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What is business administration?
Business administration is a broad field that deals with the management of day to day operations of businesses. It uses various methods and techniques to handle resources and helps companies maximize their productivity, efficiency and profit. The field of business administration is expected to maintain an upward trend over the next 10 years in terms of employment and career options. Business administration managers have a wide range of responsibilities and are educated in a variety of subjects to prepare them for various roles. Business managers need to have analytical and problem solving skills in addition to leadership and decision making abilities. Business administration colleges also help students develop excellent communication skills, both written and oral which are essential for success in a managerial position.

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What degrees can I earn?
A business degree can be used in virtually any industry, government agency or your own personal business. Business administration colleges offer a variety of programs for students including Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in business studies with a wide range of specializations available. In addition to that, some colleges offer a number of short courses, diplomas and professional development programs which are mostly aimed at working professionals who wish to move up the corporate ladder. For students who wish to support themselves by joining the workforce as soon as possible, an associate’s degree in business is the right choice. The 2 year long program includes instruction on subjects such as basic principles of management, accounting, economics, finance and management information systems. Business administration colleges also offer bachelor’s degrees (BBA) which last between 3 to 4 years.

What will I study?
Students enrolled in a BBA program will study a wide variety of management related subjects including resource management, sustainable business development, strategy development, operations strategy, trade & investment management, and entrepreneurial management. For those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, or are looking to expand career prospects by earning a management degree, the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree is immensely popular across the world. This degree allows students to specialize in subjects like accounting, finance, project management, human resources, international business, consumer finance, corporate management and retail & marketing. For those who wish to teach business studies, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is required. This degree requires students to have at least an MBA, and complete a further 4 years of research before it is awarded.

Why online?
Business Administration colleges around the country are now also introducing online degree programs. This allows students from all over the world to enroll in different programs, and is extremely attractive for people who are juggling a full time job with other responsibilities. Getting an online degree from business administration colleges gives students the freedom to choose from hundreds of programs and specializations. They also give the added flexibility of taking classes from anywhere, at any time, throughout the year. Studies indicate that students taking classes in online business administration colleges outperform their peers from traditional colleges in studies and in the workplace. Add to that the fact that online classes help students gain a high degree of proficiency in using digital media including computers and the internet, and you have a winning combination. Business administration colleges ensure that whether enrolled in an online or on-campus program, students will acquire the skills and abilities necessary in order to work effectively in a managerial position and deal with day to day challenges in the workplace.

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Q:What are the areas of specialization in the US universities offering business administration programs?

A:There are different US universities offering business administration degrees and the curriculum can be checked online to find the specialization area that is desired. Business administration can have many specialization areas that may include marketing methodologies, information systems, operations management, finance and accounting. Specialization in these areas can bring lucrative job opportunities.

Q:What are the major skills that will help me grow in a business administration career?

A:In order to be successful in a business administration career, you require a number of skills and some specific personality traits. These skills and personality traits include extroversion, excellent communication skills, analytical and quantitative skills, negotiation skills, organization skills, leadership, and ability to work well as a team and independently.

Q:How will I know if the Business Administration Colleges I am applying to are accredited or not?

A:When applying to a business administration college, you must check the institution's website to make sure that the right accreditation agencies have given the program their stamp of approval. Most online business administration colleges are either accredited by the Higher Learning Commission or by the state's own accreditation committee or board.

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