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Associates Degree in Retail Merchandising

Retail and merchandising are typically the largest business sectors of almost every economy. It refers to all goods and products that are manufactured, and put on for sale in retail outlets. An Associate in Retail and Merchandising degree is a two year program that that provides students with basic marketing skills and retail knowledge.

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Associate in Retail and Merchandising degree covers all aspects of retail marketing in a brief manner, equipping students with marketing skills and communication skills. They understand how to market goods at retail stores, and what factors affect the sales. Individuals can take on jobs such as marketing manager, advertising manager, sales manager, purchasing manager, and many more.

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Q:How long does it take to get an associate degree in retail merchandising?

A:An associate degree in retail merchandising takes approximately 2 years of time. In these two years, you will be exposed to several topics relevant to this subject. These might include the likes of distribution principles, business law, accounting, selling techniques, buying methods, supervision principles and so on. The curriculum will have extensive coursework in the buying and selling process.

Q:What are the admission requirements for associate degree in retail merchandising?

A:To get admission into an associate degree in retail merchandising, you must meet several requirements. Most colleges would ask for a few general requirements to be fulfilled. These include a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Some programs might even require minor internship experience. But in most cases, this is not a mandatory requirement.

Q:What can you do with an retail merchandising associate degree ?

A:With an associate degree in retail management, you will have two major options. The first one being continuing education and getting admission into a bachelor's program. And the second one being looking for job openings such as working as a purchasing agent, buyer, procurement specialists, wholesale buyers and purchasing managers. Most of the jobs will be entry-level in nature.

Q:How to get an associate degree in retail merchandising online?

A:There are many colleges offering associate degree programs in retail management. If you plan to earn this degree, you must select a program or yourself, and meet the degree requirements. This will include completion of courses, projects, assignments, etc. Most colleges have a minimum credit hour requirement that must be met.

Q:How fast can you get your associate degree in retail merchandising?

A:An associate degree in retail merchandising typically takes two years to complete. However, you can complete the degree in less than two years by opting for an accelerated program which is offered by many colleges. Accelerated associate degrees can be completed in one year. The workload will be more as compared to regular programs.

Q:How many credits are required for associates degree in retail merchandising?

A:The credit hour requirement of an associate degree in retail merchandising will range between 60 and 80. You must first select a college that bets meets your needs. The exact credit hour requirement will basically depend on the college you have chosen. You can earn credits by completing the coursework and assignments of the program.

Q:What subjects will you study in retail merchandising associate degree?

A:With a retail merchandising degree, you get to study a large variety of courses, including the likes of foundations of retailing, marketing principles, retail buying, design and visual presentation. You will be taught basic principles of retail management. You will also learn how store classifications, layouts and designs guide the ways stores attempt to sell products.

Q:What benefits will I get with a retail merchandising associate degree?

A:With an associate degree in retail merchandising, you can prepare yourself for entry level careers in the diverse retail sector. The program will equip you with skills and in-depth knowledge of merchandising and the ever-changing sector of marketing and trade. You can pursue exciting careers ahead or enroll in college and further your educational pursuit.

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