?

A:Distance learning nursing programs are basically online educational programs. Students who cannot attend campus based classes can enroll in online programs instead. These online programs have the same curriculum as campus based programs and are flexible in nature. This means one can study at any time of day and not have to worry about missing classes.

Q:Can I reduce my education cost by opting for distance learning nursing?

A:Yes, it is possible for you to reduce your education cost by opting for distance learning nursing. Students do not have to pay for various costs which are associated with on campus programs, such as travelling or fuel, textbooks, and hostel accommodation. Distance learning programs also charge lesser tuition fees due to their cost efficient setup.

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