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Animation is among the things that have come to define the modern times. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse is as much an icon of modernity as air travel and the Internet. The new generation’s first exposure to the entertainment media is through Animation.

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Animation has become such a popular art that a growing number of people are choosing to go to Animation schools in order to enter the entertainment or marketing industry. The art and science of Animation design and graphics have been developed in the west for the most part but animators from many non-western cultures (such as the Japanese and Indian cultures) have also made important contributions to this genre of entertainment arts. Many renowned academic and art institutes include Animation schools where they offer a huge variety of courses leading to a degree in this field. Some of these courses are available online.

What is Animation?
As the name suggests, Animation is the technique used to create an optical illusion by manipulating still objects and pictures in such a way that the spectator perceives motion. An animator uses a sequence of 2-D and 3-D images or different model positions to create the effect that the subject of the image is moving. This allows the animation artist to explore unique ways to present a narrative or an advertisement campaign or to create a video game or graphics for music. Animation is most commonly used for motion pictures and video programs.

Animation as a form of Entertainment Arts
Animation allows artistic expression on a wide scale. It is a genre unto itself; one that is conducive to making bold leaps of the imagination. At Animation schools you learn to use “Stop Motion” techniques to create all sorts of fascinating visual effects. These effects create optical illusions that can be used to support or enhance a narrative or accompany musical compositions. There are innumerable ways animation artists can use animation techniques for various purposes.

Course choices at Animation Schools:
There are many kinds of animation techniques that one can choose to learn at an animation school. When real world objects are used to create visual effects by manipulating these objects and taking pictures a frame of film at a time, the technique is called “stop-motion” animation. Following are the types of stop-motion animation that can be studied at Animation schools:

  • Puppet Animation
  • Cutout Animation
  • Clay Animation
  • Silhouette Animation
  • Model Animation
  • Graphic Animation
  • Object Animation
  • Pixilation

Computer software is available for these styles of stop-motion animation and these techniques are becoming more and more refined and easier to master.

Computer Animation:
Many online and conventional Animation schools offer degree programs and Animation courses that are computer-based.
Digitally generated animation, also known as computer animation, includes various types of 2-D and 3-D animation. In 2-D Animation, traditional techniques such as “onion skinning” and “morphing” are rendered in computerized form. Examples of this style include Danny Phantom and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

3-D animation is gaining appeal fast as this technology is getting more and more sophisticated. The Oscar-winning film Avatar and many others since have whetted the appetite of audiences for more such original work.  The high demand for animators is motivating more and more art students and professionals to join this field.

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Q:Where can we get initial hands on experience after getting degrees from computer animation schools online?

A:With an online degree from a recognized Computer Animation Schools, you can opt for the apprenticeship programs at animation designing and game manufacturing companies such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Back Flip Technologies, Pixar etc.

Q:Which are the best computer animation schools in California?

A:There are a bunch of computer animation schools in California listed on our website. Here are the names of some of the best and accredited schools offering computer animation degrees. These include DeVry University, Art Institute Campus, Academy of Art University, International Academy of Design and Technology, Expression College for Digital Arts, Laurus College, and ITT Technical Institute.

Q:Which basic courses are taught at the Online Animation Schools?

A:The basic curriculum of most animation schools comprise of courses in computer animation, interactive media, visual thinking, drawing, 3D modelling, art history, technical writing, figures and motion, and video production. These courses are normally taught as a part of all animation degree programs to educate students about the basic aspects of animation.

Q:How do I figure out the best online Animation Schools?

A:The only way to make sure that you are applying at the best online animation schools is by checking that the school is accredited by all the relevant accreditation boards. You can find this information by visiting the school's accreditation page. A degree from an accredited online school holds great value in the job market.

Q:If I can't find any suitable Game Art and Animation schools in MN, what are my other options?

A:If you are looking for Game Art and Animation Schools in MN but cannot find one to your satisfaction, you always have the option of going for an online course. Online courses can be attended from the comfort of your home over the internet and the physical location of the institute does not matter.

Q:Which is the shortest course offered in the Animation Schools in Minneapolis?

A:There are a bunch of Animation Schools in Minneapolis offering various online as well as campus based degree programs. All degree programs have different duration and specialization areas. The shortest degree offered in the Animation Schools in Minneapolis is the associate's degree in animation. This is a two year program which offers introductory level courses and equips students to enter the workforce at their quickest.

Q:Can you name a few popular Animation Schools in Minnesota?

A:Animation and design degree programs have become a popular career choice for students. In the state of Minnesota, the following animation schools have gained reputation in this field for offering accredited and well designed programs: The Arts Institutes International Minnesota, Northwestern College, Brown College, Northland Community College, Saint Paul College, Capella University, and ITT Technical Institute.

Q:Can you name a few Animation Schools Seattle?

A:Seattle is a major city of the state of Washington. It has a well developed education system that offers degree programs in all fields. Animation schools in Seattle have gained much popularity recently for offering degree programs. Students can earn animation education from institutions in Seattle such as the Arts Institute of Seattle, ITT Technical Institute in Seattle, and Westwood College.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Impact of Technology on Society course in the best Animation schools online?

