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How to Become A Cop

Police officers play a crucial role in maintaining law and order in any society. Commonly referred to as cops in the US, these professionals are responsible for upholding the law and making sure that rules and regulations are followed. The duties and responsibilities of a cop depend on the department he or she is assigned to. Although the main purpose of a cop is to maintain and restore public order, these professionals are required to perform a number of other functions as well. The job description of a cop may vary according to his or her “detail,” and can range from patrolling the streets to the protection of visiting dignitaries. The general nature of the job is quite challenging and possibly exciting, which is why a sizeable number of students from all over the United States are interested in joining the police force.

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Cop Careers
Although the general perception of typical cop jobs are of a police officer patrolling city streets in his/her cruiser, these professionals are required to perform a number of other equally exciting and challenging tasks as well. Some of the most common careers these professionals can pursue are

  • Police Officer
  • US Marshall
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • SWAT Team
  • Highway Patrol/Trooper

In order to become a cop, applicants are required to go through rigorous training which is usually specific to the requirements of their assignment.

Employment Outlook
The future career prospects for those interested in joining the police force are quite favorable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics acts as the data collecting arm for the U.S. Department of Labor. According to its recent statistics, the demand for these professionals is going to increase by 7% over within the period from 2010 to 2012. The BLS further reveals that the annual median cop salary is $55,270. Contrary to popular belief, these professionals can also find themselves employed in both federal and private sectors. In addition to the compensation packages, these professionals also get a number of benefits which are in consideration of the nature of their employment. 

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Q:While searching on what classes would I need to take in order to become a cop, I came a across a minority relations course. Can you explain the contents of this course?

A:Yes. Minority relations would come up in a search for classes to take in order to become a cop. This course deals with intercultural dynamics, cross cultural understanding, communication skills, empathy, application of theory on social issues and social work practice. This course is an integral part of law enforcement training.

Q:I was searching how is being a cop and came across periodical drug testing. What is that?

A:All police personnel are subjected to random periodical drug testing. This is a code of practice to which all law enforcement employees are subjected to. This testing is to make sure that no police personnel are under the influence of any narcotics during their tenure in law enforcement.

Q:While searching on how could I be a cop, i came across the importance of being physically fit. What does that imply?

A:One of the prerequisites of joining law enforcement is to be physically healthy. The entrance exam requires new recruits to go through a physical test which demonstrates their agility and strength. These tests are crucial for applicants who are hoping to join the field.

Q:While searching on how to become a cop with Business Degree, I cam across the program Master in Criminal Justice Administration and Forensic Science Administration. What specializations are being offered in this?

A:To become a cop with business degree, one can go for programs such as Master in Criminal Justice Administration - Forensic Science Administration and Bachelor's in Criminal Administration. Some of the specializations offered include bureau pathology in justice administration, advanced analytic, forensic science: crime scene to courtroom and crime laboratory management.

Q:While searching about how can you major in college being a cop and a rn, I came across fish and game wardens. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Searching about majoring in college to be in law enforcement would mention fish and game wardens. These wardens are required to enforce hunting, gaming and fishing laws. They are also required to aid in rescue operations. Fish and game wardens patrol by car, foot and planes to ensure that no law violations are being committed.

Q:As I read on what course should I take in order to become a cop, there was mention of the course on Criminal Law. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Criminal Law while going through articles on what course should you take in order to become a Cop. This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is designed to offer the students with ample understanding of the different criminal laws practised in the United states and all the various social and political issues attached to it.

Q:Reading about steps in becoming a cop mentioned probationary period. How long is that?

A:Probationary period would be mentioned when reading about steps in becoming a cop. The probationary period usually starts after training. The length of the probationary period is somewhere between six to twelve months. During this period performance is monitored and evaluated closely. After the conclusion of this period police officers are assigned to a regular beat.

Q:While going through search on what are the requirements of becoming a Cop, I came across Special Needs Policing course. What is it about?

A:It is common to come across the mention of various courses while going through search on what are the requirements of becoming a Cop. Consumer and Special Needs Policing is a three credit hours course and in it the students are taught the special need of police department in the community and how to deal with various special need groups.

Q:Looking online for Business degree become a Cop, I came across Advanced Police Administration course. What will I learn in it?

A:I think you meant to ask about the Business degree that helps in becoming a cop. In Advanced Police Administration course, the future cops will get to study about operational processes that take place within the police station and police department. The course identifies various missions and goals of the department.

Q:As I read what is required to be a cop, there was mention of the course on Criminology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Criminology while going through what is required to be a cop. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with substantial understanding of the classical theories as well as the current development of research, theory as well as policies regarding the issues such as serial and mass murder, occult and hate crimes.

Q:In an article on what states can I become a cop in with a high school diploma, I came across the mention of specialty departments of police academy. What are they?

A:One can become a cop with a minimum of high school diploma. However, majority of the people opt for some specialization in relevant fields, such as criminal justice and law enforcement. Police academy has three specialty departments, narcotics department, property crimes department and organized crime department. A person planning to become a police officer can choose between these three.

Q:What kind of skills are mentioned in articles and information on How To Be A Cop?

A:When opting for the career path of a police officer, individuals should be certain of the education and skills that are required. Police officers should have skills such as basic armament techniques and good communication skills and be skilled in at least one foreign language. Knowledge of first aid and CPR skills, fast decision making skills, basic computer skills, and string memory/ recall skills are also much needed.

Q:In popular movies, ordinary people seem to be able to just turn up and join a police academy. Is this still the case or do you have to go to college to be a cop?

