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International Business Degrees

Due to globalization, most businesses will have some contact with organizations based in other countries. Multinational companies have subsidiaries in other countries, which it is why it is important for employees to know about international trends and methods to help the company succeed beyond its borders.

General Components of International Business Programs
Studying business lays down the foundations for further exposure to business theories and principles. International business courses further train students in international trade policies, trade sensitivities and etiquettes across international boundaries and predicting international market needs and trends. Besides this, international business programs usually either require a foreign language as a prerequisite or introduce it into their course work to enable program graduates to communicate diversely and effectively beyond their own society.

Featured Programs

Walden University Online

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration - International Business
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)-International Business
  • Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)-International Business

American InterContinental University Online

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Colorado Technical University Online

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - International Business

International Business Programs
International business programs are offered at many levels. While some managers may opt to take certificate courses for furthering their own knowledge, many people will opt for international business degree programs such as international business MBA programs and bachelor programs.

International Business Bachelor’s Programs
These are four year long degrees that comprehensively impart knowledge of business across boundaries and oceans. Graduates are well rounded individuals who understand business philosophies and how to put them to practice in international settings and purposes. This degree gains an entry level job into many firms and businesses.  

International Business MBA Programs
International Business MBA Programs are the most sought after international business programs. To gain admission into an international business MBA program, the candidates should have completed sixteen years of education and at least two years of work experience. This program can be taken on campus and many universities also offer it online. Besides foundation courses on business, marketing, economics and finance, international business MBA programs include courses on international regulations, cultural roles in international business and technology across borders.

International Business Graduate Certificate Programs
Many managers may choose to take certificate courses in international business to strengthen their knowledge of international business strategies and international relations. These individuals usually gain this knowledge and want to apply it to their businesses firsthand. Most certificate courses are credit courses which may be counted towards a future master’s course.  

International Business Programs and Careers
International business is such a diverse term that there is no limitation on the number of careers a person may opt for. Job titles for people who have successfully completed international business programs include:

  • International Trade Analyst
  • Cultural Advisor
  • International Economist
  • Import Export Compliance Specialist
  • Product manager
  • Foreign Investment Consultant
  • Development Manager

Besides these jobs, many jobs are also available in the field of international marketing, public relations, ecommerce and international banking. This degree is also an excellent base for entrepreneurial activity that may extend internationally.

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Q:What are the common careers after the International Business degrees completion?

A:Upon completion of the International Business Degrees program you may opt for the following jobs: * International Trade Analyst * Cultural Advisor * International Economist * Import Export Compliance Specialist * Product manager * Foreign Investment Consultant * Development Manager

Q:Which universities offer the best International degrees?

A:International degrees offered at our website are of the best universities of the world.

Q:What are the main components of the International Business degree program?

A:The International Business curriculum ensures giving the students a global business perspective, making them understand the international market, economy and trade and how business is done across the continents. Courses such as Accounting, Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Management Systems, Economics, Project Management, Performance Appraisal are the core areas of study in any such program.

Q:Does any university allow students to take the international business courses online?

A:Yes. A number of universities listed on our website allow students to complete the international business courses through online programs. Students interested in pursuing bachelor level courses can get enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - International Business degree offered by Colorado Technical University Online and those who wish to take up master level courses can pursue the Master in International Business degrees offered by Strayer University and American InterContinental University Online.

Q:How long is the Kaplan University Global Travel program?

A:Kaplan University offers the Certificate in Global Travel and Hospitality Management and the Associate of Applied Sciences in Global Travel and Hospitality Management. Both the programs can be pursued online as well as on campus institutes of Kaplan University. The certificate program is for one year and the associate's degree takes about two years to complete in a regular campus based institute.

Q:Which specialization areas are offered with the online International Business Degrees?

A:The Online International Business Degrees boast a range of courses, which are designed to equip students with global business knowledge. The commonly taught courses in these degrees are: Intercultural communication, Foreign languages, International marketing, Global logistics, and International finance.

Q:What are some of the best MBA International Business jobs in the United States?

A:MBA is a highly acclaimed degree program in the field of business, especially if it is studied from a top of the line institute listed on our website. The MBA International Business jobs in the United States that are the most lucrative and have the maximum number of incentives are Benefits Business Partner, International Business Operations Director, Sports Merchandiser and International Business Development Executive.

Q:With an international business degree online, will I be able to get a managerial job overseas?

A:A degree in international business is designed to equip students with knowledge about business strategies used globally. Much of the coursework revolves around foreign markets and business environments. You can qualify for managerial jobs in many international organizations. The job position will depend upon the level of degree and specialization area.

Q:Which international business degrees online are usually covered and what do they teach?

A:Various certificate, associates, bachelors, and masters degrees are offered in international business. These degrees provide a comprehensive knowledge of business worldwide. It enables students to understand business philosophies and practice in international settings. Various business courses taught include marketing, economics, finance, along with courses such as international regulations and cultural roles in international business.

Q:What are the basic benefits I can get by enrolling in an online international business degree?

A:The benefits of online degree programs have made this mode of learning very popular nowadays. If you enroll in an online marketing degree, you will be able to study at your own pace. Side by side, you can cut down on educational expenses related to travelling and course text books

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