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Dental Technician Schools

Dental Technician
A dental technician is an affiliate of the dental team who makes custom healing and dental appliances based on the prescription from a dentist. The dentist communicates with the dental technician through prescriptions, measurements and drawings taken from the patient. The most significant feature of this is a dental impression in to which the technician creates a copy of the patient’s anatomy, known as a dental model. A Dental Technician can then use this model for the preparation of custom appliances meant for that specific patient.

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Dental Technician Courses
There are four main disciplines in the dental technology. These are as follows:

  • Fixed Prosthesis (crowns, bridges and implants)
  • Removable Prosthesis (dentures and removable partial dentures)
  • Maxillofacial Prosthesis (craniofacial prosthesis and ocular prosthesis)
  • Orthodontics and Auxiliaries (mouth guards and orthodontic appliances)

The educational programs at Dental Technician Schools include certificate, associate, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. A big part of these degrees is practical experience and elective internships, that are vital to gaining hands-on experience prior to completion of the degree.

Dental Technician Schools
Some of the best Dental Technician Schools are located in the United States. These schools offer comprehensive education in an interactive environment. Most of the faculty is well-experienced and professional and there is a strong emphasis on student counseling, aimed at helping the students with their studies and careers. Even the online programs offer forums to discuss the work flow and course-related issues with fellow students. In many instances, online Dental Technician Schools also provide 24-hour help-desk services.

It is necessary that you explore all your options before deciding on the Dental Laboratory Technician Schools that you would like to apply for.

Career Prospects as a Dental Technician
Dental Technicians can find jobs at clinics, hospitals and laboratories. Some also work privately for dentists on a contractual basis, which can be more promising. Some of the common job roles for Dental Technicians include Dental Laboratory Technician, Dental Ceramist, Certified Dental Technician and Dental Assistant. As of 2012, dental technicians have an annual median salary of $36,090 as mentioned on the website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with those in the upper 10% drawing an annual income over $61,280.

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Q:What is the importance of technical drawing to dental health technician?

A:Dental technicians are professionals who construct and develop dental appliances for patients. These experts have an in-depth understanding of dental technology and dentures. Technical drawing is a skill all technicians must have in this field. Dental technicians must be able to draw and take measurements to be able to create certain prosthetics.

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