How to Become An Atf Agent

From applying to become an ATF federal agent, to getting inducted and finally joining the team is one of the most exciting yet challenging parts of this job, since it is not an easy feat getting short listed for ATF careers and completing a rigorous training session.

Pre Requisites & Procedures

To begin with applications for ATF jobs are accepted according to the location publicized.

All applicants are supposed to meet a certain criteria, most important of which is being an adult U.S. Citizen. A lot more requirements are listed on the official ATF website, but every applicant must have cleared the ATF Special Agent Exam alone with the assessment test. The results of these tests stay valid for three years so once you have cleared these tests you can go ahead anytime with the rest of the application process within this three year period.


Basic training for this job will begin immediately after selection. This training is spread into two parts. The initial part is Criminal Investigators Training Program (CITP) conducted by and at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Department of Homeland Security in Glynco. This includes getting acquainted with the basic techniques, concepts and methodologies of a criminal investigation. This also includes weapons and combat training, combat techniques, driving, handcuffing, questioning criminals or victims, acute observation, photography and federal court procedures. This part of the course is about 12 weeks long and the student strength for each session is about 48.

The second part of this training is called the Special Agent Basic Training (SABT) and lasts for about 15 weeks.

SABT is undoubtedly the most challenging part of your entire training. In this trainees are introduced to an in-depth training in use of weapons, ammunition identification and trafficking; report writing, questioning techniques; alcohol/tobacco diversion investigations; arson investigations; tactical training in use of firearms, close quarter combat and countermeasures; undercover surveillance techniques. Completing this session is mandatory for the successful completion of the entire course.

During training, trainees are required to follow Special Agent General Orders. These orders are the basis of a successful ATF federal agent career. More information regarding the ATF salary and other benefits can be checked at the ATF official site.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me about ATF careers?

A:Work as an ATF agent is can involves rigorous training, irregular hours, personal risks and extensive travel for overseas assignments. The investigations that ATF special agents conduct include interviewing suspects, surveillance, obtaining and executing search warrants, making arrests and looking for physical evidence. ATF agents can be called to work anywhere in the country.

Q:Can you tell me about an ATF Federal agent?

A:An ATF agent works for the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has its headquarters in Washington, DC. It is an exciting yet challenging job that will require you to be strong, both mentally and physically. An agent could be assigned to work in any of the field offices which are spread throughout the country or to go on special assignments.

Q:What are the requirements for ATF jobs applicants?

A:There is a lot of competition for ATF jobs and the selection process is really thorough and comprehensive. In order to be an ATF agent applicant you must: (i) be a U.S. citizen (ii) have a valid and current driving license (iii) pass the ATF special agent exam (iv) pass the ATF agent application assessment test.

Q:What will be my job responsibilities after I become an ATF agent?

A:After you become an ATF agent you will have a broad range of responsibilities. These will include: investigation of criminal breach of Federal laws with the jurisdiction of U.S. department of justice, investigating violations relating to firearms, alcohol, arson, explosives and tobacco, making concise and accurate criminal investigation case reports.

Q:I want to know how to become a how to become an ATF agent. However, I do not have a high school diploma. Can I still apply?

A:This will depend on the requirements of the local recruitment requirements, which vary from state to state. Though, most forces would expect you to have a high school diploma. It may also help if you have undertaken some study at college level. A criminal justice degree would be very useful to help educate you on the basic machinery involved.

Q:Can you give me some information regarding ATF job description?

A:ATF agents are popular federal careers that involve the surveillance and regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Some of the main job duties include investigating drug crimes, gathering and analyzing evidence, preparing reports, cooperating with the law enforcement, and testifying in court when needed. These are just a few of the basic job duties of ATF agents.

Q:Can you tell me about ATF job requirements?

A:If you are planning to become an ATF agent, you must acquire a minimum bachelor degree in a relevant field such as criminal law, homeland security etc. once you have completed a four year program, you can either pursue a master's degree, or join the ATF field. You will be required to pass a written and physical examination where your analysis skills and knowledge are tested.

Q:When can I submit the ATF second location application?

A:Once you have met the prerequisites of ATF application, you can submit the ATF second location application. You will need to meet several requirements that are mentioned on the ATF website. A major requirement is to pass the ATF special agent exam and assessment test. After clearing the exam and test, you can begin with the application process.

Q:Can you please give me some information about Atf Special Agent Requirements?

A:If you are interested in becoming a special agent in the Tobacco, Forearms, and Explosives department, you must complete the minimum education and training requirements. These typically include the following: US citizenship, work experience in law enforcement, a valid drivers license, college education, and training. It is recommended that you check the official web page of ATF to seek more information.

Q:I was wondering how to become an atf agent. Can you tell me about the main requirements?

A:To become an ATF agent, you must have a US citizenship, must be below the age of 37 and above the age of 21, you must also hold a valid drivers license, and must have completed you bachelor degree. You may be required to undergo a background check. It is recommended that you visit the official web page to learn about the requirements.

Q:What are the training procedures required to complete my atf requirements?

A:The training program will be conducted by the agency you have applied to. Most training programs will cover the basic know how of conducting a criminal investigation. This will begin with weapons and combat training, driving, handcuffing, acute observation, federal court procedures and questioning criminals. Applicants to the Special Agent program will be exposed to much more rigorous training which will require tactical training in combat and weapons.

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