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What is meant by Career in Education/Teaching?
There is no denying the fact that with emphasis on education, the demand for sound teachers has been more than ever. Because of this reason, a Career in Education/Teaching seems as a plausible option. You can teach on various levels according to your expertise. Moreover, you can pick out the subject you want to teach according to your preference. You can be an educator on any of the following levels:

Kaplan University Online

  • M.A. in Teaching (for Aspiring Teachers Grades 5-12)
  • M.S. in Education (for Existing Teachers K-12)

Walden University Online

  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Education - Science (Grades K-8)

Grand Canyon University

  • B.S. in Math for Secondary Education
  • B.S. in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in English as a Second Language
  • B.S. in Business for Secondary Education

Saint Joseph's University

  • MS in Secondary Education (with OATCERT)

Middle school
High school

Popular Career in Education/Teaching options:
You can work as a:

Education Administrators: Be on top the hierarchy and work either as the Principal, Assistant Principal, and Director of any school, college or university.
Teachers – High school/Colleges: Be a teacher for a college or university as part of self-enrichment education
Teachers - Postsecondary: Such individuals work as professors
Teachers—Junior levels: If you have the ability to interact well with children then be part of the team for kindergarten, elementary or middle school.
Teachers-Special Education: being a teacher of special education you will be interacting with special children who have disabilities. You can enhance your teaching experience by making it more rewarding for yourself.
Teacher Assistants and Aides: These candidates are the help hands for teachers at any level.

Earning in Career in Education/Teaching
The salary compensation for anyone pursuing a Career in Education/Teaching varies according to the level on which you are teaching as well as your qualifications. On average the annual earnings of a teacher in kindergarten, elementary and secondary school is from $33,000 to $38,000. However, a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree with prior teaching experience may be able to negotiate better salary compensation.

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Q:What types of teachers are in demand?

A:The most popular and in-demand teaching careers are post-secondary teachers, primary teachers, high school instructors, education administrators, teachers for special education, early childhood educators, teacher assistants and aides. Education for each type of teaching requirement mentioned above is available in various teaching institutes.

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