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Based on salary and employment outlook, Forbes listed finance as one of ‘The Best Degree for Jobs’ in 2013.
A degree in finance brings to mind the idea of rolling around in money.  Although the salary outlook is favorable, there are many questions you need to ask yourself before you enroll in finance degree.  

  1. What will I Learn?
  2. What Courses will I take?
  3. What Admission Requirements Will I Have To Fulfill?
  4. Can I Pursue An Online Masters In Finance?
  5. What Can I Do With A Master In Finance?

Featured Programs

Kaplan University Online

  • B.S. in Business Administration - Human Resources
  • BS in Business Administration - Human Resources
  • M.S. in Management - Organizational Design and Development

Liberty University Online

  • BS: Business Administration - Human Resources
  • Master of Business Administration - Human Resources
  • Doctor of Business Administration: Human Resources

Ashford University

  • BA/Human Resource Management
  • MBA/Human Resources Management
  • MA/Organizational Management - Human Resource Management

Argosy University, Online Programs

  • Business Administration - Human Resource Management Concentration (BS)
  • Business Administration - Corporate Compliance Concentration (MBA)
  • Human Resource Management (MS)

What will I Learn?

In addition to the theoretical concepts in finance, the program will help you make use of advanced quantitative models to provide solutions to different financial problems.

Enrolling in a Masters in Finance will help you:

  • Understand what role financial managers play within organizations
  • Learn how to analyze important financial and economic data
  • Deal with the day to day financial matters of personal, corporate, and not-for-profit companies
  • Evaluate  financial statements and gauge the financial stability of companies
  • Apply financial models to assist in decision making

Required Education

bachelor’s degree in public administration, master of public administration (MPA), online public administration degree PhD in public administration

Job Requirements

  • Work experience for social and community service managers and budget analysts
  • Certified Government Financial Manager credential from the Association of Government Accountants for budget analysts

Job Growth (2012-2022)

  21% for social and community service managers
  6% for budget analysts (not in article)
  21% for political scientists

Median Salary (2013)

  $61,160 for social and community service manager
  $70,110 for budget analysts
  $100,920 for political scientists

What Courses will I take?

There are variations in the names and types of courses offered at different universities. However, you should look through the details of following courses in order to get a general idea of what you’ll study:  

  • Financial markets and Institutions
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Investments and Portfolio Management
  • Statistical Reasoning
  • Behavioral Finance

You’ll typically be allowed to enroll in a few courses of your choice. This’ll help you tailor the program according to your academic and professional interests.

What Admission Requirements Will I Have To Fulfill?

There will be variations in the requirements across different universities. However, you’ll usually be required to provide the following:

A bachelor’s degree in finance or another subject. You will usually be required to have some level of training in quantitative techniques

  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • Official Copies of Transcripts
  • Application Fees

In order to find out about the exact admission requirements, you should visit the admission page of the university that you want to apply to.

Can I Pursue An Online Masters In Finance?

As more and more people are turning to online education, many institutes have started offering finance degrees as distance learning programs. Online education has several benefits as compared to conventional campus based degrees. You may be able to:

  • Complete the program by enrolling in an accelerated coursework option or taking up a self paced program respectively.
  • Save costs by cutting down on travel expenses
  • Study from any location
  • Manage your professional and personal commitments while you study
  • Enjoy an equally rigorous program curriculum
  • Study at your own pace

What Can I Do With A Master In Finance?

Depending on their preferences and the availability of opportunities, finance graduates go on to pursue a wide variety of positions.

Employers that may hire a student with a master in finance include:

  • Banks
  • Financial Services Agency
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Investment and Portfolio management companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Equity Research Companies
  • Non-Profit-Organizations

Some example positions include:  

Credit Analyst

Job responsibility: Analysis of financial statements and credit data in order to determine the credit worthiness of clients.  
Median Salary (2012): $72,590/year


Job responsibility: Examination of financial data to check for accuracy and potential flaws. Auditors also check if companies are fulfilling their financial obligations.
Annual Median Salary (2012): $63,550/year

Financial Analyst

Job Responsibility: Assisting people and companies in making investment decisions. Analyzing the performance of financial instruments including bonds, stocks, and others
Annual Median Salary (2012): $76,950/year

Budget Analyst:

Job Responsibility: They help in preparing budgets for private and public companies and keep a check on expenditure. 
Annual Median Salary (2012): $69,280/year

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Service Sales Agent

Job Responsibility:  They act as middlemen between buyers and sellers in financial markets. They may also help companies identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities.
Annual Median Salary (2012): $71,720/year

Alternatively, if you wish to take up an academic career or a research oriented position, you may go on to pursue a doctoral or a PhD degree in finance, which usually takes around 3 to 5 years to complete.


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Q:What courses do Human Resources degrees cover?

A:Human Resources degrees cover International Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Psychology and Management Applications.

Q:Are there any online Human Resources programs offered?

A:Yes. Many universities listed on our website offer Online Human Resources programs.

Q:In how many years is the Associate Human Resources degree program completed?

