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Careers in Forensic Science

How to get a degree in Forensics?
Forensics is the application of different field of sciences to investigate legal issues. Students can earn a general associate’s degree in forensic sciences to quickly secure an entry-level job in this exciting field. A bachelor’s degree enables one to specialize in various branches of forensics such as forensic anthropology and forensic entomology. After completing their undergraduate degree, students can pursue a master’s degree in forensic sciences to establish a lucrative career in this field.

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Types of Careers in Forensics

Forensic scientists can either apply for jobs directly after graduation or opt for further specialization through a two year MSFS degree program.
The career opportunities in forensic sciences are mostly in the field of legal investigations. Forensic scientists usually work for state or local governments. You can get a chance to investigate crime either in the lab analyzing DNA tests etc or in the field like in prisons, investigation rooms etc.

Forensic accountants
Forensic accountants can either do a two year associate degree or a four year bachelor’s degree. Forensic accountants normally work with agencies like FBI, IRS/Treasury Department and help them solve the cases especially murders based on financial issues.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic scientists normally interrogate suspects or counsel the criminals under observation. Students have two options; either do a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology or criminology or do any bachelor’s degree leading to a Masters or PHd in forensic psychology.

Forensic Nursing
Forensic nursing is a very diverse field. Forensic nurses can either help solving a criminal case by collecting blood samples, DNA samples or other evidences at the crime scene or they can work as the emergency aid for the victims of a crime scene.  Forensic nurses need a regular degree in nursing which is a four year program.

Forensic technician:
Forensic technicians collect and analyze data from the crime scene. The pre requisite for forensic technology is a large number of courses in science like Physics and college level Mathematics or Calculus. At undergraduate level, forensic technology can also be substituted with a degree in Biology and chemistry.

Forensic anthropology
Forensic anthropologists apply physical anthropology to investigate the evidence from human remains or skeletons. Students are required to do complete a graduate degree in forensic Anthropology after 4 years of Bachelors.

Forensic chemistry
Forensic chemists can do a lot of different types of investigations like analyzing residues from a gun shot or bomb blast or identification of use of illegal drugs etc. are required to do complete a Masters degree in Chemistry after four years of Bachelors in Sciences.

Computational forensics
Computational forensic scientists analyze the criminal evidence from algorithms, graphs and computerized softwares.

Forensic dactyloscopy
Forensic Dactyloscopists analyze fingerprints.

Forensic DNA analysis
Forensic DNA analysts analyze chemical evidence from DNA to recognize the culprits of rape or to identify issues like paternity.

Forensic engineering
Forensic engineers identify the fault lines in a construction accident or catastrophe.

Forensic entomology
Forensic entomologists calculate the time of death by analyzing the insects around a dead body.

Forensic geology
Forensic geologists analyze the minerals, soil and plant samples around a crime scene.

Forensic odontology
Forensic odontologists analyze the criminal samples from teeth.

Forensic limnology
Forensic limonologists identify the crime scene by analyzing the samples from fresh water sources or by using diatoms to investigate criminal evidence.

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Q:After the completion of forensic courses what are the salary in future?

A:The salary of forensic technicians can vary depending on their qualifications, skills, and experience. They require a number of skills and knowledge related to laboratory science, computers, medicine, and law. According to the website of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of forensic science technicians was $52,840 in May 2012.

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