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Master in IT Management

You can pursue exciting and promising careers by enrolling in to a Master of IT Management degree program. There is a great demand for IT professionals in different workplace settings. They play a very vital role by managing the technology-related operations of organizations. By earning a Master of IT Management degree you will be able to help businesses work efficiently.

Featured Programs

Capella University

  • MS - Project Management: IT
  • MS - Leadership
  • MS - Human Resource Management

Walden University Online

  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - Leader Development
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - Innovation and Technology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Accounting - Self-Designed

Colorado Technical University Online

  • M.S. Business Admin-Accounting
  • M.S. Business Admin-Human Resources
  • M.S. Business Admin-Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Scope of Master of IT Management Degree Program
Masters in IT Management programs are offered by traditional as well as online institutes. They span over 1 year to 3 years. If you take the online route, you can complete these degree programs at your own pace. Some of the courses covered in a Master of IT Management degree program are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Database management
  • Computer architecture
  • Business and financial management

The career prospects for individuals with a Master in IT Management degree are extremely bright. Once you earn this advanced degree, you can work as a:
  • Network Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer

Online Master of IT Management Degree Programs
Online Master of IT Management degree programs are ideal for you if you have some personal or professional commitments. The flexibility of these programs makes them highly suitable for working professionals or other individuals who need to keep up with some personal obligations. Compared to the regular Master of IT Management degree programs, the online programs are also more affordable.

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Q:What are the various Master of IT programs available in the United States?

A:There are many variations to the Masters of IT program offered at various universities, including Networking & Systems Administration, IT Management, Systems Development, Database Design, Information Systems Security and even Project Management.

Q:Name a few course included in the curriculum of IT Management master degree program?

A:A masters degree program in Information Technology is a two year graduate level degree program. The curriculum comprises of various general courses and concentration courses that equip students with in depth knowledge of information technology. A few important topics studied in this program are: database management, application development, information security and forensics, mobile computing, management technological innovation, project management, networking concepts, website development, system analysis and design, foundations in information technology, programming visual basic, programming using java, data modeling, and many more.

Q:What are the contents of the Computer Programming course of the Masters in IT degree program?

A:The Masters in IT has a 5 credits worth course on Computer Programming. This course familiarizes the students with the basics of computer programming and also Visual C#. Students are exposed to the fundamental concepts of programming. The course further teaches the students on ways to perform object oriented programming in the C# language. The course strategically introduces students to business systems analysis.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Computer Programming in the Masters IT Management?

A:The Masters IT Management have dedicated course on Computer Programming. This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is specifically designed to provide the students with ample understanding of the ways in which computer programming such as Visual C# can be performed and designed in apt manner. Hands on experience is also extensively provided.

Q:What are the names of some of the top schools offering a Masters in IT?

A:Top institutions offering a Masters in Information Technology are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Texas, University of Maryland University of Pittsburgh, and Rutgers-State University of New Jersey. Prospective students are also recommended to search our website for a list of accredited online institutions offering this qualification.

Q:How long does it usually take to complete a masters in IT management degree?

A:A masters in IT management degree is a graduate level degree offered by a number of IT colleges. This program typically has a two year duration. Students are required to complete the credit hour requirement in 24 months. But there are a few masters programs that can be completed in less time, these are known as accelerated graduate programs.

Q:Can you explain the contents of an IT management masters program?

A:IT management masters program usually divides the coursework between business and computer technology subjects. Students will be studying courses on business strategy, entrepreneurship, retailing, finance, marketing, practices of management and leadership, as well as other fundamental courses related to information technology like computer design, programming, and computer graphics. The program will also focus on developing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Q:Can you give me some technical information about masters in IT management?

A:Individuals who are interested in occupying managerial positions in the world of information technology must possess the right technical skills, as well managerial skills. A masters degree is designed for this purpose, allowing students to build a solid foundation of knowledge. The program entails a variety of subjects such as communication, information systems, and managerial disciplines.

Q:What are the benefits of master in it management?

A:A Masters in IT management will give you the expertise and skill needed to pursue a managerial career in the IT sector. You will acquire in-depth knowledge about information technology and its multiple facets. Side by side, you will also learn about the principles of management and planning. This degree will qualify you for different managerial job positions in IT related firms.

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