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It is an advanced degree program which equips students with the skills and knowledge about consumer behavior, advertising and various other marketing concepts.  Students can now choose from a number of schools and colleges that offer MBAs in marketing programs according to their needs, goals, & academic background. Enrolling in MBA of Marketing programs can help students to keep pace with the ever evolving business world and ultimately lead them to rewarding careers.

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American InterContinental University Online

  • MBA - Marketing Part Time Option

Keiser University eCampus

  • Master of Business Administration, MBA - Marketing

Colorado Technical University Online

  • M.S. Business Admin-Marketing

The Scope of an MBA of Marketing Program
MBA of Marketing programs typically span over 2 years. Students can opt for either regular or executive MBA programs. The various concepts of marketing which you learn include:

  • Advertising strategies
  • Consumer relations
  • Pricing
  • Marketing research
  • Retailing

Having an MBA of marketing degree offers a variety of career opportunities. You can work in advertising, public relations, business administration and many other fields. Students with these degrees can work as:

  • Marketing Assistants
  • Supervisors
  • PR Officers
  • Administrators
  • Marketing Managers

MBA of Marketing Online
Today individuals who are already working but wish to boost their career are increasingly opting for the online MBA of Marketing degree programs. There are several accredited institutes that offer online courses. These online programs can be managed from any location. Students can study at their own pace and the timings can be set according to their own schedule and comfort. As for the cost, the online MBA of marketing programs cost considerably less as compared to the traditional on-campus MBA programs.

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Q:What concepts are highlighted in the Online MBA Marketing Program?

A:An Online MBA Marketing mainly targets concepts such as Advertising Strategies, Consumer Relations, Pricing, Marketing Research, Retailing. The key idea is to enable the students to gain ample practical knowledge of the field and analyze the current market trends to formulate and design innovative marketing strategies.

Q:How long is the Marketing MBA Online Degree?

A:The Marketing MBA online degree is mostly completed in 2 years. However, this is completely your choice as to how long you want to take to complete your online degree. Online degrees are designed in a way to give you the liberty to pursue them at your speed.

Q:What career can a qualified MBA marketing student go for?

A:The MBA Marketing students may choose for work in advertising, public relations, business administration and many other fields upon completion of the course. You can work as a marketing executive, administrator or assistant with a master's degree in Marketing.

Q:Which universities offer the best MBA Marketing Programs?

A:Universities and colleges listed at our website offer some of the best MBA marketing programs. Some of the accredited universities that offer these programs comprise of Keiser University and Regis University.

Q:Which companies hire students with qualified Online Marketing MBA program degree?

A:With the Online Marketing MBA you can get selected by chief corporations and companies. You can expect to find jobs in areas like advertising agencies and the marketing departments of private or public organizations as well.

Q:Fundamentals of Financial Reporting and Analysis was mentioned when searching for marketing MBA programs?

A:Fundamentals of Financial Reporting and Analysis would be mentioned when searching for marketing MBA programs. This course is particularly essential for students who are interested in pursuing careers in general management. Students with the help of this course learn about basic financial accounting concepts and principals. With the help of this course also learn about income taxes, financial transactions, derivative transactions and stock options.

Q:Where can I find the best marketing MBA programs?

A:Some of the top marketing MBA programs are available at our website, that feature comprehensive learning and state of the art facilities. Before getting enrolled in any university, you must thoroughly inquire about the duration of the programs offered and their accreditation as well.

Q:Do the universities offering top Marketing MBA programs give any financial aid?

A:Numerous universities and institutions offering Marketing MBA programs also have student support programs, including scholarships, grants and student loan packages. Most colleges offer need based financial aid to students. You can opt to obtain Federal or Private financial aid in accordance with your need.

Q:What jobs can I get with a Marketing MBA qualification?

A:The Marketing MBA degree allows you to work as an: Supervisor, Marketing Assistant, PR Officer, Marketing Manager and Administrator. Most graduates prefer to work in advertising agencies or the marketing departments of leading private organizations.

Q:Are the best MBA schools also the most expensive?

A:The top MBA schools are not necessarily the most expensive ones. You can also get scholarships which can help you deal with the finances more efficiently. Online programs can considerably cut down on your educational expenses as they save the traveling and accommodation expenses involved in campus based programs.

Q:Is a fast track MBA available to students at top marketing MBA schools?

A:Yes. Most of the renowned universities offering top Marketing MBA programs also have the accelerated or the fast track this program the time required to complete a degree is far less than the regular. However students must take more courses than the usual and complete credit hours in half the normal time. the curriculum of fast track degrees is vigorous and requires a lot of hard work.

Q:Are the top MBA marketing programs necessarily more expensive?

A:Although this can seem to be the case, it is not by any means necessary that the top MBA Marketing programs are the most expensive ones as well. Some renowned universities offer ample scholarship programs that can really cut back the expenditures and make the whole process of learning much more cheaper.

Q:Do the top MBA for Marketing scholarship programs affect the credit score negatively?

A:The best MBA for Marketing scholarship programs usually do not affect the credit score negatively. Prior to getting enrolled in an MBA program, you must inquire about its duration and the financial aid offered by the college to meet the expenses of that program.

