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The increased use of information technology (IT) in all facets of life-ranging from business to medicine-has caused many skilled professionals to combine IT with business administration and pursue IT management as a career. Information technology managers play very important roles within different workplace settings. They work in technology-related operations of different firms. Their main task is to achieve business success with the help of technology. This is why earning MBA in IT Management degrees can help you find several rewarding jobs in various sectors.

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Important Qualities of IT Managers

Before you decide on higher education towards being an IT manager, you’ll have to develop some important skills that will help you throughout your studies and career.

  • Leadership skills—for any management level position it is important for you to have some basic leadership skills which will allow you to better work with people and your management team. As an IT manager, you must both lead and motivate your team.
  • Multitasking skills—managers and administrators may have to work on multiple tasks and problems at the same time. They may have to manage people, as well as their technical work during the same time period.
  • Organizational skills—as an IT manager, it will be your responsibility to coordinate and coherently systemize the work of several IT personnel/departments within your firm.
  • Analytical skills—most IT professions require complex instruction in order to effectively fulfill tasks. For example, computer programmers must understand complex coding requirements in order to write it.

Scope of MBA in IT Management

The MBA degree program is a graduate track of study which focuses on teaching students the practical aspects of business administration. The IT management specialization is specifically designed for individuals who have previous knowledge of IT and would like to pursue it as a career.
You can also choose to earn an MBA in IT Management degree online. Online degree programs are very useful if you are currently working at a part time or full time job. You can enroll in these programs and give your career a boost.
During the MBA students learn:

  • Leadership styles
  • Integrated business discipline to help run a cross-functional IT department
  • Identify the basic concepts behind globalization and IT
  • The importance of e-business and its applications
  • How new ventures are created and exploited
  • Practical skills that can be applied directly to the workplace

You basically learn how to manage various types of IT projects by enrolling in this degree program.
Admission Requirements of an MBA

To pursue a master’s degree you are required to have completed a minimum of a bachelor’s undergraduate degree from an accredited institute. It would be preferable if your undergraduate degree is in a field of study  that is related to business or IT management, such as computer systems, business administration and IT management, to name a few.
The institute you are applying to may require the following:

  • High school and Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement/essay
  • Completed application form
  • CV detailing past work experience

Some colleges and universities have very strict past work experience requirements. You will have to check on the school’s website to see if you have met the requirements.

Curriculum of the MBA in IT Management

Enrolling in an MBA program means you will be exposed to both core business subjects along with your chosen specialization, in this case IT management.
The core courses all enrolled students must take are:

  • Managerial Economies
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Marketing Management

Other interdepartmental elective courses that the students can choose from are:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Database Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Database Management Technology
  • Global Information Technology Management
  • Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology

Many MBA programs also require students to present a capstone project that reflects all that they have learnt throughout the course of the degree.

Career Prospects

You can find a number of jobs by earning MBA IT Management degrees. You can work as:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers—are responsible for coordinating, planning and directing all computer related activities in an organization. You’ll need a minimum bachelor’s degree in order to land an entry level job, however, MBA’s are preferred.

The annual median pay of IT managers was $120,950 while the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 15%.

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators—are responsible for carrying out the critical day to day operations of a systems network. Most employers require a minimum bachelor’s degree to even consider prospective employees for this position.

The annual median pay of systems administrators was $76,560 while the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 12%.

  • Computer Network Architects have the complex job of designing and building LANs and WANs. The annual median pay for network architects in 2012 was $91,000 while the expected job growth from 2012-2022 is 15%.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists—study and solve problems in computing for science, medicine, business and other fields. You’ll need a minimum professional or doctoral degree in order to pursue this as a career.

The annual median pay of researchers was $102,190 while the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 15%.

An MBA in IT Management can help you learn about your preferred industry through teaching by real life examples and cases which will help you reach your potential in your professional life.

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Q:How long is the MBA in IT Management?

A:The MBA in IT Management is a two year degree program. However, mostly students take longer than that to clear the program due the nature of the degree. Moreover, the duration can vary depending on the type of MBA you want to pursue. If you take up the regular campus-based MBA, it will take you 2 years. The accelerated MBA in IT Management takes about 18 months for completion and the online MBA in IT Management has no time restriction and can be completed as the student sees fit.

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