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Office Management Degrees

Office management degrees are designed to help students familiarize themselves with the tools and skills that are required in the corporate world. These academic credentials allow students to potentially give a boost to their career and open up new job opportunities for them. Today's businesses call for individuals with specialized skills, which is why only highly skilled professionals can successfully address the intricacies of the workplace. Earning an office management degree is essential for candidates who seek to apply for challenging jobs within various industries.

How can I benefit from pursing Office Management Degrees?
Enrolling in office management degree programs can equip students with the credentials to increase their chances of building stable careers in this field. There is an increased demand of individual with strong leadership and communication skills as these individuals can manage offices in an effective way. Hiring such professionals helps companies maximize their productivity and returns. This is why earning office management degrees is a wise decision for students.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Colorado Technical University Online

Scope of Office Management Degrees
In most cases, office management trainings include associate’s degree programs. These are usually two-year training programs though may be completed in a shorter or longer period of time - that enable students to learn various aspects of office management and administration. A number of community colleges offer these programs. Also, online institutes offer office management degrees for the convenience of those who cannot manage to enroll in onsite trainings. Learning the fundamentals of office management enables students to carry out and organize office support operations.

Courses in Office Management Degrees
Some of the courses included in office management degree programs are:

  • Management principles
  • Basic research skills
  • Project management
  • Document processing
  • Human resource management
  • Desktop publishing
  • Information and records management
  • Spreadsheet design
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Data management
  • Business communications

Admissions Criteria
To be able to enroll in an associate’s degree program in office management, students need to have high school diploma or GED. Some colleges may have additional requirements as well.

Career Outlook
Students can be in good stead for applying for jobs in a number of jobs in various sectors once they earn office management degrees. According to statistics, there is an increased demand of office managers and administrators. Professionals who have strong leadership skills, effective communication and problem solving skills can vie for the prestigious jobs in the job market. They can find employment in various sectors such as:
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Accounting

They can work as administrative services manager, administrative support supervisor, executive secretary to name a few employment options.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined that professionals working in office management such as secretaries and administrative assistants earn a median wage of $32,410 whereas Administrative Services Managers earn a median wage of $81,080 as of May 2012.

Online Office Management Degrees
There are a number of schools and colleges that offer office management degrees online. Enrolling in online programs is very suitable for students who wish to earn valuable degrees in a manageable way. These trainings offer a lot of flexibility to the students. They can work from any location and at any time that suits them. Also, the fee of the online office management degree programs is more affordable than the cost of the onsite trainings in this specialized field. Thus students can save time as well as money by enrolling in online programs in office management.

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Q:Are there any professional courses for office technology and management students?

A:A number of institutes are offering professional career oriented courses in the field of technology and management. Technology is widely integrated in a number of business activities, and has become a crucial part of businesses. Courses in technology and management are designed to provide students with skills and a thorough understanding of managerial principles.

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