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Sports Management MBA

What does a Sports & Entertainment MBA do?
A career in sports or entertainment presents a challenging opportunity to most people, and a Master of Business Administration in Sports and Entertainment Business can potentially serve to avail the benefits. Sports and Entertainment Business managers are responsible for managing the day to day operations of sports team, athletic organizations, stadiums, event venues and other sectors of the sports and entertainment industries. They are also responsible for a variety of other functions such as public relations, sales, marketing and transportation.

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About the Degree
In order to enroll in an MBA of sports and entertainment business, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and also may be required to come in for an interview with the university faculty. Classes are taught in the areas of event planning, venue management, recreational management, facilities management and strategic planning. Students also learn sports marketing, financial aspects of sports management and sports law in addition to taking courses on the social and cultural impact of sports on society. Students can choose to specialize in an area such as sports economics, athletics training, international event planning, sports team management and public relations in sports and entertainment. Before the completion of the degree, students intern with a sports team or at a stadium in order to develop working knowledge of the field.

Career Prospects
The field of sports and entertainment business management is rapidly expanding with graduates being placed in major sports teams, athletics organizations, college sports and media outlets specializing in sports. Within the 2010-2020 period, O*NET estimates an increase of up to 19% in employment opportunities for business managers and agents of athletes and artists, which earn median annual salary of $63,370 as of 2012.

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Q:Can you name a few universities offering Sports MBA programs?

A:Several universities in USA are offering Sports MBA Programs. Here are the names of the few well-known institutes: George Washington University, San Diego State University, Florida Atlantic University, Columbia University and University of California.

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