A:The best Animation schools online have a dedicated course on the Impact of Technology on Society. This course is worth 4 credits and focuses on making the students examine the different repercussions of the innovation in technology in the social sector. Issues of technology relating to politics, environment, culture, economies as well as persons is studied quite extensively.

Q:While searching for animation online degrees I came across Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Can you introduce me to the coursework?

A:Among the animation online degrees that are being taught in the universities around the United States, one of the most sought for degrees is Bachelor's in Graphic Design. In this program you will come across a variety of courses such as fundamentals of design, digital design, graphic design theory and practice, media: history and society, materials and image development and illustration and concepts.

Q:What is the benefit of opting for an animation school course online?

A:Online education offers a number of advantages over the campus-based education system. Most importantly, online courses are self-paced. Thereby, allowing students to take as much time as they see fit to complete the program. These programs also allow them to take up full-time work opportunities and schedule their classes themselves. Online animation classes are also considered cheaper in monetary terms when compared to the traditional campus-based courses.

Q:While looking for best online computer animation schools, I came across the mention of a course called Design for Industry. Can you brief me about it?

A:There are so many schools and colleges across American offering degrees and certifications in computer animation that you get a lot of options to choose the best online Computer Animation schools from. The course Design for Industry is often included in Computer Animation programs, and introduces the individuals to the combination of applied science and applied art.

Q:What is taught in the Computer Programming course of the online animation schools best programs?

A:The online Animation schools best programs have dedicated courses on Computer Program. This is a 5 credits worth course, featuring the main aspects of computer programming as well as Visual C#. Students are comprehensively exposed to the basic concepts of programming and also introduced to the more object oriented programming in the development language of C#.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Basics of HTML in the Animation Art schools online?

A:The Animation Art schools online have dedicated course on Basics of HTML. This course is of foundational level and is worth 3 credits. It is designed to offer student with comprehensive info of the way in which HTML functions and how to code the HTML by hand. Students are also highlighted on ways to create links and the basics of CSS code making. Hands on experience is also provided in this course.

Q:What computer programs are students taught in Animation School Online?

A:Animation schools online offer a number of degree programs in animation. The contents of the program enable students top learn the various techniques of producing animated models. Students gain a lot of theoretical knowledge as well as practical use of technology. The curriculum of the degree trains students to use computer programs such as adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and computer aided design applications.

Q:What is the cost for animation on line school?

A:The answer depends on the qualification student is going for. The cost for animation online school depends if the student is interested in a certificate, bachelors or masters qualification. Certificate animation programs are relatively inexpensive as compared to bachelor and masters which are more extensive and include more courses. Online educational programs cost less as students get an opportunity to save money on travel and accommodation. Students are requested to search our website for more information.

Q:My search for browser animation school mentioned Immersive Animation. What is this course all about?

A:Immersive Animation might be mentioned when searching for browser animation school. This course is worth 3 credit hours and deals with non planer multi perspective projection. Students with the help of this course also learn about animation production, irregular architectural surfaces and conventional projection environments. There is a huge demand for professionals with these expertise in the media and publications industry.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Ethics in thee top animation schools?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Business Ethics in the Top Animation Schools. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the examination of ethics and all the concepts of business values. Students are then also further provided with hands on experience in this program.

Q:A course on Fundamentals of Game Programming was mentioned when searching for online animation school. What is included in this course?

A:There is a possibility of Fundamentals of Game Programming being mentioned when searching for online animation school. This course is worth 3 credit hours and deals with the principals of programming and 3D interactive games. In addition to this, students also learn about structured processes, object oriented programming, 3D graphic scripts and different aspects of character animation. With the help of this course, students can find themselves working in the highly lucrative entertainment industry.

Q:How do I know which are the best animation schools in America?

A:There are a number of online school/ program directories available for students, such as the Princeton Review, which contain reviews of programs and colleges. On this website, we only present those colleges that we deem the best for our readers. The web-based search tool will allow you to select your preferred college program.

Q:What is the best online animation school for me?

A:Different students have different requirements and therefore deciding factors for an online animation program will vary from student to student. For some, the course content is most important- they need to know that what they learn will be useful to their intended career path. For others, cost is a deciding factor and this goes hand-in-hand with the availability of financial aid, loans and scholarships. Our search tool can help you best decide which course is available for you.

Q:What kind of things should I look for when considering computer animation schools?

A:You should carefully consider the programs that are being offered by the schools; and in particular, whether or not such programs contain subjects/ topics that will be useful for your career. Another important factor would be the cost of the course as you may have a limited budget that you need to consider

Q:What kind of subjects can I expect to learn on a program offered by the animation school online?

A:There are a number of topics that you can expect to cover. But this will depend on the program that you wish to undertake. Typical programs can include computer animation or graphic design, or specialized study of specific animation programs. When researching schools and programs, you should carefully examine the subjects taught.

Q: How do I know what the best animation school is?

A:You will need to work out what are the most important criteria for you. For some the most important criteria is the cost, especially if you are conscious about your budget; for some it is the content of the program; and for some it may be the reputation of the faculty.

Q:What courses do animation schools online teach?

A:Online animation schools teach a number of different courses to their students. Some of these include pixilation, puppet animation, cutout animation, clay animation, silhouette animation, model animation, graphic animation as well as object animation. Students can choose electives which interest them and also specialize in an area of their choice.

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