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MBA Organizational Psychology

The MBA of Organizational Psychology program is ideal for students who are interested in studying the impact of individual and group psychology on a company’s productivity. Enrolling in this program enables students to learn various aspects of organizational psychology which enables them to them to qualify for management positions and improve the work environment and productivity within various business settings.

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The Scope of an MBA of Organizational Psychology
There are a number of campus based as well as online institutes that offer an MBA degree in Organizational Psychology. This program may be completed in 2 years, though students can also go for part-time or EMBA programs if they have to manage their work along with their studies and do it in less time or take longer to finish their studies. Some of the courses covered in this program include:

  • Communication
  • Analytical psychology
  • Individual and group dynamics
  • Organizational behavior
  • Research theory
  • Business management
  • Marketing
Get an MBA in organizational psychology and help an organization grow by helping its workers with “how” they are supposed to work.
MBA Organizational Psychology

Earning an MBA of Organizational Psychology degrees enable students to increase their chances of working in a range of jobs. One of the most popular occupations in this field is that of industrial-organizational psychologists, which according to O*NET earn a median wage of $83,580 annually. Individuals with an MBA in Organizational Management degrees can potentially find work as:

  • Senior research consultants
  • Employee relations managers
  • HR generalists
  • HR specialists

MBA of Organizational Psychology Online
There are a number of online accredited schools and colleges that offer MBA programs with a specialization in organizational psychology. These programs are ideal for individuals who are working in part-time or full-time jobs and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills. The online programs can be managed from any location. Students get the freedom to study at their own schedule as well.


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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the MBA in Business Organization Psychology?

A:The MBA in Business Organization Psychology is usually a 2 years program. It can be pursued through campus based or online schools. The courses offered in these programs are aimed at enhancing the knowledge base of the students through practical case studies and brain storming sessions.

Q:What is the point of combining MBA and organizational psychology programs?

A:An MBA program teaches you about business ethics and how to act in a business environment. If you add an organizational psychology specialization to that, you would be fit for management positions within a business as the topic deals with how to act with staff members and deal with various characters within an organization.

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