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Introduction to Business Study
Business study instructs individuals to work n organizations that provide goods and services to the consumers. Qualified business study professionals are sought out by companies as they are always looking for ways and means of scaling up their business. There are also many organizations that are categorized as ‘not-for-profit’ but there is still a need for managing the business related aspects. However, the primary application of concepts related to business study is in entities that are formed exclusively for profit.

Featured Programs:

Capella University

  • MBA - Business Intelligence
  • DBA - Business Intelligence

Business Study Degrees
There are various types of business degree programs to choose from, ones that are offered by many prominent universities in the U.S. Business study is one of the most diverse academic fields and is a popular choice among students aspiring to enter the corporate world. You can opt for certificate, associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

Features of Business Study Degrees
There are many features of business study schools that sets them apart.  Studying from a reputable and accredited business school significantly increases your job prospects when applying for jobs in renowned corporations. Some students also prefer the distance learning online programs, which are much flexible than the on-campus programs. The former are usually cheaper and can also prove to be time-efficient.

Applying well before the due date at business study schools can make you eligible for scholarships as well as financial aid. Some of the best universities offering business study degrees are found in the U.S. They have world-class business education as well as modern services and teaching tools. A degree from accredited universities will increase your chances of entering into a challenging career.

Professionals with business study degrees can apply for working as financial/business analysts, financial controllers, project managers, operations directors, CFOs and CEOs. O*NET reports that as of 2012, business operations specialists were drawing median annual salaries of $65,120, where as business intelligence specialists earn a median annual wage of $81,140.

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Q:Are there any research thesis requirements at the end of the business study programs?

A:Most of the business study programs requires you to work on a case study and present an original research thesis. Without this thesis you are not eligible to be awarded the degree.

Q:Is an online business study program a wise choice?

A:Yes. Online business study programs are an excellent choice for students looking to study at their own convenience. These programs allow students to completely understand and comprehend the subject without rushing to meet deadlines. This also gives the students opportunity to save money and time. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers every aspect of the subject. Prospective students are advised to check our website for a list of institutions offering these programs.

Q:Can you tell me about the project management course offered in a study on online business?

A:The content of project management course offered in a study on online business can vary according to different institutes. However, basic contents of this course are similar. Project management courses enable students to learn about the purpose of project management and the project management life cycle. Students learn about activities that entail each step, beginning from initiation till the completion of a project.

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