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The Masters in Business Administration is a graduate degree specializing in business administration. The introductory courses offered by MBA programs consist of a diversified range of business topics such as marketing, operation management, human resource, finance, accounting etc to provide students an insight to all the dimensions of business administration. Students can choose the area of concentration of their choice to graduate with a specialized Masters in Business Administration. Most popular MBA degrees with related specialization include:
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Health Care
  • MBA Human Resource
  • MBA Entrepreneurship

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Why Masters in Business Administration?
With its intensive theoretical approach, an MBA Degree trains a student thoroughly in numerous aspects of managing a business with practical application of the subject in the form of a compulsory internship or the optional work experience. MBA degrees lay great stress on the case study approach of teaching to give students the confidence of handling crisis situations and focusing on research to equip them well with theoretical, technical and practical knowledge.

There are a large number of accredited institutes in the United States offering a MBA degree with various specializations. These MBA Schools offer courses for on-campus students as well as online students. International students are encouraged to apply by these MBA schools. Various scholarships, grants and financial assistance programs are available to help assist those who cannot afford the expenses of higher education.

Career Prospects:
Graduating from an MBA School allows you to increase your career prospects. A degree from an accredited MBA school can improve your eligibility prospects in the corporate world. You could opt for various careers like public relations, international banking, international marketing, global management and consultancy firms etc. As per the data provided by O*NET, the median annual salaries of management analysts and business intelligence analysts are $78,600 and $81,140 respectively as of 2012.

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Q:what is the admission criteria for enrolling in MBA programs in business schools?

A:The admission criteria for enrollment in MBA programs varies slightly from business school to business school. However, the general admission requirements are that students must have proof of high school education (GED), a minimum CGPA of 2.5, a GMAT score of above 600, and a minimum score/grade of C+ in high school subjects.

Q:How long does it take to complete the degrees offered at MBA schools?

A:The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Degrees take on average about two years to complete, in any area of specialization. The duration differs upon the type of MBA pursued. The accelerated MBA degree takes about only 18 months to complete since there are no semester breaks or any other holidays allowed in the schedule. The part-time or the Executive MBA takes from 2 - 3 years to complete since classes are conducted on the weekends or in the after office timings. Lastly, the Online MBA programs have no time restrictions.

Q:I was transferring my credits to Online MBA Schools. But the moment I applied, the authorities said I can't. Why is it so?

A:Ever since March 2010, many of the Online MBA Schools in the United States have become quite stringent in offering any exemptions whatsoever. Over the last year the course structure and examination method has also quite drastically evolved and has become not quite identical to the campus based education. You may wish to opt for the online variant in your own current school, if they offer it, since that may be much less stringent for you.

Q:If I go for an MBA school online instead of the campus based MBA institute, should I expect any difference in the curriculum?

A:No, the curriculum of campus based MBA programs and online MBA programs is the same. You do not need to worry about any difference in the curriculum. It is only the mode of learning that is different. You will be expected to study all general business subjects such as management and marketing, and will be given the same options for specializations that campus based institutes offer.

Q:Is accreditation an important factor to consider before enrolling in any of the top MBA online schools?

A:Yes, accreditation is one of the most important factors to consider when enrolling in any business school. Institutes that are not accredited are not recognized in the nation. Accreditation basically means that an institute is following all quality standards. So before enrolling in any online program, check the accreditation status.

Q:I am considering an online MBA school instead of the regular one. Can you tell me its benefits?

A:An online MBA school can offer you a lot of convenience and flexibility, compared to the traditional on campus schools. With online programs, it is possible for you to work along with studies. Online MBA will allow you to learn at your own pace and at your preferred time. You will also save the additional costs such as travelling or hostel accommodation.

Q:I was wondering about the different specializations offered in MBA schools online. Can you tell me about them?

A:MBA schools online offer many different specializations for students. The number of specializations has been growing over time. Specializations allow students to focus on certain core subjects, along with general management education. The common MBA specializations offered in MBA schools online include marketing, finance, human resource management, operations management, and international management.

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