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Law Enforcement Careers

A career in law enforcement can be extremely challenging but it is also an exciting and highly rewarding career choice. With a dramatic rise seen in the number of crimes committed across the country, there is an ever increasing need of well trained law enforcement professionals to meet the current and future national security demands. In the post 9/11 scenario and with rapid advances in technology, it has become necessary for state and private law enforcement agencies to increase the workforce by recruiting new people.

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Popular Law Enforcement Careers in US  

FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation is an intelligence agency with the main aim of ensuring the national security of the US. In light of the current security situation, FBI is in dire need to hire qualified and skilled law enforcement personnel to carry out their duties successfully. Law enforcement personnel hired by FBI come from various professional and technical backgrounds such as scientists, information technology specialists, linguists, and intelligence analysts.

Police is another such career in the public law enforcement domain. Their main duty is to uphold state, federal and local laws in accordance with the U.S constitution.  With the recent surge in crime rates across the nation, police departments in the U.S have felt the need to increase their workforce to ensure the safety of its general public. Individuals with a college degree in police science or military background are considered highly favorably for such a career.

U.S Marshalls is another such law enforcement organization with the sole responsibility of hunting down fugitives within the bounds of the U.S. A task this organization has performed better than any other law enforcement organization in the country. The organization employs personnel from a wide variety of backgrounds to perform law enforcement duties and administrative tasks.  

State troopers or otherwise known as highway patrol officers are an integral part of the state law enforcement infrastructure. The primary role of highway patrol officers is to enforce state highway traffic and motor vehicle laws. These law enforcement professionals are in great demand in some states of the U.S due to retiring personnel, budget cuts and several other reasons.
U.S. Customs work under the umbrella of U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Their main task is to stop unauthorized persons and materials from entering the country. Besides this U.S. Customs are also responsible to collect custom duties, monitor international trade and enforce U.S. trade laws. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in demand for customs personnel to be deployed at various locations across the U.S.  

United States Secret Service is widely considered to be one of the top most law enforcement agencies in the world. It is the oldest law enforcement agency within the federal security structure of U.S. government. U.S. Secret Service’s main aim is to provide adequate security to the president, vice- president and other important people within the U.S government and foreign dignitaries on a state visit. They are also responsible to investigate possible financial and securities related crimes within the country. This elite federal law enforcement agency hires highly talented individuals from varied backgrounds during formal hiring sessions at one of their many testing facilities around the country.

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Q:What are the most rewarding careers in Law Enforcement?

A:The most ideal Law Enforcement jobs can be found in FBI. You can also join onto the Police department, as there are many lucrative career opportunities for individuals with sound legal knowledge in this area. Another renowned Law Enforcement organization is US Marshalls. Besides this, you can work in customs or private investigation firms as well.

Q:What is the employment outlook for a career in law enforcement?

A:The employment outlook for a career in law enforcement is very positive. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this industry is going to see an increase of more than 8% in the next seven years. This growth will also be reflected in the private sector with more private investigation firms and insurance companies hiring professionals with this specific expertise.

Q:What are the most sought after careers in law enforcement administration?

A:Law Enforcement Administration careers are highly sought after in today's world. Students completing their degrees in law enforcement related field of education can secure their future in prestigious institutions like Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Crime Branches, Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and a number of Police Stations falling under each state.

Q:Can you give me a List Of Law Enforcement Careers ranked as the best?

A:There are a number law enforcement careers that are ranked as the best law enforcement careers. These have been mentioned here: FBI Agent, Police Officer, US Marshal, Forensic Scientist, State trooper, customs agent, secret service agent, game warden, national security, border patrol, and probation officer. These careers are extremely challenging and equally rewarding.

Q:Can you tell me about federal law enforcement jobs in FBI?

A:The Federal Bureau of Investigations is a famous federal law enforcement agency. Falling under the control of the United States Department of Justice, the FBI is responsible for investigating crimes related to domestic security, kidnapping and terrorist threats, financial crimes and computer crimes . FBI special agents work in field offices across the United States and around the world.

Q:Can you tell me about law enforcement careers list?

A:Law enforcement is a vast field with a number of career opportunities. Individuals can work in the capacity of FBI agents, the police force, as US Marshalls, state troopers, in the US Customs office and also in US secret service. Each job requires its own training and qualifications along with licensure requirements.

Q:Are the jobs in law enforcement all related to police careers?

A:No, not all the jobs in law enforcement related to police careers. Although the police department is the main sector in law enforcement, there are a number of other departments that offer rewarding job opportunities to individuals. You can pursue careers in the border patrol agency, probation and corrections, and even the homeland security department.

Q:Can you name a few careers in law enforcement besides police careers?

A:The law enforcement sector comprises of a number of agencies that work towards one common goal, enforcing law and preventing illegal activity. If you do not want to join the police department but wish to join this sector, you can consider jobs in the homeland security department, border patrol agency, and corrections.

Q:Are law enforcement careers exciting?

A:Law enforcement careers are quite diverse. It would cover FBI, intelligence and investigative jobs, police, and legal system jobs as in courts, prisons and other legal areas. As portrayed by media these jobs are often regarded to be very exciting with all the action taking place. In reality, these jobs are very demanding and require a lot of responsibility and rigorous work.

Q:Can you tell me about the avenues to law enforcement careers?

A:Law enforcement careers are very popular nowadays as this field offers great job opportunities to individuals. To join this sector, one must have education in the field of criminal justice. Bachelor level degree programs and masters level degree programs in criminal justice can help one prepare for careers in law enforcement. Police officer jobs, probation officer jobs, and criminal justice lawyer jobs are some of the main areas one can prepare for.

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