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In today’s world, technology has infiltrated every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Practically every business in every industry has an IT department ensuring the smooth running of the technological aspect of the company. Information technology (IT) management refers to the management of the products and services of the technological side of an organization for achieving maximum productivity and profitability. Those who can effectively manage technological processes, procedures and changes are highly sought after by employers. In order to be assured of maximum success in your career it is important to acquire the knowledge and skills through the right educational program.

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IT Management Degrees and Programs
An information technology management program teaches students about the computing and business related aspects of a company, so that they are able to develop effective IT solutions for any organizational requirements that are presented. The curriculum of an IT management degree is a combination of business and information technology courses.

There are a variety of programs available in this field ranging from Associate and Bachelor degrees to Master and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. Such programs train students to manage information technology tools and processes from inception to implementation. Some of the most popular IT management degrees available at the graduate level are:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Information Technology Management
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Information Technology Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology Management

A Bachelor degree in information technology management can lead to entry level positions in the fields. In order to gain greater success, it is important to further hone the skills required to succeed in the field of IT management by enrolling in a Master’s level program. Degrees related to IT management can be found online as well as through campus-based universities.

Areas of Study in IT Management
IT management graduates are required to assist companies achieve their organizational goals through the integration of various departments’ activities. An IT manager has to have skills related to personnel management, data management, communications and project management. An IT management program covers a wide range of subjects which include:
  • Web design
  • Information technology systems management
  • Ethics in information technology
  • Organizational behavior
  • Technical communication
  • Computer architecture
  • Networking
  • IT project management
  • IT security
  • Database management
  • Operations management

Careers in IT Management
An information technology manager plays a crucial role in any organization. Many IT management graduates are hired by private companies while some choose to set up as independent consultants. The skills of IT managers are required in organization in both the private and public sectors. These experts can be found working at positions such as
  • Director of information technology
  • Information technology manager
  • Systems software manager
  • Information systems manager

The average salary range for an information technology manager, depending on the level of education, is 56,000 - 115,000 US dollars. The development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems are of great importance in every organization or company. As a result, those with formal training in this field can make a successful career for themselves in a range of different organizations and industries.

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Q:Where is the application of the I.T. Management program?

A:The IT Management degree lets you have a lucrative career in numerous businesses and corporations. Most prominently in software houses and IT corporations. With the ever increasing application of Information Technology in our everyday lives, you will be able to readily find relevant jobs after completion of your I.T. Management degree.

Q:What subjects are studied in information technology in business degree programs?

A:Information technology in business degree programs are designed to teach students the technological and administrative aspects of businesses. The degree program comprises of many important courses and topics, such as computer networks, systems analysis, web development, database management systems, business application program development, marketing, strategic marketing, retail merchandising, project management, and services marketing.

Q:What is the duration of the Master in Information Technology Management program?

A:The Master level degrees in Information Technology Management typically span for 2 years. However, the duration of Executive MBA degrees in this field may vary considerably. Also, students can opt for online degrees such as the MBA in Management Information Technology offered at Schiller University or the Master in Health Information Management offered at Capella University. Most online degrees are self-paced and can be completed much sooner than the regular programs.

Q:What do students learn in Online IT Management Degrees?

A:Degree programs in IT management are designed to provide students with management and IT skills to become successful professionals. The course contents equips students with knowledge of information technology and business technology as these two have crucial importance in modern businesses. Key courses include programming language principles, information technology project management, and computer forensics.

Q:What are the areas of study for IT management degree online?

A:The subjects for IT management degree online depend on the sort of degree that you are pursuing. The area of study include technical communication, networking, database management, computer architecture, software and hardware management, IT security and web design etc. You can check the subjects on the website before enrolling in a program.

Q:What subjects will I study in an online it management degree at bachelor level?

A:An online IT degree at bachelor level is a four year program that covers numerous topics relevant to the information technology field. Students enrolled in this program gain insight on subjects such as computer forensics, computer programming, business strategies, information technology project management, computer networks, database management principles and design, business application development, and technology integration.

Q:What are the benefits of pursuing it management degrees online?

A:An online it management degree offers numerous benefits for prospective students. Individuals who are working professionals can easily pursue online degrees in order to enhance their skill set, without disrupting their work routines. Students can easily learn the computer based skills which are taught in IT management degree along with other learning tools online. Online programs are convenient in that students can study whenever and wherever they want, without disrupting their normal routines. Online programs in graphic design also tend to be more cost effective than full time on campus programs as students get to save on commuting costs.

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