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Project Management Masters Degree Online

Project management involves the planning, gathering, and managing of resources necessary for the successful execution of projects. The task of a project manager is to achieve project objectives and to ensure the completion of the project within the prescribed time frame and the prescribed budget.

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Capella University

  • MS - Project Management: IT
  • MBA - Project Management: Business
  • MBA - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Walden University Online

  • M.S. in Project Management - General

Colorado Technical University Online

  • M.S. Management-Project Management

Program Structure and Coursework
A master of project management is two years in duration. It is necessary that prospective students wishing to pursue a Master of Project Management have an undergraduate degree. Candidates with substantial work experience are preferred. Leadership qualities and good communication skills are a necessary pre-requisite. Students are able to consolidate their knowledge of the various stages in the life cycle of a project. They are able to develop crucial problem solving skills essential to effectively and efficiently overcoming various challenges that arise in these different stages of a project. In addition to a final project, students take courses including:

  • Human resource management
  • Project risk and cost management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project communications management
  • Managing complex projects
  • Quantitative and qualitative decision making

Careers in Project Management
The demand for qualified project managers is on the rise in a world where time and resources are precious. Masters of project management have great scope for employment across a diverse range of organizations. There is a high demand for project managers in IT, software, and engineering, construction, and architecture firms. The average salary for a Master of project management varies from 64,000-100,000 U.S Dollars a year.

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Q:What courses will be covered in Project Management master degrees?

A:Project Management master degrees covers a number of courses that are designed to help students understand the core concepts of the subject. Courses covered in this program are Statistics for Management, Project Management Finance, Risk Management, External Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Project Management Applications. Prospective students interested in this degree program are advised to search our website for an extensive list of online institutions.

Q:What is the total time required for completing a Master in Project Management degree program and how will doing this course online affect the time span?

A:A master In project management degree takes about 2 years to be completed if you are physically enrolled in an institute to do so. How long it will take for you to complete the same course online is up to you. the biggest convenience of doing courses online is that the student themselves schedule their classes and tests. So even though you can not complete your master in project management degree any sooner than 2 years online as well, but taking longer than 2 years is entirely up to you.

Q:What are the requirements for master certificate in project management?

A:The educational requirements for a master's certificate in project management will depend on which school you apply to. Generally speaking you should at least have a four year bachelor's degree on apply for a graduate program. In addition to this schools look for high standardized test scores, personal essays/writing samples and letters of recommendation.

Q:Should I go for master in project management online?

A:A master degree in project management will allow you to work in a lucrative sector that has some very good job opportunities. Apart from this an online degree has plenty of advantages of its own. An online education allows the student to keep his existing job and to study when he/she wants. It is also more economical as compared to a traditional degree program.

Q:Will I be able to pursue a career if I go for an online masters in project management degree instead of a campus based degree?

A:Online degrees and campus based programs are equally valued in the employment sector. Now employers do not consider any difference between online degrees and campus based degrees. You will be studying the same coursework in online degrees. Online programs have been proved to be flexible and affordable in today's tough economy.

Q:What can I expect to study in project management masters degree online?

A:In the project management masters degree online, you will gain knowledge and exposure of a number of courses and activities. You will study concepts, methodologies and analytical techniques essential for effective leadership in complex organizations. The program focuses on problem solving and decision-making using case studies, team work, hands-on applications, active participation, and research.

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