A:These days most police forces require you to hold at least an associates' degree, but this will vary police force to police force. You should check the entry requirements of the force you wish to join. There are some who do apply to become police officers with just a high school diploma, but as with most career paths, holding a further education qualification may hold you in better stead.

Q:What are some of the most popular cop careers?

A:A lot of people consider the job of a cop as extremely challenging or very dangerous since they come into such close contact with criminals. But the truth of the matter is that these professionals get to perform a lot of other duties as well and not all are dangerous or monotonous. Some of the most popular career options in this field are: Police Officer, US Marshall, Highway Patrol/Trooper, Border Patrol Agent, SWAT Team and Crime Scene Investigator.

Q:Other than cruising around in a patrol car, what other duties are a part of cop jobs?

A:Police officers are crucial for maintaining peace and order in the society. Apart from upholding the law and making sure that rules and regulations are followed equally by all, they are also responsible for other duties. This job description is quite diverse and depends on the officer's job detail, from patrolling the streets to providing protection to visiting dignitaries. However, generally it is an active and exciting job.

Q:If I want to become a cop, what kind of educational background is required for this position?

A:Even entry level jobs in law enforcement agencies require an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Majors like business, math, accounting, IT, science and behavioral science courses are considered necessary for breaking into this field. However, a degree in criminal justice could give you a much need edge over other applicants. Fluency in one or more foreign languages is an added advantage. It is also an advantage to be fluent in at least one foreign language. Apart from this you need to be physically fit for this career. A lot of applicants have prior experience of serving in the armed forces before joining the police force, This is an added advantage since such a back ground prepares them physically and mentally for life as a cop.

Q:I am thinking of becoming a cop in BC. Will I be able to become a Mountie?

A:A number of police services provide policing to the British Colombia province. There is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provincial force as well as 61 RCMP municipal forces and a RCMP federal force- each serving a different purpose. The RCMP is commonly known as the Mounties. There are also independent municipal police departments.

Q:Can i be a cop without passing high school?

A:No you cannot pursue a police officer career without clearing high school education. It is mandatory for students to at least have a high school diploma and a bachelor degree in order to enroll in a police academy. After completion of a bachelor degree, you can enroll in a training program and acquire knowledge/skills for this career.

Q:What do i need to be a cop?

A:To become a cop or a police officer, you will need to have certain qualifications and training. The most recommended degree programs for this career include a bachelor degree criminal justice, business administration, or even homeland security. Apart from this, you must also enroll in a police academy from where you can acquire training.

Q:What do you have to do to be a cop in the US?

A:Police careers are among the most challenging law enforcement careers. If you are interested in become a police officer, you must have a minimum bachelor level degree. This can be earned in specialization areas such as criminal justice and homeland security. Apart from these degree programs, formal training is also required to become a cop. There are a number of reputed police academies that provide police training programs.

Q:As I was trying to find out about what do you need to become a cop, I heard that a bachelor degree is required at least. Is this true?

A:Yes, this is true. To become a police officer, getting a bachelor degree in a relevant academic field is necessary. You can also go a step further and earn a master's degree for the field. However, it is not just a bachelor degree you must earn you will also have to get professional training from a police academy.

Q:What to do to be a cop?

A:To be a cop the education requirement can differ according to the position you are seeking. One has to have at least a high school degree but typically those in law enforcement agencies have bachelor's degree. Other requirements include the individual to have a clean record, be a US citizen and to be physically fit. There are specific training programs designed for cops that can also help.

Q:What to do to become a cop?

A:To become a cop the first thing to consider is the personality traits you possess and whether they suit your career choice. To become a cop you must be physically in shape and have a clean record. Familiarity with the legal system is also essential and in this regard formal training can be taken or a degree in criminology or justice system can be pursued.

Q:As I was searching on colleges for cops, I came to know that professional training is necessary for this career. Can you give me some information on this?

A:Police officer careers require qualified and skilled individuals. If you are planning to become a member of the law enforcement agency, you too will need to get professional training from a police academy. A number of police academies in the nation provide training programs. These focus on skill development, arms management skills, etc.

Q:Can you give information on how be a cop?

A:To be a cop one needs to be physically fit. The minimum requirement to enter the field is to have a high school degree. Other than that you need to have a clean record. Mostly those in the field hold a bachelor's degree. The requirements can vary according to the positions in the law enforcement field.

Q:I was wondering, what do you need to be a cop?

A:To become a police officer you, first of all, need to be fit and healthy. You then need to be able to satisfy the requirements of your state's police force's entry requirements. Almost all states will require that you hold a High School diploma to prove basic literacy. In addition, it may help if you hold some form undergraduate degree.

Q:What you need to become a cop?

A:Lots of people think that all cops do all day long is patrolling city streets in their cruiser. However, these professionals are trained and duty bound to do much more than just patrolling. From apprehending criminals to maintaining law and order within their jurisdictions, these people have a lot to do. To become a cop you need to have completed high school. College degree could do wonders for you career in this field so either pursue one before contemplating this career or pursue it on the job. During training cops are put through rigorous training which prepares them for their jobs in the field.

Q:While searching how do i become a cop I came across a drug test. Tell me about it?

A:Yes if you want to become a cop you will have to clear a physical exam and back ground test. This will include a drug test too. You will need to pass the test if you want to become a cop. To be more aware about this issue you should check with the particular department you are applying to.

Q:I wanted to know how to become a cop, but am put off by the need to undertake further study at college. Is this compulsory?

A:It will depend on the entry requirements of your local state. Most states require that you must at least have a high school diploma, as an absolute minimum. We have included details of criminal justice degrees; whilst not compulsory, many law enforcement candidates find it very useful as it provides an all round understanding of the machinery of justice, whether the court system, prison system or otherwise.

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