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What is ‘Human Resources’
The field of human resources or HR deals with various employee and personnel related issues in an organization.  It includes analyzing a company’s requirements, recruiting highly qualified and appropriately skilled personnel and their retention. Over the recent years, the field of human resources has expanded to include techniques for strategic planning, the efficient utilization of human capital, maximizing productivity and increasing profits. More and more businesses around the world are focusing on keeping their employees happy to boost sales and profits, and so the need to manage the workforce in an effective manner has caused an increase in the demand for human resources professionals.

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Capella University

  • MS - Human Resource Management
  • MBA - Human Resource Management

Walden University Online

  • M.S. in Leadership - Human Resources Management
  • M.S. in Human Resources Management - Organizational Strategy - Master
  • M.S. in Management - Human Resource Management

Colorado Technical University Online

  • M.S. Business Admin-Human Resources

What is the Master of Human Resources?
If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a management or social sciences related field, and wish to advance your career and increase future prospects, the Master of Human Resources degree can potentially be a suitable option. This graduate degree is constructed around a core curriculum of personnel management techniques, recruitment methods, and courses in employee relations, labor law, on-job-training and organizational management. Students then complete a thesis based research project under the supervision of their professors before they graduate.

What are the future prospects?
The master of human resources degree can be applied in virtually any industry, and help you address the eligibility criteria for managerial positions or set up your own HR consultancy. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in this field will vary according to the profession that you are engaged in, such as 13 percent for human resource managers and 21 percent for human resource specialists. With median wages standing at $99,720 and $55,800 respectively per year as of may 2012, the field of human resources is a good choice for the future.

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Q:What is the prerequisite to the Masters of Human Resources degree?

A:The prerequisite to the Masters of Human Resources degree is usually a Bachelors degree in a business subject, preferably Human Resources.

Q:How much time does it take to complete the Master in Human Resources degree program?

A:The Master in Human Resources is a two year degree program. However, the duration of E-MBA programs may vary. Also, many online universities listed on our website allow students to complete these programs at their own pace, which implies that students can complete these degrees much sooner or later than the actual time.

Q:I read about the College Algebra course in the Masters in Human Resources online degree program. What are the areas of study in this course?

A:The Masters in Human Resources Online degree program has a course on College Algebra. This course aims to teach some of the most basic lessons and concepts that may help you in the mathematical calculations in everyday business. This includes understanding of sets and numbers, emphasizing concepts in computer calculation and algebra topics of intermediate level.

Q:My search for prospects for human resources masters mentioned head hunting. What is it all about?

A:Head hunting would be mentioned when searching for prospects for human resources masters. It is a term used in the industry where professionals actively search out potential executives from other companies and offer them to work for them. A common practice in the industry, head hunting requires extensive research and exceptional negotiation skills. The individuals targeted are offered better compensation and attractive contracts in order to entice them.

Q:Will my employer recognize a masters in human resources online program?

A:Online programs have the same academic content as regular, classroom-based programs though they are slightly modified to allow them to be taught remotely and by distance learning. You, and your future employer, will not be able to tell the difference between the two kinds of program in all likelihood. Every employer will consider the use of such qualifications individually and may not put any emphasis on academic qualifications. You will need to speak to your employer.

Q:Can a masters degree in human resources be completed in less than two years?

A:Yes, a master's degree in human resources can be completed in less than two years if you opt for an accelerated program. Accelerated degree programs are specially designed for students who wish to join the professional field as soon as possible. A number of online and campus based business schools are offering accelerated programs in this field.

Q:Can you give me some information about a masters degree in human resource management?

A:Human resource management is one of the most fundamental areas in all business organizations. This section involves the study of human input and effective management policies. The program has a duration of two years and comprises of advanced courses relevant to human resources. Human capital planning, hiring policies, and productivity are among the subjects studies in this program.

Q:What is a HRM master degree focused on?

A:HRM master is a two year degree. It is an advanced degree that focuses on human resource management skills. The curriculum essentially includes subjects such as resource training, recruitment techniques, communication, employee relations, and organization management. After this degree you can get senior managerial jobs and get lucrative salary packages.

Q:Can you tell me about some of the introductory courses that I will have to study in an online masters in HR program?

A:A masters in HR degree is being offered by many renowned universities. If you plan to enroll in this program, you will most likely study subjects such as management principles, accounting and finance, human resource management, recruitment and selection process, and more. The exact curriculum for this degree may vary slightly from college to college. It is recommended that you get in touch with the university you plan to enroll in and find out more about the curriculum they are offering.

Q:Can one become a human resource manager after doing an online masters degree human resources?

A:Yes, after successfully completing an online master's degree in human resources, one can try to pursue a career in human resource as a human resource manager. Human resources managers usually need a bachelor's degree in human resources or business administration but a higher level degree like a master's degree increases the chances of job advancement and remuneration benefits.

Q:What kinds of skills are learned from online hr masters degree programs?

A:Master's degree programs in human resource equip an individual with a variety of skills. Individuals learn how to construct and implement an effective training program, design a compensation system that favorably motivates the employees, develop financial management and budgetary skills, construct benefit packages and analyze their success as well as effectively use data and statistics to make sound and informed business decisions.

Q:I want to pursue a human resources master's degree online and want to know about the duration of the degree and how soon I can finish it?

A:Master of Human Resources is generally a two year long graduate degree. However, if you opt for an accelerated program, you can earn this degree in less than two years. Accelerated degree programs are designed for those students who wish to enter the professional arena as soon as possible. Many accredited online schools offer both normal and accelerated programs and you should thoroughly look up all the specifications of the program you are interested in and see which ties in best with your future goals.

Q:How is an online masters in human resources different from a campus based masters degree?

A:In an online masters degree in human resource is different from a campus based degree in many ways. Students in an online program can study conveniently at any time of the day. The coursework and curriculum is the same as campus based programs. Students cover the program online, through classroom conferencing, online tutorials, presentations, and video conferencing.

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