Q:Do the universities offering best Marketing MBA online program have extra-curricular prerequisites?

A:Some of the universities offering the best Marketing MBA online program also prefer if you have a sound extra curricular background. Extra curricular activities may facilitate your admission process.

Q:How many credits for an MBA at Kaplan University are required?

A:The MBA program at Kaplan University has a total of 54 credits. The MBA programs can be completed in two years, however, the executive MBA and online programs can vary in duration.

Q:Can you name a few schools that offer MBA in Marketing Research?

A:There are various schools listed on our website that offer MBA in Marketing Research. Here are a few more for your assistance: The University of Wisconsin and University of Pennsylvania.

Q:What are the admission requirements for Business Marketing MBA degree programs?

A:MBA in Marketing is a two year graduate degree program with core emphasis on marketing study. This degree program is offered by a number of popular business schools. Normally the admissions requirements are as following: students must have completed a bachelor degree program, preferably in a relevant field. Students must also submit a high school diploma or proof of high school study. Minimum CGPA required is 2.5. Prior work experience is any, and at least two letters of recommendation must be submitted. Foreign students must have completed IELTS, TOEFL language courses in order to be considered for MBA programs.

Q:What are the major components of the curriculum of top MBA programs for marketing?

A:The curriculum of a MBA program comprises of various general courses, concentration courses, individual and team presentations, case studying, and final project. All these elements help students attain in depth theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. The general and concentration courses provide students with an understanding of business theory. The presentation help students develop presentation and communication skills as an entrepreneur, where as case study and project work provides students with practical and professional approach to dealing with business problems.

Q:How many students prefer MBA with Marketing?

A:A large number of students choose to go for an MBA in Marketing. An MBA in Marketing is mostly preferred by students who are more keen on being socially interactive and are confident enough to be able to sell products. A marketing MBA can lead to a prosperous career.

Q:How long is the MBA in Marketing degree program?

A:The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing is a two year degree program. The duration of the degree can vary if the degree is opted online since online degrees have no duration specified to complete the degree. Online students are given the liberty to take as long as they want to complete the degree.

Q:Do Marketing MBA Schools offer accelerated programs?

A:Yes. MBA Marketing Schools do offer their degree programs in the accelerated program. The accelerated program allows students to complete their degree within 18 months offering a quick entry into the workforce. The accelerated MBA in Marketing program does not allow any breaks within the semesters or any holidays otherwise to complete the course in lesser duration.

Q:How many credit hours are required to complete online Marketing MBA programs?

A:An online MBA degree typically comprises of 70 to 80 credit hours. Individuals must complete the required credit hors in order to qualify for the program. These credit hours are earned through completion of courses and projects that are included in the curriculum of the online marketing MBA program. Without completing the credit hours, students cannot graduate.

Q:Are online MBA Marketing programs a better option for someone who already has a job?

A:If you are already working at a 9 to 5 job, online MBA marketing programs may be the only way you can effectively complete your education without disrupting your existing work schedule. The online classes are extremely flexible and can easily be fit into any schedule. You would not have to leave your job and would still be able to get a quality education easily.

Q:What is the benefit of opting for Marketing in MBA?

A:The MBA in Marketing is a sought after degree program opening up a plethora of career opportunities for degree holders. With the marketing specialization at the professional education level, students can get hired as marketing executives or directors, new product developer, market researchers, marketing specialists, business developers, and many more options. With the level of competition springing up in each and every category of product and service, marketing has gained utmost significance in each and every industry.

Q:How to get enrolled in the top online MBA Marketing programs?

A:Our website lists some of the top online schools offering graduate programs in marketing. Getting enrolled in a top online MBA Marketing program requires applicants to have completed the undergraduate program from an accredited institute in marketing or a marketing related field of education. Work experience is not mandatory for online programs; however, it definitely does offer an edge over other applicants.

Q:What courses will I be made to study in the best online Marketing MBA degree programs?

A:Some of the best online MBA in Marketing degree programs offer students courses on principles of marketing, advertising strategies, retailing, market research, pricing, and customer relations. These courses are offered in most of the MBA Marketing programs since they are core courses. The focus of the MBA Marketing programs is not on theories but more towards presentation and communication skills since these are of utmost significance to their professional lives ahead.

Q:While going through MBA programs in Marketing I came across the course called Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making. Can you brief me about it?

A:Almost all of the universities offering MBA programs in Marketing across the United States include Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making as a course in the curriculum. In this course the individuals are familiarized with modeling techniques that are computer based. Tools that are used for this include regression analysis, linear programming, decision trees and simulation are used.

Q:What is the procedure to get enrolled in any one of the best online marketing MBA programs?

A:We do have some of the best online marketing MBA programs listed on our website. You can easily get enrolled in these programs if you have an undergraduate degree in a related specialization and some level of work experience. At times, these programs also require students to have a minimum CGPA requirement. However, that depends from institute to institute.

Q:Is online education better or the tradition education system for best MBA programs for Marketing?

