Associates Degree in Office Administration

Office management is the management of clerical and junior professionals through assessment of their work in various departments of an organization. In the Associate of Office Management degree, the students are introduced to various mechanisms in the organization and coordination of different departments. Students learn about setting targets for the workers, planning budgets and expenditures and assessing employee performances. Students are introduced to different ways of managing departments and the workforce.

Program Structure and Coursework
Admission into an associate of Office Management is the high school diploma or GED. It is a suitable degree  for those working at junior levels, who wish to move to a higher administrative position. The degree requires a completion of certain credit hours for graduation.

The coursework for the Associate of Office Management program includes an introduction to business administration, filing and reporting, sales and marketing management, human resource management and management principles. Students are also familiarized with employment and business laws.

Careers in Office management
With an Associate of Office Management degree you can possibly find work with small and big businesses that require supervisors and administrative assistants to oversee the work of junior staff. Although many employers require managers to have undergraduate and graduate business degrees, with an associate one and some work experience you can potentially get into mid-tiered jobs. The media annual salary for an administrative services manager is $81,080 as 2012. You can also possibly transfer your associate degree credit hours into a Bachelor’s program in certain cases if you decide to go for a business degree.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on College Mathematics in the Associate in Office Management?

A:The Associate in Office Management degree programs usually have dedicated course on College Mathematics. This course usually is of around 2 credits in total. The course is structured to offer students the understanding of the skills of mathematics as well as the concepts that are commonly in use in the vocational as well as academic applications.

Q:What kind of a job description will I have after I get an associate in office management?

A:After receiving your associate in office management, you won't be just restricted to small businesses but will also be eligible to work in big companies as well. In fact you may very well end up working as a manager and have to oversee the junior staff. Furthermore, you will also have the option of transferring the credit hours of your associate degree to a suitable bachelor's degree program.

Q:What is the career outlook for an associate office manager?

A:As an associate office manager, you can be eligible for a large number of positions that require managing an office in all sorts of businesses and companies. Whether it is a company that is into construction or real estate, or is a clinic or a health service provider, an investment or law firm or a brokerage house, you will fit right in.

Q:Why is it important to select accredited medical office manager courses online?

A:Accreditation is an important factor if you are considering medical office manager courses online. Accredited programs meet the quality standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies; therefore they are much more likely to provide quality education. Besides, employers also prefer candidates from accredited programs, as they see a link between quality education and superior work performance.

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