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The AISCPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) defines accounting as “the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof." Thus, it is a field where you specialize in dealing with money, numbers and finance. Accountants are generally highly valued and handsomely paid. It is also one of those fields that require an analytical bend of mind and an aptitude to play with numbers.

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  • M.S. in Accounting & Management - Self-Designed
  • Ph.D. in Management - Accounting

Requirements for Accounting Courses Online
The most basic requirement for anyone planning to enroll in an accounting course online is having great mathematical skills. Besides that requirements differ according to the level of the accounting course you are considering to take online.  The minimum educational requirement is at least a high school diploma or a GED. For a master level degree, the minimum requirement is usually set to be at least sixteen years of prior education with exposure to accounting subjects and results of an entrance test for a postgraduate degree.

Choosing Accounting Courses Online
Ask yourself the following questions when choosing an online accounting course:

  • Is it accredited by a recognized body?
  • Are the credits transferrable?
  • Is financial aid available for the course if you should need it?

Accounting Courses Online
There are various accounting courses online which you can opt for. Firstly, there are accounting courses online which teach accounting theory and principles, bookkeeping principles, business management, tax auditing, financial planning and some knowledge of banking practices. Since these courses are more generic, many people take these at a basic level and choose more specific fields within accounting as they advance their degree.
Another accounting course online is bookkeeping. This course will train you to prepare financial ledgers and to prepare informative reports that show the financial flow of a company, such as, income, debt, assets and net worth.  
Some people may also choose studying corporate finance from all the accounting courses online. This is a course with a very wide scope. It not only teaches the basics of accounting but also their applications in the corporate world. People who have studied this are employed in positions which have more decision making power to them about a company’s fiscal performance and investments.
Some individuals may also focus on accounting courses that are more relevant to banking in order to obtain a job in the banking sector. Entry level positions like of tellers can be taken up by those who have completed basic accounting courses online. With more advanced courses, the job eligibility also grows for better paying jobs that are higher up in the corporate ladder.

Career Outlook
Accountancy leads to lucrative careers. For people who are hardworking and have a really good grasp of the subject, growth capacities are unlimited. People who have previously taken accounting courses online have found jobs as:

    • Accountants;
    • Book keepers;
    • Tax preparer and examiner;
    • Financial advisors;
    • Managers of accounting teams; and
    • Accounts payable clerks.

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Q:What are the different types of online accounting courses available to students?

A:Online universities and colleges offer a range of online accounting courses to students. The different types of accounting degrees offered are: associates degree in accounting, bachelor’s degree in accounting, Master’s degree in accounting, doctorate degree in accounting, CFA (chartered financial analyst), and diploma in accounting.

Q:What is taught in the Introduction to Computers course of the bookkeeping courses online?

A:The Bookkeeping courses online have dedicated courses on Introduction to Computers. This course is worth 3 credits in total and is designed to provide the students with the assurance of making them more computer literate and be able to perform the most basic and perhaps the most essential of computer applications.

Q:Can you please tell me what are the contents of the online accounting courses for CPA, such as Business Ethics?

A:The Online Accounting Courses for CPA, such as Business Ethics are usually 2 credits worth courses. These are designed to offer student with strong understanding of the examination of the ethics of the business and corporate set up and what are the points to be kept in mind. Students are also given hands on experience in the program for better learning.

Q:Could you tell me something about the accounting courses online accredited?

A:If you have decided to pursue an accounting degree online , make sure that the school you have chosen for this is an accredited one since getting an accounting degree from a school without proper accreditation will be of no use to you professionally. Some of the most popular accounting degrees pursued online are BS in Accounting and MBA in Accounting.

Q:If I choose to study accounting, what accounting subjects will be a part of my course?

A:The subjects you will get to study in an accounting degree course are basically a set of courses all accountants need to be aware of, such as cost accounting and financial report writing. These courses differentiate between the kind of accounting practices you are preparing for, like setting the basis for what's to come-they include an introduction to basic accounting laws implemented by companies and internal policy & strategic planning.

Q:Are there any programs related to accounting and decision making online?

A:You can find number of online diploma programs, certificates and degree programs. All programs have their specific subjects. You can opt for associate degree in accounting to get familiar with finance management basics. More advanced degrees would need you to have basic knowledge regarding statistics, finance data analysis, and related subjects.

Q:As I was searching for accounting courses near 01063, I found out that maybe opting for an online degree would be more suitable. Can you tell how?

A:Yes, if you want to study according to your own pace and time, an online degree would be more suitable for you. These programs allow students to study from their homes or any other location. You will not have to attend any class at the campus and can work full-time as well. The costs of such programs are also low as compared to campus based programs.

Q:What do I need for enrollment in an accounting class online?

A:Online education is taking over the traditional mode of learning and more students are opting for this mode of learning. If you are planning to enroll in online accounting classes, you will need a personal laptop/PC, and an internet connection that is reliable. There is no need for books or travelling. The other requirements related to academic performance and CGPA will depend upon the program you are planning to enroll in.

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