A:The program content for MBA in Marketing is the same for online or the campus based programs. The only difference is in the mode of education where online education allows students to take their classes from the ease of home and at a time of their suitability. Students for online programs can also pursue day time work opportunities and complete the course at a pace of their own.

Q:While searching for MBA best marketing programs, I came across the program MBA in Marketing, can you give me an idea whats being taught in that?

A:MBA in Marketing is one of the MBA best Marketing programs available in the United States. The programs gives and overview of the world of marketing and strategically planning according to it. The courses currently being taught in the program are, managing financial performance, thinking and managing strategically, personal development, entrepreneurship and business venturing, marketing planning and managing people and organizations.

Q:While searching for best online MBA Marketing, I came across the course Energy Sector Management. What is taught in this?

A:There are many options over the internet for getting a degree in MBA Marketing from which you can choose the best online MBA Marketing program. Almost all the programs include the course Energy Sector Management. In this course you are introduced to management in energy sector and are given a more in depth knowledge of energy technology that is being used.

Q:My search for MBA for marketing how long mentioned Consumer Behavior. What is the premise of this course?

A:Course on Consumer Behavior would be mentioned when searching for MBA for marketing how long. It is an important part of the curriculum of the MBA Marketing program. With the help of this course, students learn about the mindset of consumers globally. Students are also guided about diverse attitudes, social, political and economical factors affecting buying and methods of building a successful marketing strategy around these issues. Students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What is taught in the Human Relations course of the top Marketing Program MBA?

A:The top Marketing program MBA degrees all over the United States have specialist courses on Human Relations. This course is worth 5 credits in total and is designed to provide the students with an examination of the major and the most essential issues that relate to human relations. You also get to understand the ways in which you can manage your own selves.

Q:I want to get online MBA Marketing program. Is there any Scholarship program available?

A:The MBA in Marketing is a highly sought after degree program being offered in a bunch of online institutes mentioned on our website. Students wishing to seek scholarships for graduate level studies can only find these offered by private companies or maybe some are offered by particular institutes that those are mostly on basis of merit. There are hardly any need-based scholarships available for graduate studies. However, loans are a popular option for funding of professional degrees.

Q:Course on Managerial Economics was mentioned when searching for best schools for MBA in marketing. What is included in this course?

A:Managerial Economics would be mentioned when searching for best schools for MBA in Marketing. This course is worth 4 credit hours and deals with the concepts of managerial economics. Students also get a chance to study about market demand, supply, analysis, costs, revenues and profits. Prospective students interested in this course are recommended to search our website for more information.

Q:What kind of benefits will I get if I decide to enroll in online Marketing MBA Programs?

A:Online marketing MBA Programs are offered by a number of accredited online schools. The benefits of online education can be summarized as the following: low costs, no transportation or travelling, self paced, flexibility in study routine, no excessive books and materials, shorter duration, and privacy. Specialization areas include marketing, accounting, human resource management, and supply chain management.

Q:Are the best marketing MBA programs, the ones which are the hardest to get into?

A:This is a common and widely-held belief. However it is not correct. The 'best' program for you to select is the one that suits your needs; as presumably you are already working and know what subjects/topics you want concentrate on. Further, the 'best' program may be the one that you actually get into or can afford- it really will depend on your individual requirements as your question is quite subjective.

Q:I am thinking of applying for a marketing MBA online. Do I still need to undertake the GMAT?

A:Most, if not all, colleges would expect you to have sat the GMAT test, as this is a pre-requisite to almost every MBA program worldwide. Many colleges use the MBA to assess the student's likelihood of obtaining a good result on the MBA and some employers even ask to see your GMAT result when considering you for a job. Therefore you should endeavor to get the best GMAT result you can.

Q:Are there colleges that will allow me to undertake a marketing MBA program online?

A:There are several colleges that will allow you to undertake the MBA program in marketing online. This means that there is hardly any time spent at all in the classroom environment, unless you wish to attend college (which may defeat the purpose). Therefore you must be able to self motivated to ensure you keep up with your studies.

Q:What does an MBA marketing management program entails?

A:MBA marketing management is concerned with advertising and communication strategies. The program is generally for two years. The subjects can vary a little at times. However, you can expect to study courses such as consumer behavior, research methods, market trends analysis, advertising methods, pricing and packaging of goods, and effective communication approaches that can enhance the business productivity.

Q:Can I pursue MBA marketing online?

A:There are many marketing degrees and short term programs that are offered online. While taking these courses, it must be seen that the institute has credible reputation so that the education you get is valuable. The course for these programs is handled via web through emails and presentations. The advantage of online degree is that it is self paced and more convenient.

Q:How is online MBA in market research a good option for working professionals?

A:Working professionals cannot afford to follow rigid schedules and travelling required in campus based programs. However, they need to update their knowledge and skills and therefore an online MBA in market research can be a good opportunity. Not only students acquire education in a flexible manner, but they also reduce their education costs through online programs.

Q:Can you please give me some information about an mba in marketing salary?

A:MBA degrees are ranked among the most prestigious management programs across the globe. If you major in marketing, you can look forward to job positions such as sales managers, market research analysts, marketing managers, and promotional managers. The median income level of market research analysts has been estimated to be approximately $60,300 per year according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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