A:The Associate Human Resources degree program is completed in 2 years. This duration may slightly vary from one institute to another.

Q:Which universities offer the best degree in human resources?

A:The universities and schools listed on our website offer the best degree in human resources programs.

Q:Which specialization options are available with the Online Human Resources Degrees?

A:The Online Human Resources Degrees are available with various specialization areas. The most sought after ones include: organizational development, leadership, workplace conflict management, and coaching psychology. The universities available on our website offer various specializations, for details regarding any program, feel free to contact us.

Q:What degrees in human resources are popularly taken up by students?

A:Degrees in human resources are available at various levels. Nowadays, all businesses whether they are big or small need human resource management. The importance of degrees in this area is rapidly growing. Associate, bachelor's degree is quite popular and master's level degree is taken for better job prospects and more growth.

Q:Human resource degrees are offered at what levels?

A:Human resource management is an important aspect of business studies. This area deals with management of human capital and labor resources in an organization. Students interested in becoming human resource managers or recruitment specialists can prepare themselves through human resource degree programs. These degrees are available at bachelor, masters, and doctorate level.

Q:Can you help me select the right hr program from the hr degrees online?

A:In order to select the right HR program online, you will need to consider certain factors. It is highly important that you select an accredited program as it meets the quality standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies. Besides, you will need to find out about the general repute of the school, course contents of the selected HR program, qualifications of the faculty, and the tuition costs.

Q:What are the benefits of pursuing an online hr degree?

A:There are a number of benefits of obtaining an online HR degree. Online programs offer effective e-learning methods. For working professionals, it is especially advantageous to choose online programs as they give you the freedom of taking classes from anywhere, at any time. HR professionals are highly sought after in today's business environment and it is beneficial for individuals to gain advantage of online HR degrees.

Q:After taking online degree human resources, can I become a human resources specialist? What is the scope?

A:Human resources specialist positions usually require a bachelor's degree in human resources. The employment outlook is quite positive and is expected to grow by 21 per cent ( which is faster than the average of all occupations), from the years 2010 to 2020, according to US bureau of labor statistics.

Q:What career options does a human resource management online degree offer to potential students?

A:Graduates with an online bachelor's degree in human resource management can hold a number of positions such as human resource manager, recruitment officer, placement manager, employee evaluation officer, compensation & benefits officer, planning manager, training and development manager and HR information system specialist. Human Resources is a vast field and there are a number of different job opportunities within it.

Q:What are the kinds of programs available for online degree in human resources?

A:There are a number of different online human resources degrees available, most notably an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. Some universities also offer certificate courses in human resources which are geared towards the professional development of companies and are targeted at individuals who are already within this field and want to increase their expertise.

Q:I came across the training and development course in the human resource degrees online. Can you tell me what is it about?

A:The training and development course offered in the human resources degrees online will enable you to gain understanding of an important HR function of training. This course covers various training related topics such as the purpose of conducting training for employees, how to carry out training needs analysis, types of training given to employees, training outcomes, and how training is linked to the strategic goals of the organization.

Q:I am looking to enroll in a human resource management degree online. Can you tell me about the skills I can expect to learn from it?

A:The human resource management degree online will help you gain knowledge and develop a number of skills that are extremely important in a human resource career. Human resource managers are required to deal with various stakeholders of the organization and many diverse employees and must be highly skilled to deal with varied situations. These crucial skills include communication skills, team work, interpersonal skills, negotiation, analytical and problem solving skills.

Q:What are the different learning resources that are used in an online hr degree?

A:There are number of latest learning resources used in online hr degree, which help in better understanding and retention of the course material. These learning resources include video lectures, discussion threads, practice exercises, PowerPoint slides, online readings, and case studies. With the help of these resources, students can learn at their own pace, revise more frequently, and understand the practical application of HR concepts.

Q:Can you give me some tips to perform well in the human resources online degree?

A:In order to enhance your learning and performance in the human resources online degree, you will need consistency and focus. It is advisable that you regularly read through the pre-lecture notes before starting a new lecture. You should also read additional material related to human resources and stay updated with the human resource trends and practices, to perform better in the program. Human resource discussions and asking questions from instructors will also be beneficial for you.

Q:How is an hr degree online more cost effective than the on campus one?

A:The hr degree online is cost effective in many different ways as it saves various costs associated with the on campus education. The tuition fees for online programs are generally less than that offered on campus. Besides, you can save travelling costs, hostel accommodation, and textbooks by selecting online education.

Q:What is a human resources degree online designed for?

A:A Human resources degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge about HR and relevant business strategies. Due to the growing popularity online learning, individuals who are unable to attend campus based classes can simply study online instead. This is a more convenient mode of learning and has proved to be affordable too.

Q:How is an online human resources degree completed? Do i have to take any class at the campus?

A:You can complete the program online; all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. The coursework is covered through classroom conferencing, one on one conferencing, video tutorials, multimedia presentations, and e-notes. Attending campus based classes is not necessary unless practical training is not necessary for a course.

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