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Private security guards are skilled security professionals who work at firms, industrial and research facilities as well as residences. They are mainly responsible for maintaining order, securing premises and personnel, conducting inspections, preventing risks of theft or damage, and detaining violators. A private security guard is usually hired by private firms or individuals.

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How to Become a Private Security Guard?
There is no minimum education required to become a security guard, but most employers prefer hiring guards who have attained a minimum level of education such as a high school diploma or a GED. The more advanced the educational qualification, the higher will be the chances that you are able to land a suitable professional position.

To become a private security guard, it is useful to acquire higher education in a security-related field of study. You can pursue degree programs in criminal justice, homeland security, or business administration. These subject areas will provide you with knowledge and skills that can be applied in a private security guard career.

Licensing and Training
To apply for private security guard jobs, education is not the only requirement. It is also important that you enroll in a training program for security personnel. These programs are offered by a number of vocational schools. The training programs provide practical training in arms handling, self defense techniques, interrogation techniques, and crisis management. Once you have completed a training program you must apply for a private security guard license from the state licensing division.

Security Guard Career Outlook
Security guard careers are becoming a popular career choice for many nowadays. This jobs in law enforcement are expected to grow by 19% in the period from 2010 to 2012 as according to the information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The career is very challenging and also comes job benefits and prospects of advancement. Apart from just the salary, private security guard jobs may come with fringe benefits such as accommodation and health insurance.

A private security guard salary may range from $17,000 to $42,000 per year. The BLS further reports that as of May 2012, security guards had a median wage of $23,970 per year, with the top ten percent lot drawing salaries more than $42,490. The exact income earned will depend upon experience, qualification and training.

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Q:In which organizations can I apply for private security guard jobs?

A:There are a number of private and public firms that require the services of private security guards. You can also work for individuals or families in need of security personnel. Security guards key responsibility is to protect people and property form potential harm. They are trained and have the skills needed to handle security lapse situations.

Q:Can you tell me what are Security Guard careers are like?

A:Security guards are professionals who work to prevent vandalism, theft, fire, criminal activities, and secure people/property. Their key goal is to protect employees, residents, and other people from harm. Security guards are trained with basic defense techniques and are allowed to use force against threat. Every state requires security guards to earn a professional license before initiating a career.

Q:How do I become a private security guard?

A:To become a private security guard, it is essential that you have at least completed your high school education. You can enroll in a security training program at an accredited training institute. These programs will equip you with basic law enforcement techniques. However, you must attain a license before applying for a private security job at any organization. A bachelor or master's degree can lead to supervisory or managerial security job positions.

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